Thursday, February 28, 2013

Greenwomans Magazine Review for an Eco Woman

I love to garden and find it gives me peace and relaxation.  I mostly grow herbs, for cooking and for preventive reasons.  I like to grow seasonal vegetables, and support my local farmers for other needs. 
What will you find in Greenwoman Magazine?
Fiction* Nonfiction *Poetry *Commentary *Biography *Art *Comics

What I loved about Greenwoman Magazine is the variety of articles.  The Winter/Spring 2013 issue had about 76 pages and loaded with creative articles with humor and serious tales. 
 The art pieces where creative, vibrant, and beautiful. 

One article in this month’s issue really spoke to me, "The Seed, the Radicle, and the Revolution".  The article starts out describing the importance and symbol the seed can be to some. "Seeds have often been referred to metaphorically when discussing resolutions, new movements, new beginnings, social change, and spiritual awakenings.  It only makes sense that the first thing to emerge from the seed during germination is the embryonic root known as the radicle, pronounced "radical".
The article goes on to talk about how it only takes one seed to grow a forest, how the process can be slow but it can fruitful.   As I read the article, I thought about myself as a seed, and how I can start a movement for better health and education.  GMO awareness is very important to me and I felt the article speaking to me to be that seed and let my passions grow into something beautiful.  The author talked about how one thought one feeling can spread and make a "forest" of change.  Clean eating, green living, love for all mankind, are things I know I can accomplish, even if just through me and my children, I can accomplish this.  The article gave me imagery of a seed falling between the slabs of concert on the sidewalk, and I envisioned my passion pushing myself (seed) to open and push itself up towards the sun, overcoming the obstacles and making it into the world.  I am sure the article would speak to each person differently, for me it was a truly inspiring and motivating piece.  The article ended with, "The subversive seed and its radicle roots will be our mascot.  Let's not rot in the soil, but instead sprout and rise up.  Your neighbor will be your seedbed.  That's where the movement starts”.  So I am walking away thinking, I need to start out whether slow and small, start at home.  I encourage you to get this month’s copy. 

Then I read another rather cute article, this piece was comforting and moving.  "Poultry Season", talks about how a woman who started raising chickens for eggs with intentions of food, soon found the feathery hens had become pets, unbeknown to her.  It was cute and refreshing to see the change in someone as they grew with their homestead living.

"A Tale of Two Birds", was a piece written about a home owner and his back yard habitat made for all animal visitors. Over the year they spotted many species of birds, snakes, hummingbirds, butterflies, squirrels, and helpful insects. Then he goes on to write about one summer when a group of magpies moved in.  He writes in detail of these fun little thieves.  Then he talks about one of my favorite birds the hummingbird, I thought I knew everything about them, but he gave me even more information.  The writer has inspired me to make my own backyard more bird friendly. It is a beautiful natural landscape and we get many birds, hummingbirds, bats, coyotes, and bobcats, but I want to put in a little more. I was thinking a water feature and some feeders would be nice to bring these beauties a little closer to me.  Once again, the articles moved me to do something more. 

That's just a taste of some of the articles inspiring, moving, informational, with few surprises along the way.

Throughout the magazine you get a taste of art, beautiful vibrate chickens, a Victorian gardener, and beautiful flowers.  While thumbing through the magazine you got a little something to read, enjoy, think about, and ideas to do at home.  I really enjoy it and looking forward to the next issue.  I can see myself pulling the magazine out and "taking five", relaxing, and reading a few of these pieces over and over again.
As a note of caution, a couple of the pictures in the magazine where less than modest.  While beautiful pieces of work, they might make one uncomfortable. One picture reminded me of Michelangelo's David, but with grape leaves, while the other were like women fairies blended in flowers.  I just wanted to give a heads up.  They are tastefully done and beautiful, but there is a slight bit of nudity. 
In the Issue
  • 5 pieces of Poetry
  • 12 pieces of Art
  • 3 pieces of comics
  • 10 pieces of fiction and nonfiction writing
Greenwoman Magazine Website
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You can get this months issue in print for $8.00 or PDF for $2.95
1 year subscription is $12.20 (2 a year)
2 year subscription is $24 (2 a year)
Available in Canada in links above as well. 

