Wednesday, January 27, 2010

PVC and the dangers to your children

When it comes to buying toys for our babies there are some things you may want to keep in mind. Babies learn by touching and playing with toys. We also know that children always seam to put everything in their mouths. That is why we always read labels for "No Choking Hazards". Well, it’s time to add one more thing to the labels. Most baby items we give them are soft plastic toys like rubber ducks, bath toys, or soft flexible books. These are items that contain a plastic called POLYVINLY CHORIDE also known as PVC. This plastic helps the toys to be flexible and soft. Ideal we would think for a toy for baby to teeth on and not get hurt. Research has found that this plastic is a hormone disruptor and also contains LEAD. Both of these would be transferable to baby as they handle them or place in their mouths.

How would you know if your product contains this PVC? Just look to the bottom of the item for a number 3 on it. It would be better to not have the baby or toddler handling or mouthing these products for their health and safety.

There are companies that have started to use less and other use no PVC. Some are Brio, Ikea, Little Tikes, Lego, Gerber, Early Start, and there are a few more. I would still always check the bottom to be sure, but these companies are jumping on the safety chain for your baby.

To read more on this topic and see other items containing this PVC see..

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As always have a Blessed and Healthy Day.

Friday, January 22, 2010

What is a VOC?

VOC.... What is it? It stands for Volatile Organic Compound. These are gasses that are releases from liquids and/or solids that we use that can have affects on our body. Have you ever been cleaning the bathroom or kitchen and then start coughing so bad you could not breath. The VOC from the cleaning supplies were t...o harsh and the gasses released where causing the lungs to restrict. Here is a safer, less harmful cleaner, that gets the job done without releasing these types of harmful gasses in your families home. To make an all-purpose cleaner fill an empty spray bottle with distilled white Vinegar. I then place a few drops of essential oil of lavender or lemon in. This is for anyone who does not care for the smell of vinegar, but within a few minutes the smell is gone and you have a very clean and disinfected surface. I hope you enjoy today greener tip. Have a blessed and healthy day.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Due to request.....Ear Infections

Acute middle ear Infection
• earache or irritability
• recent upper repertory infection or allergy
• red, opaque, bulging eardrum
• fever chills

Infection or inflammation of the external ear canal.

• Itchy
• discharge
• burning pain

If your child has had some of these or all of these symptoms you already know how uncomfortable it is for the child. Ear infections are becoming more common than ever before. Acute ear infections affect 2/3rds of American children by the age of 2 and Chronic ear infections also affect 2/3rds American children by the age of 6. This counts for about 50% for Doctors appointments for pediatrics every year.

We do not want our children in pain, and knowing that this illness can cause hearing loss makes us want to do the thing to help them get better and keep them from having this again. The routine in care and healing is antibiotics, which does help to kill bacteria and infection, but in that process the antibiotics kill the good bacteria as well. The bacteria that is actually working to recognize this invader, and kill it, our B and T cells. When our immune system goes to fight these invaders they remember the process and strength used to kill and heal the body. When we use antibiotics, not only are we hindering their immune system, but letting the body think they are killing the invader infection. So next time the immune system goes to fight off this type of infection they do not work as hard, because the antibiotic did all the work, they think they only have to do so much. So it sometimes becomes a viscous cycle of getting sick again, and taking even longer to get better.

Causes of ear infections can range from environmental, chemical, nutritional, prenatal, and allergens. In most cases the illness occurs with a food allergy, whether the type of milk, formula or cows, and/or solid foods. There are chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives if the food is not organically produced. The toxins or allergens are trying to be eliminated by the body. It usually begins with a runny nose and the tubes and canals get irritated and then infected.

What can you do?

First try eating a cleaner diet and reduce the amount of toxins and chemicals found in foods. Also, boost the immune system with beneficial fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C and B are very important. Make sure your children are on a good multivitamin. We use a liquid form (MonaVie).

One thing that is very important is to know that the body is healing itself everyday. It is an amazing peace of work creating new cells, cleaning out old ones, and fighting off disease. If you give the body what it needs to help it heal it self, it will.

A list of things you can do at onset.

• Increase fluids, water and juices. We do fresh juiced fruits and vegetables.

• At first sign of a cold, running nose, you could take homeopathic Aconite. We use this and it will usually allow the body to heal with a short episode of cold symptoms. Once pain is in ears you can use Hepar sulpharis it helps relieve ear canal and diminish the discomforts. For more information and different homeopathic solutions see "Homeopathic Medicine at Home" by Panos and Heimlich.

