Friday, June 29, 2012

Reuseit Review Bento boxes

For most, summer break last until August although we start back in July.  We are year round schooling and I love it.  The kids get a relaxing 6 weeks off and then we are back in the swing of education.  Since we have about 3 weeks left of summer I am taking this time to review and try out better options to lunch containers and accessories.

I wanted to become a completely Eco friendly family in regard to our lunches.  This means no more plastic lunch bags, EPA free plastics, and other reusable items.  It is important for my children's lunch be nutritious and easy to access.  They like to have hot, cold, dry, wet, and creative lunches to look forward to every day, so that means options. 

Creative lunches are important because when you pack your food everyday you want to have something to look forward to.  Reuseit has lots of Bento boxes to chose from.  I started with the Box Appetit Lunch Box.  Besides the typical cold lunches I wanted to have something sophisticated for some days.
 Bento-style food containers are a perfect addition to a waste-free lunch. Removable containers and separators divide the space inside the box to let you pack different dishes in a single container with no baggies, wraps, or disposable packaging. By using reusable food and sauce containers, you can drastically reduce your need for use-and-toss plastic baggies, wraps, aluminum foil and juggling multiple food containers. Plus, you can save money and eat healthier by creating your own lunch instead of buying pre-packaged ones.~~Reuseit.
This style of Bento Box helps you to make hot and cold items without too many containers to carry.  This lunch was a Chicken Pita, salad, dressing, carrots, and fruit.  This was an all cool lunch that was kept sealed with no leaking.  The dressing was vinaigrette and I was impressed that the small container never leaked.  Because of the temperatures of summer I selected an all cold lunch.  My husband took this to work one day with a vegetarian baked Zitti, salad, and dressing.  The salad container was able to be removed so the Zitti could be heated in Microwave.  He said it was simple to remove the needed parts and put all back in when finished.  This container comes with a beautiful green fork that attaches for easy carrying.  My son has asked for this to be his lunch container. 

Features of the Box Appetit Lunch Box~~Reuseit.
  • Eco-friendly – pack a lunch with no baggies, wraps, or disposable packaging
  • Sturdy design – large container with water tight seal lid
  • Glass-like lid doubles as a plate and dipping sauce tray
  • Durable fork with a deep curve for scooping and an angled edge for cutting
  • Microwavable and removable inner food container
  • Added clip on lid to hold fork (or your own chopsticks)
  • Lidded sauce pot perfect for dressings and condiments
  • Use this one box as a doggie bag and won't have to juggle different plastic containers
  • BPA free
  • Microwavable and dishwasher safe
The Box Appetit Lunch Box is valued at $21.95.

Disclaimer:  I was given this product to review.  I am not paid for my reviews, these are my personal opinions and just enjoy bring companies that promote Green Natural Living. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tea of the Week Tulsie Gotu Kola Organic India

Organic Gotu Kola                                 
  • Stress relieving 
  • Soothing & relaxing 
  • Abundant in antioxidants 
  • Powerful adaptogen 
  • Caffeine free 
  • Gluten free 
  • USDA certified organic 
  • 18 tea bags per box
Valued at $4.99 on promotion for $3.99.  You can buy in bulk for $22.00. 
This was one of my favorite afternoon teas.  Gotu Kola has a clean fresh taste that keeps you healthy and clears your mind!  Gotu Kola, said to be a brain food, nourishes and balances your nervous system which can be beneficial for stress relief and calming. 

Native to Sri Lanka and South Africa, gotu kola extract and herb has been used for centuries to relieve mental fatigue, and as a tonic for overall brain and nervous system support. Rich in vitamins A, B, E, K and magnesium, researchers have found that it also contains several glycosides that exhibit healing properties.~~Organic India.

I am always on the go, so I love using my Eco Libre Tea Mug, on left.  These are great for loose leaf and tea bags!  

Since I started having tea more often, I have found a better source of energy and wellness.  My children have started to have afternoon tea with me, which I think is great family time.  We take a few minutes to talk about our day, relax, and plan our evening.  I love that we take the time to turn off all distractions and really talk with each other.  Do you need tea to do that, nope, but why not recharge your batteries with a antioxidant rich tea. 

