Friday, February 5, 2010

Do you have pain and/or Inflammation?

In many cases, it would seem that chronic inflammation is the base of many illnesses, pains, and conditions. If you want to maintain vitality, anti aging, and illness then controlling inflammation is crucial. When we have pain we think it's from that box I picked up wrong, hiking, the football game, or even sitting in your office in that uncomfortable chair all day. While these things do contribute to creating inflammation and pain, they would not have as much effect if our diet is balanced and we have a healthy routine of exercise. All things play a major role in maintaining health.

Some items that create Chronic Inflammation within the body range from alcohol, Cholesterol, Infections, Obesity, Air pollution, Diabetes, Salty foods, Not enough Sleep, Stress, Stomach acid, Tobacco, and more.

Here is a little information to help you reduce chances or times of Chronic Inflammation.

• Get in 3-4 servings of fruits a day

• Get in 5-6 servings of vegetables a day

• Add 1- 2 tbsp of flax seed to your diet

• have a rotation of other seeds and nuts every day (about a handful)

• Start and end your day with breathing exercises

• Get in a walk or 40 minutes of your favorite fitness everyday

• Get in enough sleep. Breathing exercises help us to ease into sleep

• Cut out Processed foods

• Cut out hydrogenated oil and products that contain them

• Have a four day rotation of the foods you eat. this gets in a verity of nutrients and help keep your body from creating allergic reactions.

• A easy supplement to help with this is MonVie's "Mmun". Take just a shot in the morning and a shot at night, ask me how you can get some for your family.

Have a Blessed and Healthy day

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