"Greenwoman Magazine reflects everything that excites and interests me about garden writing. It’s devoted to gardening thought in all its forms--fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, commentary, biography, art, and comics. It’s the only magazine where you will find an in-depth article on the state of world seed ownership juxtaposed with a poem likening hot romance to the Scoville Heat Scale of chili peppers, and an interview with a novelist who not only gardens but uses the garden as a theme in her fiction."~~Sandra Knauf, Editor
Disclaimer: I am not paid for my announcements, news, or post. These are my opinions and thoughts. I enjoying bring my readers wonderful Companies, Events, Health News, and Green Living. 

Take Time To Relax

Today's Objective is to Relax
It is important to take some time for yourself and unwind.  I do this in a couple of ways, and like to still try new ways to relax. 
Here is a list of some of my favorite unwind moments.

Not a power session but stretching and breathing.  You can find some great videos over at  If you are new to them you can sign up for 2 free weeks, and give it a try.

Find a comfortable place to sit.
This is one of my favorites because I just sit back, take deep breaths, and think.  I usually will prayer, read, or reflect on issues.  We call this area "The Nook".  There is no talking or rough housing here; it is a place for reading and relaxing. 

Get outside
I know in some places it is pretty cold still, but when the weather is nice, get outside and enjoy the sunshine.  This allows us to soak in some Vitamin D naturally, which can lighten our moods and de-stress us. 

Get your hand dirty.
Working in a garden can be very therapeutic and allows stress to roll right off us.  If you don't have a garden, then maybe make this your spring project.  Start small and call it your Calming Place.

What do you do to Relax?
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Time for Read It Nook HD+ Slate Giveaway

Welcome to the Read It! Nook HD+ Slate Giveaway

I love my Nook and I love the selection at Barnes and Noble.  Whether I am looks for cookbooks, my favorite genres, or the latest Nutrition information, I can always find what I am looking for.  I am even able to read some of my favorite Health and Fitness magazines.   

Hosted by Mom to Bed by 8
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One lucky reader will win NOOK HD+ Slate 16GB!
Giveaway ends March 13th at 11:59pm, open to US and Canadian residents only, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck.
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Ginger Tea Detox for Wellness Wednesday Ginger Root

Ginger Root
I don't know about you, but this year seems to be especially "Buggy"  Every time I turn around the kids are bring home "Someone In Your Childs Classroom has...."  While my children usually have very strong immune systems, they have been bombarded with germs in the classrooms.  We have had a very long two weeks of runny noses, fevers, coughs, and sleepless nights.  As a mom of four, I have to stay strong and healthy for my kids.  Eating healthy comes easy to me, but when you are going on a week of little sleep and no rest during the day, you need a little something more to keep your immune system strong.  I know most parts can agree with me this year has been rough in the cold and flu news.
Ginger has long been used as a cold and flu prevention of natural medicine. 
Ginger is Native to the coastal region of India and has been cultivated there since before written history, the first mention was some time around 400BC.  Now this root is cultivated all over the world and used in cooking, medicinally, and modern medicine. 
It was in China about 1280 AD when Marco Polo reported seeing the root.  This became a popular import to Europe in the 11-13 centuries.  This wonderful herb them was introduced to the West Indies from the Spaniards, around 1547.  The herb has then been sent and now grown throughout the world and widely used today. 
While the most popular use for ginger is in cooking, the food industry, we are starting to see more people use it for preventive purposes.  I know in my own house we tend to keep ginger on hand. 