I thought it was funny that my kids noticed that I needed to cut my nails more.  You can tell a lot about your health through your nail.  My nails have been growing stronger and faster, so that I had to start cutting them more.  We love to tickle in this house, so a few times my nails have been getting them.  I have had to cut my nails weekly and they are stronger than they have been in months.  The kids also said that I have been happier.  No one like to think of them selves as unhappy or grumpy but it happens.  I find I am better balanced when I eat and drink right.  Take a few breaks throughout your day and relax.  Grab a nice cup of tea and feel the stress of the day slip away.  Benefits to a stress relieving tea can be noticed by those around you. 

With my review I was given Mala Bead which can be worn beautifully as a necklace or bracelets.  I like to wrapped the beads around my wrist four times.  These were fun to wear and I love that the purchase helps support a small family in India. 

Tulsi Mala Beads with Silk Bag 
Valued at $7.95  

This treasure has been handmade from the stems of the organic Tulsi grown by the small family farmers that we work with in India. Wearing the beads of the Tulsi plant is believed to bring good fortune to the wearer.  Each mala has the traditional 108 beads, 108 being a symbol of living in harmony with nature.

Disclaimer:  I was given this product to review.  I am not paid for my reviews, these are my personal opinions and just enjoy bring companies that promote Organic living. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Blendtec Designer Series Wildside Blender giveaway

I have teamed up with Kate n' Kaboodle to celebrate the final giveaway in her Funtastic Summer Event. The Funtastic Summer Event started June 10th with dozens of fun, summer themed giveaways! You can find all the giveaways here!

This is a great blender to enter for!  I love the smoothies, soups, and more I make with my blender.  If you don't have one, now is your chance to win one!

The Blendtec Designer Series Wildside Blender is the Swiss Army Knife of Blenders because it can do the job of many appliances. It’s a whole juicer, a meat grinder, a latte machine, a bread mixer, an ice cream maker, a grain mill, coffee grinder, milkshake mixer, and a blender all in one!
The sleek design features an illuminated, easy to read, touch screen with universal icons. This enables effortless selection of blend cycles. Blendtec created pre-programmed blending cycles to to produce optimum results for a wide range of blending tasks. Making a smoothie is as easy as a touch of a button! Just add your ingredients and press the "smoothie" icon!

 Want total control? The revolutionary new slider interface gives you absolute control over your blender’s speed. Touch anywhere on the slider to jump right to any speed, and slide your finger up and down to fine tune your blend.

The Wildside Jar is BPA free and has a total volume of 90 fl oz. Clean up is a breeze with the flat, sealed, touch area and smooth motor base design. Just wipe it off with a damp cloth! No more messy buttons! The small, sleek design allows the Blendtec Designer Series Blender to fit under most cabinetry so it is easily accessible.

This blender is more than a pretty face! With over 1500 watts of power, the commercial grade motor is the most powerful motor available for home use. The Blendtec blender is build for speed and power! The precision-machined socket connects directly to the motor, resulting in a finely-balanced motor assembly. This reduces vibration and noise, which is critical at the motor speeds you will see with the Blendtec. The air-flow design keeps the blender cooler enabling the blender to have a longer life.
Want to see the Blendtec Blender in action? Check out all Kate n' Kaboodle's Blendtec reviews!
Make sure you also check out all the giveaways in Kate n' Kaboodle's Funtastic Summer Event!
Blendtec Online Blendtec Facebook Blendtec Twitter Blendtec Pinterest
Buy It
The Blendtec Designer Series Wildside Blender can be purchased on the Blendtec site for $499.95.
Win It
One very lucky reader is going to win the Blendtec Designer Series Wildside Blender, a $500 value!
Open to U.S only.
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Ocean News Lets Make Changes

Huffington Post Green released an article that everyone needs to support changes to preserve the ocean. 
"Our oceans -- which generate most of our oxygen, regulate our climate, and provide most of our population with sustenance -- are essential to all life on earth. Yet, our oceans face a threat as dangerous as any Pandora faced: ocean acidification."
Many countries, including the US, depend on the Ocean for Food, Jobs, and Health.   For most the Ocean is a place to vacation and visit, but for many countries it provides food and employment.  The problem is pollution and acidification that is becoming a threat.  I love seafood but have to be aware of where I get my food from.  I don't want to think of a day when we can no longer eat from the ocean.  We need to work together to preserve all wildlife for its beauty and for consumption. 

We all need to take are part in recycling, living green, and supporting companies that are trying to help preserve the Ocean and the life with in it.

