Monday, October 15, 2012

Tummy Tuck Belt Review

Eating right and physical fitness was much easier for me back in high school as I played softball and cheered. Sports and activities were always important to me and I never really worried about staying fit and watching my weight.  When I started having children my priorities changed and I started to gain weight.  I knew I was slowly gaining but I never made it a priority to lose it.  After my youngest was born I started my journey to losing weight and getting my body back.  It is a processes that takes time and dedication to eat more Whole Natural foods, cut out the junk, and get active.  It is not a struggle as much anymore, but I am working on running and toning my body. 

I was offered a chance to review the Tummy Tuck Belt.  It is a belt that you wear around your stomach that burns fat.  I was very skeptical and not sure if something like this would really work.  I believe that all weight loss is done by eating right and exercising, at least it should. 

I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised.  I received a kit with information DVD with exercises, measuring tape, belt, accelerator, and informational guide with recommended diet.  I think the nutritional information can be very beneficial, although I used my own menu planning.  The DVD was informative and the exercises where very easy to do.

Step 1: Place a small amount of accelerator on you abdominal area and sides. 
Step 2: Place the belt on with the ribbing in front.
Step 3: Do 10 sets of super easy crunches.  This is more of a bring your stomach in and hold for 15 seconds and then release, doing this 10 times. Then you leave the Belt on for an additional 8 minutes, then you can take it off or leave on for a slimming look. 

I measured and used the Belt everyday for the first week and had lost 3 inches around my mid belly-button area and 4 inches on my lower abdomen.  This was after using for 1 week.  I continued to use for another week and then as life got crazy I slacked of for the last 2 weeks, using it every other day.  One benefit I noticed was that I did not gain inches back.  I wish I could have use the entire 30 days and received even better results than I got, but I am still very happy.

The picture on the left is my before shot.  I am happy to say that I have lost 5 inches around my mid section and 6 inches around my lower belly. 

I have to stress the importance of eating right and exercising.  I do not think I would have gotten as wonderful results, without eating more nutritious foods and running.  In my personal opinion, I feel this helped me to continue to burn fat, after  finishing my workouts, throughout the day. 

I am going to continue to use the Tummy Tuck and try to use it more each day.  You only wear it for about 10 minutes start to finish, I just kept forgetting to put it on some mornings.  Since I will continue to use it, I will post an update next month!

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Disclosure:  I was given the product above to review and write an honest experience as a Pitch List member.  I am not paid for my reviews, I just enjoy bringing you wonderful companies to learn more about. 


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    1. Thanks Tara, I have been running a lot, so I think that has a little to do with it.

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  3. wow.. i can tell you are a very skilled surgon but this Tummy tuck surgery is the most brutal i have ever seen. I think I would consider aliposuction way before this. also hiw does the patient survive that much trama in the abdominal reagon

    1. Hi Smitha. This was not a surgery. Diet, exercise, and a fat burning cream you wear under the fabric wrap. It's no invasive and very comfortable to wear. :-) no surgery.

  4. hay i just bought one of the kits today. I've tried sooo much stuff. I love working out and walking. and i don't mind eating right. I just hope it works. how long may i ask did it take you to lose those inches?

  5. I had been operated thrice for some stomach problem so if i use tummy tuck belt .Will it go negative.