Ginger has been used for
Loss of appetite
Motion Sickness

Detox Ginger Tea

2 tbsp. crushed ginger root
juice of one lemon
1 cayenne pepper
hot water

I place all ingredients in my Libre Tea Glass, which is perfect because it keeps all the ingredients in the glass without having to strain anything. 
This Detox drink can be very spicy, so drink with care.  I started to have the symptoms and signs that I was getting the kids colds, and I started this drink right away.  I was able to keep the colds at bay and strengthen my immune system. 
The Cayenne Pepper helps to break up congestion and mucus and get things moving.  The pepper is anti-inflammatory, stimulates circulation, and helps relieve migraines.  So don't skip the pepper, it is important to the process. 

For Body Aches
Tea Bags
3 TBSP crushed ginger root
Hot Water

In a hot tub of water add in tea bag(s), and allow the aches of body pain to gently ease away.  I have done this when I am sore from running, working in the garden, and even the body ache of illness.  You can use powdered ginger as well, although I find fresh ginger to be more powerful.

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Upcoming Event to #WIN a iPad Mini, Blogger Sign Ups

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Free Yellostone Paning Kit, Free DVD, and Free Health Magazine

I came across a few Freebies for you to enjoy.

We have started to plan for our first trip to Yellowstone National Park.  This is a trip I have been wanting to do for a while, but needed to wait till the kids where a bit bigger. 
Get you Free Trip Planner Kit

This kit will have everything you need to plane a wonderful adventure.  It includes Maps, Activities, Coupons, Lodging information, and more.  I am so excited and going to start planning our family adventure. 

Have you ever wanted to know about the handling of our livestock?  This is a 12 minute film that takes you behind the scenes to see what really happens.
Mercy for Animals is providing a free DVD "Farm to Fridge".

Life Extension is giving a Free 1 Year Magazine Subscription
Just click on the link and fill out the simple form. 
Life Extension puts out a monthly magazine that talks about "Nutrition, Hormones, Anti-Aging Supplements, And More."

All orders are simple Form, No Credit Card, and No Shipping Cost. 
Thank you to the companies who give these out to help families. 

Disclaimer: I am not paid for my announcements, news, or post. These are my opinions and thoughts. I enjoying bring my readers wonderful Companies, Events, Health News, and Green Living. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fish Taco Recipe On This Weeks Good Eatin Hop, February 26

Welcome to the Good Eatin' Recipe Hop
hosted by
The 'Pitch List' Bloggers

Every Tuesday you can join us to share great recipes.........
There are no specific themes. 
Add your recipe of choice to the linky.
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This week I am sharing my KID APPROVED Fish Taco Recipe!

Fish Taco Perfect for Lent

Fish Tacos, Perfect for Lent                                   

4 Filets Tilapia
4 tbsp. Taco seasoning
Small flour tortillas
(other taco filling)

This was a super easy recipe. 
In a skillet I added filets in with the seasoning and just enough water to keep the fish from sticking.  I cooked until the fish was flaky and the water cooked off.  Then you load your taco as you always have.

Fish has lots of good fats and tilapia is lighter fish with less fishy taste, its very mild.  The kids love this recipe and it is a easy way to have kids eat more fish. 

Disclaimer: I am not paid for my announcements, news, or post. These are my opinions and thoughts. I enjoying bring my readers wonderful Companies, Events, Health News, and Green Living. 

I Finished My 100 for February

Today I finished my 100 Miles for February, running for Wounded Warriors Project.  This has been such an amazing journey for me.  I have run in a 5K and 10K, both I thought were amazing experiences, which they were, but I am shocked at the work I accomplished this month.  One thing I  heard real runners say, is that its 40% body and 60% mind.  I noticed that when I cut the negative thoughts out and looked positively towards every run, I was more comfortable, and my body has all the energy it needed.  At sometimes, I actually felt like my legs were on auto pilot, and I was just along for the ride. 