• For painful earaches. Take a small sauce pan and add about 2 tbsp of olive oil to the pan and just heat until warm, remove from heat. And 1 clove of chopped or minced garlic to the warm oil and allow to cool enough that it does not burn, but still warm (Test against you wrist). I then place a cotton ball in the oil and saturate it. Then place the oiled ball in the ear. I will make balls and place in a plastic baggy for the kids to take to school. It provides a great deal of comfort and healing power from the garlic oil.

• Getting adequate rest is also extremely important. You want them to rest throughout the day and night as much as possible, allowing the body's energy to heal and cleanup the allergens and toxins that are causing these problems.

My son was the only one to ever have ear infections and when he did have them, they would reoccur. They were so painful for him. You may have to use antibiotics; I am not saying that you should not use them. I want you to see the affects of using them and you make the decision. There are times when they are needed but usually we do not think to try alternative ways of healing. By allowing the body to heal itself, you prepare it for the next fight it has with this illness, and usually do not even see the signs of the illness in the future. Once I started letting the kids bodies heal on their own they did not show signs of ear infections any more. We have not had an ear infection in our house since 2002. Michael was not even a year old and had 3 ear infections in 6 months. He was the only one to have ever taken the antibiotics. Focus on looking at what is in their diet that set this off. It could be that they ate too much, or too frequently, amounts of sugar and processed foods, which lowers the immune system and creates a cold. Try to keep their heads raised on pillows and try to keep mucus from draining into the ears. This is hard at times I know. Also, increasing fluids helps to flush out the allergen that initiated this. The sooner it's flushed out of the body it reduces the time for an infection to set into the ears. Also, getting the body back to an alkaline level, helps increasing the nutrients needed to fight and kill invading organisms. You increase the alkaline level by eating more raw fruits and vegetables.

I hope this information will help you next time you are faced with illness for your child. For any additional information or questions feel free to email me.

Have a Blessed and Healthy Day

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Roper Lake may be closing

An article was posted in the EAC courier January 10, 2010. For those that may have missed it, it basically said that they are making budget cuts and if the Lake does not make enough revenue it will be closed. This affects those of us here locally, but others parks may be experiencing similar fates.

If we do not start to use it more we may lose it, and that would hurt everyone. Here are a few ideas that help to possibly keep the park open and help you as well. Now that we have just started this year some of you may be thinking about improving your health and fitness. The park holds many ways you could do just that. The lake and nature trails make a beautiful way to get fresh air along with getting in the sunlight to absorb necessary vitamin D, combats stress, and seasonal affective disorder.

What is seasonal affective disorder also known as SAD?

During these winter months we tend to get stuck inside and we start to have the winter blues like depression, over sleeping, craving carbohydrates, and slowed movements. Natural sunshine exposure appears to be the most beneficial way to keep this disorder at bay. There are beneficial supplements that can be taken, but let's get the additional benefits from getting outside as well. Here are some ways to get out, get fit, and combat the winter blues.

• walking by yourself, kids, spouse....make it a family event
• jogging
• kayaking
• fishing
• picnicking
• feed the ducks
• play games

Get creative and use more resources available to you. You can take a nice family or couples get away with the cabins they have, birthday parties, or a weekend get together. We are going to miss this resource when it is gone, let’s keep it open and get healthy while doing it.

If you would like to comment on additional ways to use and love your local state park please share. 

Have a blessed and healthy day.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Have you heard that clip on Sirius Radio or seen the clip on You Tube for "Brando"? For those that have not heard or seen it check it out on You Tube and you will understand where I am going with this post.
This is a funny commercial that I get a kick out of every time, cause it shows how marketing can be misleading at times. The body does need electrolytes, but not as much as some are taking in. Let me briefly explain what electrolytes are and why we need them, and then why we tend to over load ourselves with these.

The three dominant electrolytes in the body are Potassium, Sodium, and Chlorine. There are others as well like magnesium, bicarbonate, phosphate, sulfate, and proteins. These electrolytes are used throughout the body for the blood, lymph, tissue fluid, and cellular fluid. The thing about these elements is that they are used on a daily bases and we get most of these in the food we eat. The fluid surrounding cells in bones, tissues, and blood, all need electrolytes to interact with for proper function. The electrolytes allow nutrients to enter the cells and helps waste to leave the cells. Without the electrolytes this process is hindered causing water to enter and leave until the balance is set straight. Balance is obtained when we have the proper amounts of the nutrients needed and the charged energy of the electrolytes. The cells cannot receive the proper nutrients needed for metabolism and the production of new grow and healing in the body.