Dave Levitan It's No Accident: Study Says Oceans Acidifying at Unprecedented Rate.
"Acidification, or a decrease in pH of ocean water, is already starting to affect marine life. Oysters and other shellfish are particularly at risk, as are coral reefs and all the species that rely on them for habitat. According to the new study, the conditions that allow coral reefs to grow will be available in only five percent of the oceans by 2100. Today that number is 50 percent."
 Julie Whitty post on "The end of Myth",  The ocean is a wildlife worth preserving.
"Only of late have we learned to see the ocean’s surprising vulnerabilities. That it’s neither infinite nor inexhaustible. That it’s the beleaguered terminus of all our downstream pollutants, part of a dynamic system intensely interactive with land and atmosphere and everything we do there. Only in the past decade has science discovered the ocean to be fragile in the way only really enormous things are fragile: with resilience teetering on the brink of collapse. Yet our behavior lags far behind our understanding, and the ocean awaits our enlightened action."

I am doing my part in recycling my waste correctly, giving up plastic bags with ConservingNow, and using non toxic cleaners like Better Life.  Will you help us preserve this underwater wilderness?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lunch Boxes, Reuseit Review

As you know I highly encourage that we pack our children's lunches.  Public schools are making great changes and trying to make healthier lunches, but they are still not up to my personal standards for my family.  We like to eat organic, non hydrogenated oils, preservative free, and additive free.  For this reason we pack lunches, but last year I struggled with the amount of plastic bags we used. 

If you visit a school lunch room how many would be using plastic sandwich bags and brown paper bags?
According to the EPA, each child who brings a brown bag lunch to school every day generates about 67 pounds of waste by the end of the school year. ~ Reuseit.
Since 2003, Reuseit has been striving to make a wide range of safe options for you.
  • smart lunch bags & boxes .
  • convenient and economical lunch containers.
  • products that cut down on the items that are filling our landfills everyday.
  • saving you money and resources. 

Made in the USA!  That is a wonderful plus for me!

We are using Reusable Sandwich Bags set of (3).  This is a perfect set for my kids lunches.  I make sure they have a fruit and veggie in every lunch.  I use the snack bags for pretzels, crackers, grapes, carrots, cucumbers, nuts, seeds, and more.  The flap folds over nicely and velcro's in place to keep everything nicely inside.  The large bag held my pita sandwiches, regular sandwiches, wraps, and subs,  perfect for Lunch Boxes.
This wy daughter during her break time at gymnastics.  She works so hard and needs nutritious fast snacks during her training.  These bags were perfect because I had cantaloup in one, carrots in the smaller, and a cucumbers in another smaller.  These were all still cool an 1 1/2 later, and nothing leaked in my purse.  I was so happy with my experience I had to go back and order two more packs! 

Make things simple for you this year and use reusable lunch boxes.  You won't have to worry about adding plastic bags to the grocery list.  You can teach your family about how you are making a difference with reusable resources.  Moving to waste-free Lunch Boxes is easy, but Reuseit makes it even easier with their 5 step to a waste free lunch guide.  This is a great investment to overall savings.  I have four children all in school this year.  My goal this year is to have all our families lunches completely green by the time school starts.  This goal includes Mom and Dad too.  Check out all the ways Reuseit helps you SAVE. 

Be sure to come back July 22nd to enter the giveaway for Reuseit Lunch Boxes. 

Disclaimer: I was given this product for review, I was not paid and only like to review product I think are good for us and the environment.  These opinions are mine alone and am happy to bring you this information. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

YogaKids Review, Kids and Parents having fun together

Kids are active by nature and I find it beneficial to give them structured activities. 

Yoga is great for everyone learning to stretch, bend, and breath deeply.  This is a calming workout that works the entire body and mind.  I enjoy and look forward to doing Yoga with my kids.  I think it is important for them to see me having fun working out and that it is something I enjoy.  You feel a sense of peace and clarity after all the breathing that comes with Yoga workouts.

The girls doing downward dog on left, and then we move into runners pose on right.