Running outside was a very peaceful experience.  I would look around and it seemed like the landscape was always changing.  Driving on the same paths, I never notice the mountains, plants, trees, and smells.  One day this month I got a punch in the face smell of a dead skunk, could have done without that, but most of the time the smells of plants, rain, dew were just amazing.  Although, you never have control over the temperatures, lighting, and ANIMALS!  One morning I waited for the sun to come up just enough to get a 5 mile run in, at times my husband and I had to tag team watching the kids while the other ran.  I stepped outside ready to push start on the tracking and the coyotes started howling, a group was right by the house.  I jumped back inside so fast!  My husband asked if it was too cold, and I told him about the coyotes.  He laughed and asked if I was going and I got my courage up and headed out.  I would not have been able to finish this project without the support of my husband. 

While most of the days my husband and I ran separately, we wanted to finish today together.  We had just 8 miles to finish and we bundled up our youngest and headed out.  It was a neat experience running together.  You support and push each other to finish in certain times.  He is a 8 minute a mile runner while I average an 11.45 minute mile.  Today I was able to push it to 11:01 average miles.  I really wanted to finish in the 10 minute range but happy all the same.  I always have next time!

This month we tracked our miles through  You can invite friends that allow you to encourage and support one another on your fitness journey.  There were days when I didn't want to run, but seeing my friend just got 5 miles ahead of me got me lacing up the sneakers and heading out.  Support and drive make the difference in fitness challenges. 

As a reward my husband picked me up a new shirt and sweaty band at Fleet Feet.  I Love absolutely love and think it fits my personality perfectly. 

You can see other post through this journey in the Running Tab

Monday, February 25, 2013

Hopping for Health Week 1 My Story

Gluten Free for Jen
Welcome to the Hoppin For Health Blog Hop!

This is just a fun motivational hop with one common goal- Getting Healthier!

If you have any get fit tips, healthy recipes and eating tips, or on a weight loss journey of your own feel free to join us!

Check out the below blogs who are all on a journey to live a healthier lifestyle! 
I have joined a group of wonderful woman who want to improve their Health and Wellness.  When someone makes the decision to change and head down the road to a more healthy, it is a journey that last for life.  As we make gradual changes in our eating, fitness, and minds we face struggles and amazing accomplishments.
Every week we are going to be linking up our goals, accomplishments, and struggles, so you can see how changes are not always easy, but needed.

In today’s fast pace convenience society, we have to walk against the current and get out of the box of comfort.  Some women are just starting down the road with little steps, while others have been making changes for years.  The important thing to understand is that diets don't work, a change in lifestyle is what works.  "Life" is the key word in Lifestyle, meaning this is not a couple months experiment, it is a living, breathing, conscience walk of "life", that will continue on into the golden years.

The wonderful thing about this "Hopping for Health" link up is that you will find stories and experiences of many women, and are sure to find inspiration and understanding.

My Story
I was always an active teen in Softball and Cheerleading, while one of my favorite hobbies was dancing.  During my first pregnancy I gained the correct amount of weight and lost it all within a few months after birth.  Once I was pregnant with my second child I started to gain unhealthy weight.  I never got back to be active and never lost all the weight.  With each pregnancy I gained body weights that expect accumulating.   During my fourth pregnancy, I noticed I was stronger and healthier, due to diet, than I had been in years but the weight was still a problem.  After Gabby was born I started to work out and started to finally lose weight.  This has been a lifestyle change.  I liked to be active, but when you are not in shape being active is not as appealing and was a challenge.
Now I am stronger, leaner, and healthier but I still struggle like all moms finding the time to get in my workout, and my workouts change according to the seasons.  While I have lost most of my weight I still have some to go.  I am hoping to lose the last 20 lbs. this year.  This is my challenge to myself to have my body back in 2013, this is my year!

I have been working on this since January, but really kicked it up in February.  This month I joined a month long race for wounded warriors.  This was a race that you do on your time and at your pace to get in 100 miles before the end of the month.  You would walk or run the miles and you logged them into the community challenge site.