Imbalances of electrolytes can be severe. People have died from imbalance resulting from dehydration, diarrhea, vomiting, and more. When electrolytes are missing to help the body cellular balance stay within limits, we need to make sure the body is balanced with these elements. We get potassium, sodium, and chlorine and more from a steady intake of fruits and vegetables, specifically greens. Your potassium and sodium have to be in balance. A diet of processed and “non foods” set to much sodium over potassium and the balance is disturbed creating disease like high cholesterol and heart disease.

When we work out, the body detoxifies releasing these minerals through are skin and waste system. That is why we see so many athletes drinks rich with electrolytes. These drinks replenish lost electrolytes to keep the athletes from dehydration and illness. It is good for the body to replenish these as a temporary supplement, but we still need correct nutrition to maintain and do the necessary conversions of nutrition.

What I am concerned with is over electrolyte intake. Children especially have had toxic levels of these because they are drinking the sport drinks rich with electrolytes when there bodies did not need it. These drinks were intended to be used for strenuous workouts, or when the body was pushed really hard and they lost potassium and sodium too quickly. Your first beverage of choice should be water and also making sure the intake of nutrients is correctly balance. Meaning not too much processed foods and not enough fresh clean foods (fruits and vegetables). Let your electrolyte balance come from your diet and make sure to drink enough clean water, and use less of the electrolyte quick drinks to keep from over dumping the body with these.

Here are some foods to help you get in these nutrients for electrolyte function. These foods carry all three major electrolytes. Blackberry juice, caraway, chicken broth, currants, dandelion, goats cheese, herring, rye bran muffins, salmon, sauerkraut, tomatoes, veal, whey powder, wild cherry juice.

Bring these foods in along with more greens and your balance will be better without the need of "BRANDO".

Have a Blessed and Healthy Day.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year's Resolutions, continued

We talked last about making a Positive decision with this years resolution. Now lets talk about one of the four legs of strength mentioned there: "Healthy Lifestyle"
Our lifestyle choices have a huge affect on our health. Take into account your job, school, family, activities, and pleasures. All these can have positive affects as well as negative on the body. Your lifestyle can create a stress on the body from inflammation, pain, lowering the immune system, and many more. When a person has a healthy lifestyle it improves their quality and lengthen of life. Two area in our life have a profound impact on its quality.

Exercise and Sleep

Benefits of exercise

• improves cardiovascular function

• improves respiratory function

• helps transport oxygen and nutrients to the cells

• transports carbon dioxide and waste products from body

• increases stamina and energy levels

• body becomes stronger

• body functions more efficiently

Benefits of Sleep

• affects mental and physical function

• helps to combat depression, and chronic fatigue

• affects brain chemicals: serotonin and melatonin

Studies have shown that people that exercise are happier and have longer lives. The studies explained that the earlier you start to exercise results in adding years to your life. That goes to show that there is no time like the present to start getting fit. One of the things I like the most about exercising is how we learn to breath better. When you exert your body during exercise, you take nice deep cleansing breaths that detoxify the body and the lungs. It is good practice to take deep cleansing breaths throughout your day to release the lungs of stored carbon dioxide while breathing in rich oxygen for the blood. Not to mention when you exercise you sleep better. The body rests better after it has been use properly in stretching, breathing, and working the muscles. Sleeping well at night will help to improve our outlook on life as well. When we sleep correctly, getting in the REM and non- REM cycles, we allow ourselves to dream. In our dreams we see ourselves, the world, and people around us as we like or remember. Sigmund Freud stated that "dreams are the window to the souls". He viewed dreams as a subconscious mind with impulses and desires. Dreaming has an affect on the mental physic, causing us to be content and happy or depressed and stressed. If you are unable to remember dreams when waking or overly tired and restless when waking, look to get in a better nights rest. A few things to practice:

1) Do not use drugs or over the counter meds to go into this sleep they usually over tax the mind and body and you are even more tired that to learn to do this on your own.

2) One of the best ways to fall into a good rest is to recap the day's events from most recent to your waking that morning. It relaxes and repairs your mental state for the dreams ahead.

3) Allow the body the ability to dream, this is relaxing and refreshing for the whole body.

Have a Blessed and Healthy Day