While doing our Yoga, we were listening to a new CD from YogaKids Fitness Fun Tunes.
If you would like to have a fun, giggling, and calming CD to get them started in yoga moves, this is it.  This CD is geared for kids 3-6, but my 8 year old was giggling and singing right along. Valued at $9.00, it is a great buy!
"Sing along with your child and these playful, education songs about animals, nature, fitness and more. Each song encourages a positive attitude and challenges imagination while building self-confidence and a love for fitness. Take a spin together through the YogaKids: Fitness Fun Tunes CD!"
  1. I Like to Be the Animals
  2. The Rocking Horse Song
  3. ‘Y’ Is for Yoga. 
  4. Om a Little Teapot
  5. Loco Loco Locomotive
  6. I’m a YogaKids
  7. Reach for the Sun. 
  8. Breathe: Take 5
  9. YogaKids ABCs
  10. Namaste 
The CD was more geared to fun moves and stretches, it was upbeat at times with a few slower song.  The kids keep asking to listen to the CD making it great to carry in the car,  as well as practicing the YogaKids Pose of the week.   My preschooler wanted to listen to it everywhere.  Namaste and Reach for the Sun were very relaxing, becoming a quick favorite with me.  I found myself singing a few of these song throughout the day.  Yoga is a great way to bring the kids together to have some fun.  They can stretch, giggle, and clear their minds.  A few times when the kids got bored and started arguing, I would put the CD on.  This was a great way to turn arguments into great family time together. 

If you are looking for a fun way to incorporate kids Yoga, sign up for YogaKids Pose of the week.  This is a weekly email that gives you a fun pose to do with the kids.  This week is Pedal Laughing. 

  • They give instruction for doing the pose of the week.
  • Tips for Parent and Teachers, this week is about the power and benefits of laughter.
  • Activity Ideas for Home or Classroom/Math Medley/Awesome Anatomy.  Uses math to enrich this exercise.
  • Body Benefits.  I love this especially, because it gives parents the tools to instruct and educate their kids.  I know for myself I like for my children to learn with me.  It gives us a chance to talk about other things than cleaning their rooms, picking up toys, being nice, and you know the rest.  We can communicate, bond, and learn.   
  • Musical Musing.  More tips for talking with the kids and having fun.
  • Nutrition Tip of the week.  This week is focusing on making the most of family time through meal times and letting your kids play a part in making the meals. 
 When you sign up for their Newsletter you can download Namaste, a FREE download song.  We have really enjoyed this song.  It is very relaxing and the kids have even used it to fall a asleep. the highest quality kids yoga supplies and many other treasures.
 Learn About YogaKids World Renowned Foundations Teacher Training Program
Yoga Kids has many wonderful tools to help you have a great time,  get fit, and have quality family time.  They carry tools and information for Parents, Professionals, and Yoga Teachers.
Check out YogaKids Store for fun things to use at home like music, games, books, posters, clothing, DVD's, CD's, mats, and other supplies. 

Disclaimer.  I am not paid for my reviews.  I received the  CD from YogaKids to review.  My thoughts and opinions are mine alone, and only like to bring a variety to healthy living.  I like to open my readers to the many options they have to companies striving to make a difference. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

GMO Free Shopping Guide App and Download

Genetically Modified Organism, also known as GMO, have been a big topic with me.  More and more people are learning about GMO and the dangers.  The problem is that product labeling will not tell you if something is GMO, for now.  So what can you do?  Look for labels that say NON- GMO!  I am using a new FREE App on my iphone to help make things easier,  Non-Gmo Shopping Guide App.

Features include
  • 4 tips to avoiding GMOs
  • Shopping guide with everything from Dairy, Baby food, breads, herbs, grains, meats, pet products, soups, whole sale items, and more.  Each category has safe companies that are organic and/or GMO free.  After selecting the company the app gives you information on what they produce and whether it is certified GMO free. 
  • Favorite List, so you can easy find items at a glance.
  • Information about GMOs, great information with additional links.  
  • In the more section, you will find Dining out Non-GMO, Hidden GM ingredients, how can I help, what is organic, and how to visit their website.  
If you don't have an iphone you can still download the guide here.

I have just started using the app, and love it.  I have become more aware of what companies to use for certain things, which has been a struggle for me at times.  The more you know about what is in your food, the better you can make informed decisions.   Eating right today is all about balance and knowing what is in and on your food.  It is so sad that we have to take these steps when selecting food, but reality is that we do.  I hope you find the guide educational and helpful! 

Kids Corner: Let kids be the chef with Sunshine Smoothie recipe

Sometimes kids need a little help from us to get excited about healthy eating and staying active.  Why not let them be the chef?  All week I let the kids take turns in making the smoothie of the day.  They got to use their creativity in making something new that was all their own.  A couple of them did not turn out as they wanted, so we started a smoothie journal.  They wrote down what they made, how it tasted, and what they want to do differently next time.  The kids had a blast and they can't wait for their turns to come around again.