I have logged in 88 Miles this month!
I learned that I actually LOVE to run and have the most fun running outside and on trails.  I would never have thought that I was capable of his challenge until I tried.  I have had a few injuries along the way, but the reward and self-discovery have been amazing. 
I have only 12 miles left to get in this week.  I was hoping to finish this weekend while running with my husband, at his parents’ house, but I am not a snow runner.   I will get my miles in tomorrow and finish before the deadline, but now the question is what will I do next?  I am someone who has to have a schedule and stay motivated, of all of life’s obstacle’s get in the way.  I have decided to continue with the challenge, but at a less demanding number.  I am also doing a Beach body workout on days that are not running. 
Week 1 measurement Losses, these are just from Mon to Mon this last week.
Left Up Arm:  NO Change
Right Up Arm: NO change
Waists: 2 inches!
Hips: 1.5 inches
Left Thigh:  ½ inch
Right Thigh: ½ inch
Rt Calve: GAINED ½ inch Yuck!
Lt Calve: Gained ½ inch YUCK!
Weight: 3 lbs.
 Check out the other Gals on this Journey!

Disclaimer: I am not paid for my announcements, news, or post. These are my opinions and thoughts. I enjoying bring my readers wonderful Companies, Events, Health News, and Green Living.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Clean Home Kalorik Steam Mop Giveaway

I am really excited to share this giveaway with my readers, that love to keep a clean home and reduce the time needed to do just that.  Since I spend most of my day in the kitchen, I know how messy my floors can get.
          Welcome to our event.  This event is being sponsored by Kalorik.  This event is being hosted by Tammie's Reviews, Giveaways and More.  I want to give a big thank you to my Co-host: Charisma Media NetworkBeauty Brite, Donna's Deals and MoreFrugal-ShoppingMom Does GiveawayTunica MamaLife's Cheap ThrillsCoupons and Lesson PlansOregon Coupon GuideK is for KechellThe Deal Match MakerSimply Southern CouponersJuliana's Bits & Pieces, Kelley's Pasion for NutritionFrugal SpotsJava John Z'sThe Cafe CouponBlenders On SaleVIVIANSPIRIT for helping to promote this event.

        You can read my review of the Kalorik Steam Mop by clicking here

        This event will be live from 2/24 to 3/10, starting and ending at 7p.m. est.

        This prize is a Kalorik Steam Mop.

        This event is open to U.S. only.  

        Enter using the easy Giveaway Tools widget below and Good Luck! 

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Going Green Living Friday, Tip, News, Entertainment, and Volunteering