Because we like to talk about being supportive we only use constructive opinions when using the score cards we made.  We talked about how we don't want to hurt feelings if something does not taste as we would like.  This has worked out for me too, because one night I tried a new recipe that was not a hit, and they where very nice is telling me what they think it needed.  Today for breakfast my daughter made a cantaloup and apricot Smoothie.  She calls is Sunshine.

Rara's Sunshine Smoothie
1/2 cantaloup, chopped
5 apricot's halved, pitted
1/2 cup milk
1 cup of ice

Blend and enjoy!

While everyone loved it, she wants to try with a spoon of honey.  

One tip of the from my son, even though sweet peppers taste great, they do not go in Smoothies.  :-)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Arizona! Ringling Brothers Circus is in Town

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents DRAGONS is a once in a millennium event that honors The Year of the Dragon. Circus performers from the farthest reaches of the earth have assembled for Ringling Bros. Presents Dragons to showcase their astounding acts of bravery and astonishing athleticism. Ringling Bros. Ringmaster Johnathan Lee Iverson presides over this fantastical celebratory tournament of circus champions that brings together mystic dragon lore with authentic circus feats. Dragons is a never-before-seen blend of renowned spiritual and real life legends that can be found only at The Greatest Show On Earth!
This is a great time to grab the kids and have a little magic family time!  

Tucson is June 21- 24 Tucson Arena

Kiwanis Wave Pool

Hey AZ Residents!!!

Kiwanis Park Recreation Center

6111 South All-America Way
Tempe, AZ 85283

Buy One get One FREE Wave Pool Admission
For customers only, buy one wave pool admission, get the second one FREE! One coupon per admission. One coupon per customer. 480-350-5201. PLU# 950.
Expires: 06/30/2012 
Be sure to click on the link above to print your coupon!
While enjoying the sun be sure to remember to wear sunblock and drink plenty of water!  Take the kids and have a great adventure day as a family.  

It is time to save!

It is time to save!
Everyone likes to save money especially on the things we love!
The SquareCard from SquareSpot is the newest, hottest membership to have! It provides you with great deals and discounts you cannot get anywhere else.  These are exclusive discount codes you can use in store or online. You don't have to live in the specific areas to use these discounts and coupons. Many of them are available over the internet to the whole country!!

Enter to win a membership, worth $50. You won't be disappointed. 

Contest open to US residents over the age of 18 only. Good luck.
Disclosure: Place Blog Name Here was not paid for this post, nor is she/he responsible for prize fulfillment.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Newman's Own

Announcing a giveaway with Newsman's Own. 

DeDa Studios is featuring her review and experience with this organic company. 
"Newman's Own Organics is headed by Paul Newman's daughter Nell Newman.  They offer organic products with a wide consumer appeal.  They feel that people want to know more about the food they eat! All of their items are made with certified organic ingredients.
For my food to be organic is extremely important to me.  In today's world with our food coming in from all countries....we never know what it is made of and what they have added to it!
"  ~~DeDa Studios
They are giving away a box of Newman's Own goodies.  I have had their Newman-O's and they rock!  There is 7 blogs giving away a box of goodies!  You can only win on one, but to increase your chances be sure to hop on over to the other blogs.  Good Luck!

Are you thinking about going Vegan? (Free Guide)

What is Vegan really?  Vegan means you do not eat meat or products derived from animals.  That means no milk, eggs, cheese, fish, or meats. 

After removing these what is left?  A lot of wonderful whole foods that come from the ground.  For some going vegan is a personal belief, while others it is a choice for better health.  Let's be honest in saying that our food product industries are not what they were even 35 years ago.  We cram our live stock in over crowded cages, use drugs to fatten them up faster, and they live in poor conditions.  While free range animals have lived a life in the sun with fresh air and able to move around.  I can eat a steak that has had a life worth living, although I seldom eat steak any more.  Unless the meat is organic, free range, or game meat I eat a vegetarian diet.  This is a choice of not wanting to support the cruelty livestock have to endure for their short lifes and because of the health risk that are adding up with consumption of meats.  I still enjoy eggs, cheese, and the occasional organic meat making me what I believe is a balanced person.  I do not fit in to a category of omnivore, vegan, or vegetarian.  About 90% of my diet is fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds, nuts, and grains making me in a category of just a healthy eater.  

When you eat fresh clean foods your taste buds come alive.  You taste everything differently than someone whose food is lased with sugar, salt, and preservatives.  Some say that eating fruits and vegetables is too costly.  I eat foods that are in season, which are usually on sale.  I take part in co-ops, and support my local farmers at farmers markets.  You might need to shop around for the deals, drive a little, but you can live an organic healthy life on a budget.  I love to visit the farmers Market and try the food the vendors feature.  Everything taste so vibrant and you feel better knowing what kind of food you are supporting. 

I wanted to share a FREE download guide to going Vegan, from Vegan Future.  Does that mean you have to give up meat?  No, although you will not even miss it with these recipes.  As Americans, we tend to over consume meat.  If we cut back on meat and increase tasty veggie meals you can improve your health.  That is the key!  To eat healthy and not feel like you are missing anything.  Meatless Mondays use to be a chore in our house and now my husband occasionally asks for a certain meat dish.  Download your FREE guide and start with a Meatless Monday and see where it takes you.  

Recipe Included
  • Mushroom Stroganoff
  • Savory Crepes
  • Thia bean burger and sweet potato wedges
  • Chocolate orange sponge cake.   
  • Dairy free Strawberry Cheesecake
Includes information on
  • What ingredients to avoid.
  • Tasty alternatives to meat and fish.
  • Tasty alternatives to  dairy and eggs.
  • Eating In/ out.
  • Your Health.
  • and much more.
Grab your FREE download and enjoy a few recipes that are tasty and good for you.

Tea of the Week! Tulsi Ginger

Drink Your Natural Medicine!

The Tea of the Week is Tulsi Ginger, from Organic India.
Caffeine -free
Stress relieving and uplifting.

Tulsi, is Holy Basil which is an herb believed to have healing properties that relieve stress and protect the immune system.

Throughout India Tulsi is said to be the Queen of herbs. It is revered in India as a sacred plant.  The Tulsi plant is so beloved, you can find it in almost every home or garden throughout India. For the last 5000 years Tulsi tea leaves have been used in general good health. Now you can have a little cup of good health that taste great and very relaxing.

Tulsi Ginger is an uplifting combination of ginger and Tulsi that includes Rama, Vana, and Krishna.  This combination is said to have an exciting yet relaxing blend.  Another benefit to this combination is that it aids in digestion, making this a great tea for after meals and before bed.

Benefits of Tulsi   
Reduces stress
Supports the Immune system
Builds Stamina
Aids digestion
High in Antioxidants
Anti-Aging,  a  plus right!
Uplifts moods
Gives balance to energy
Balances Metabolism
Our organic Tulsi Tea blends come in 18 delicious flavors! Tulsi, also called Holy Basil, is revered throughout India as a sacred herb infused with healing power and is considered to be the “Queen of Herbs.” Abundant in antioxidants, certified organic Tulsi Tea is not only great tasting; it offers stress relief, increased energy and a boost to your natural immune system. Enjoy!~~Organic India
This tea has a wonderful taste, smooth and delightful.  I have been enjoying it for a month and love having it after my meals.  I think teas do a lot for nourishing and supporting our bodies, but I love the relaxing and calming effects most.  I have mentioned I am a mom of four amazing and wonderful children.  They keep me busy and on my toes.  I have to manage my stress for my family to be the best mom I can be, and believe I am no good to anyone if I fall apart.  Drinking a relaxing and calming tea is part of my stress management, and it is a bonus that it is all those wonderful things listed above!

                        Balancing Act talks about Tulsi Tea and how Teas are on the rise!

Each box of Tulsi Ginger comes with 18 bags.  Retailed at $4.99 On sale right now for $3.99 a box.  If you prefer Bulk teas, to reduce the amount of waste, you can purchase a 1 lb bag for $22.00.

Disclaimer:  I was given this product to review.  I am not paid for my reviews, these are my personal opinions and just enjoy bring companies that promote Organic living. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Healthy Virtual BBQ & Link Up Your Favorite Recipe!