Going Green Living Friday
Green Tip of the Week 
Go Trash-less for lunches. 
 Green Living Friday, Tip, News, Entertainment, and Volunteering 
It is important to try to reduce and reuse our natural resources.  When it comes to lunches we make a lot of unnecessary waste.  Think about the sandwich bags, paper bags, straws, cups, juice boxes, wraps and it all builds up.  Think about the hundreds of students in your kids school packing or buying lunches.  "The United States generated 13 million tons of plastics waste from containers and packaging, and 7 million tons of nondurable plastic waste (for example plates and cups)"~~Reuseit.
This is the first year that our family has gone to a completely waste free lunch.  With the many green companies helping with green lunch packing, this is easier than ever.
Start today and you can make your mark on green living!
Today happens to be Soup and Stations during Lent.  As a family we head down to socialize with our church community and we all make green attempts.  We bring our own bowls and spoons to reduce waste.  This year we started to bring our washable napkins and cups too, this way our soup dinner experience is completely waste free.  While you might not want to go out and buy everything right away, you can start small and start now.  Maybe make a wish list of purchases to buy every other week.  Also, signup for newsletters to green companies on your wish list so you can be notified of sales and savings events!
Green News
FDA on Frankenfish.
For the first time in history, the FDA has extended its comments period to approve the first commercial production of a genetically engineered animal for human consumption, GMO Salmon otherwise known as "Frankenfish".  The Comments Period is a two month waiting period for them to take the public's opinion in to consideration.  There was been such an out poor of concern that they have extended the comments period another two months. 
There is a lot of concern about the safety for human consumption along with the possible decimation of Alaska's Wild Salmon.  If and when they return to the oceans this could affect the normal, nonGMO population of fish.  I am thankful that the FDA is taking longer to evaluate the concerns of the public. 
If you would like to have a voice in this issue you can head over to the Comments Section here. 
To read more on this topic visit links below.
Solar Sites on closed landfills.
A team of science and engineers are working with the EPA to find closed landfills as future sites for Solar Energy Systems.  "Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the New Jersey Department Environmental Protection’s Office of Sustainability and Green Energy to visit 10 closed municipal landfills located in North, Central, and South Jersey."  This is exciting news for the potential to use this renewable technology. 
To read more on this topic visit links below.
A New Show for us, Sea Rescue.
Sea Recue is a TV show that shows rescued adventures with Sam Champion.  The show highlights adventures in saving sea life and how we can do our part to protect this sensitive and beautiful mystery. 
"Sea Rescue tells the stories of marine animal rescue, rehabilitation and release by the dedicated men and women of SeaWorld’s wildlife rescue teams and partner organizations. With rescue teams on call 24/7, SeaWorld has rescued more than 22,000 whales, dolphins, sea lions, penguins, manatees, sea turtles and birds over the last 40 years, with the ultimate goal of successfully rehabilitating and returning each one to the ocean.  Sea Rescue takes viewers on the team’s incredible and heartwarming adventures through a combination of first‐hand accounts, expert insight and remarkable footage that will inspire, educate and enthrall".
Tucson (Sierra Vista)AZKGUNSat 830a
Services and Volunteering
This week I became a volunteer to Watch the Wild.  I am very excited to take my part in my area.  Since we are always outside, whether running, hiking, or picnicking, this is a way to help protect my environment and give information to those who can most use it. 
"Watch the Wild , a program of Nature Abounds needs your help in observing the "wild" in your community. As a Watch the Wild volunteer, you observe and report what is taking place in your community, from trees and plants to weather and wildlife activity. In as little as ten minutes, your observations help us to understand how our eco-systems are changing and helps us to adapt for the future."
Look for ways you can volunteer and help! 
What did you do to Go Green this week?
Disclaimer: I am not paid for my announcements, news, or post. These are my opinions and thoughts. I enjoying bring my readers wonderful Companies, Events, Health News, and Green Living.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Going to Arizona's Renaissance Festival

AZ Renaissance Festival

I am so excited to be going to this year Annual Event!  I love the Renaissance era and it is one of my favorite genres to read about.  This year I am going to live it!
Saturdays, Sundays & Presidents Day Monday NOW through March 31, 2013 Looking for a unique getaway? How about a trip back in time?

Escape to the Arizona Renaissance Festival where pleasure and celebration are the only orders of the day as decreed by the King!
The Arizona Renaissance Festival is one of the largest of the Renaissance events in the nation because it is really five Festivals all rolled into a giant, costumed fantasy village with:
  • Thirteen Stages of Continuous Live Entertainment
  • An Outdoor Circus
  • A Medieval Arts & Crafts Fair
  • A Jousting Tournament with Three Performances Each Day
  • A Day-Long Feast
Kids Get in Free with this coupon (Print Coupon)

Want to win tickets? 
My readers enter for a chance to win a Family Adventure 6-pack to the AZ Renaissance Festival!

Disclaimer: I am not paid for my announcements, news, or post. These are my opinions and thoughts. I enjoying bring my readers wonderful Companies, Events, Health News, and Green Living.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Green Deals and Savings from Awesome Green Companies!

Green Living Deals and Savings

I love Green Deals!  They have an awesome site that savings you money on some great Eco Gifts and Green Companies! 
Green Deals Price is $19 and sale ends in 8 days!  Jump on this.  I love these glasses and take them with me everywhere! 
That is a 30% Savings!  Offer ends in 12 days.
Green Deals Price is $30, with a ten dollar savings!  Deal ends in 11 days
Shipping included, deal ends in 22 days!
For $32 you can get a $50 coupon for First World Trash: Accessories and Bags from Salvaged Materials.  This is a 36% SAVINGS!  Cool bags!  Deal ends in 5 days!
28% off Loose Leaf Herbal Tea 4-Pack: Men's Tea, Women's Tea, Defense Tea, and Detox Tea; Includes 1 FREE Jaggery Sweetener from eSutras.
Shipping Included!  Deal ends in 2 days!!!!
I hope you enjoy these savings while they last!  I love to support Green Companies and love these products!  Happy Wednesdays!

Disclaimer: I am not paid for my announcements, news, or post. These are my opinions and thoughts. I enjoying bring my readers wonderful Companies, Events, Health News, and Green Living.

Upcoming Giveaway Event!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Protect Your Baby's Skin with the Healthy Baby Collection Giveaway

Welcome to the Healthy Baby Collection Giveaway!

healthy baby collection skin care

The Healthy Baby Collection Giveaway is hosted by Beauty Brite, Charisma Media and Fairy Tale Reviews.

A huge thank you to our co-hosts: Asha Butterflys, DevotedMommyof3, Stressed Rach, and Tammie’s Reviews, Giveaways and More.

Time To Cook Up Some New Recipes

We are now in the season of Lent, which for our family means less rich foods and some wholesome soups.  This week I am sharing a few of my favorite soups and our Lenten Pretzels! 
Welcome to the Good Eatin' Recipe Hop
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Saturday is Family Fun Day at the Sonoran Desert Museum

This Saturday we decided to head over to one of our favorite places in Tucson, The Sonoran Desert Museum.  They have a new exhibit, the Warden Aquarium that just open at the end of January.  We have been waiting for a free weekend to head over and I was very impressed.

There are 14 tanks displaying a variety of fresh- and salt-water sea life. Some of the Museum's numerous conservation projects impacting many aquatic species are highlighted in the galleries.

As you walk in to the new building, you can look up and check out some beautiful jellyfish.  The kids really enjoyed these, and asked if we can make some for their room. 

Then we read and identified the fish local to Arizona.  Some I was surprised to find on the list.
There were many colorful fish, seahorses, eels, and fresh water fish to enjoy.

A new find for us were the garden eels.  These stunning little eels have a hard flat tip, at the end of their tail that acts like a shovel, to attach themselves to the sea floor.

One thing I love about the desert Museum is their constant effort to conserve the environment.  While taking in the many wonderful exhibits and species, we also read about ways we can save the Ocean and its beautiful creatures here on land.  The trash we use daily does affect the Ocean. Make more conscious efforts to save water, recycling, making eco shopping choices, and dropping the plastics can all be simple steps in saving these species before they are gone for good. 

I loved this little guy, can you find him?
What are ways you are taking steps to save the Ocean and enjoy its beauty?
Check out ways you can Conserve.
Disclaimer: I am not paid for my announcements, news, or post. These are my opinions and thoughts. I enjoying bring my readers wonderful Companies, Events, Health News, and Green Living.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Looking To Have Fun and Get Fit By Gaming (Giveaway)

Get Fit By Gaming Giveaway

Its Time!  No More Excuses!
We wanted to show you that getting fit can be fun and we are going to give you a chance to WIN an XBOX Kinect Bundle.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Free Shipping and Savings at The San Francisco Salt Company

Great News!  The San Francisco Salt Company  is doing FREE shipping for 2013!
FREE SHIPPING year for all web orders over $20
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2) Awesome customer support.
3) Satisfaction guaranteed.
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5) We stand behind our brands 100%.
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fat Tuesday! Good Eatin' Recipe Hop 2/12

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