Fourth of July is right around the corner and that means food, drinks, desserts, games and fireworks. Many of us love making the same dish for these occasions, but if you are looking for something new, head over to the Virtual BBQ, hosted by Kelley’s Passion for Nutrition and HappyMothering. 
We will be having a fun time sharing our favorite recipes and socializing. It will be a great opportunity to check out a new twist to an old dish or explore some new ideas. You will love the variety of dishes including everything from organic, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, ethnic and healthy meats. 
I hope you brought your virtual plate and have your Pin Boards open!  The Virtual BBQ starts on June 18th and you can link up your recipes through June 25. Be sure to come back for 2nd's 3rds all through the 25th.  Recipes can be added all week long.  

 Among a few other items like a veggie tray, fruit tray, pasta salad, chips & salsa, and maybe some grilled sausages. 

I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite BBQ foods.  Link up your recipes below and enjoy!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Vegan Black Bean Burgers (Gluten Free)

Vegan Black Bean Burgers (Gluten Free)

3 cups Cooked Black Beans, rinsed
2 yellow peppers
1/2 large onion
6 mushrooms
1 1/2 cups gluten free oats
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp red chili pepper
coconut oil

In food Processor, chop yellow pepper, onion, mushrooms.  Mix until a smooth paste.  Move to bowl.

In Food Processor.  Ground Oats until a meal.  Move to Another bowl.

 In Food Processor.  Cut Black bean until a chunky paste. 

In separate take all oats, then take 2 cups Black Bean Paste, 2 cups vegetable paste, seasoning, and mix together. 
Keep mixing until all oats are completely unable to been seen.  The mixture makes a very nice thick paste. 

Form into round burgers, and place on flat plat until ready.

In a skillet, add a small amount of coconut oil. (I used 3 tbsp.)  Place 3-4 burgers in warm skillet.  You toast burgers for about a 1 minute on each side, then done.
I love these with a little sauteed onions and mushrooms, Guacamole, or roasted green chilies, YUM! 

You will have black beans and veggie paste left over.  I am making a Black Bean Burrito's with it, you can too!  Or you can make more burgers.  Sorry this is the measurements I use because when you make these you might as well get a couple meals out of it!

Raw Chocolate Chia Pudding

Recipe for Chocolate Chia Pudding
1 cup chia seeds
2 cups almond milk
1 tbsp cocoa powder
1/4 cup raw coconut shreaded
1 tsp vanilla

Yogurt for topping.

In a glass bowl, add Chia seeds and almond milk, mix.  Add cocoa powder, coconut, and vanilla.  Mix together and make sure there is no lumps.  Cover with fitted lid and put in refrigerator for at least 6 hours!.  I always like to make mine the night before and event and allow to sit over night.  Chia expand and make a gelatin like texture.  Add yogurt and coconut flakes over top and enjoy!

Mixed Bean Greek Salad!

Mixed Bean Greek Salad!
1 cup cooked Garbanzo beans
1 cup cooked red Kidney beans
2 sprigs green onion, chopped
1 vine tomato, chopped
1/2 medium cucumber, chopped
4 tbsp Greek Vinaigrette
Green Leaf Lettuce, Shredded

In mixing bowl add all ingredients together and mix with dressing.  Over a bed of green leaf lettuce add the mixed bean salad.  Absolutely delicious.  I love to add tomato, zucchini, pretty much anything I have in the fridge.  Wonderful salad!!

The Eddie Bauer Baby Collection Giveaway Event

Hey Healthy Mama's.  This will be a great event to win Eddie Bauer baby products!
July 2nd through July 30th

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he Eddie Bauer Baby Collection Giveaway Event hosted by the Iowa-Mom and Bay Area Mommy is now open to bloggers!

Bloggers that want to know more about this event head over here.  When you sign up ..please tell them Kelley's Passion for Nutrition sent you ...Thanks!

Costume Discounter Review

Creativity in a child is a beautiful thing.  I encourage my children to dress-up, have tea parties, go off to make-believe islands, rescue a poor maiden, and to be the heroine or hero in their own story.  I believe when you throw a little fantasy into your life you balance the things you can not change.

Today my daughter is a Movie Star from Costume Discounters .  She has asked for room service be delivered to her room: Strawberries, Cantaloup, Organic Chicken Salad Sandwich, and Kambucha Tea.  She says that Selena Gomez, her favorite celebrity, is coming to visit.  They would like an early dinner before they head to their Movie Premier tonight where they play sisters.  She requested something light and healthy because she is a little nervous for the upcoming play event.

I love that my daughter is using her imagination and still relating to reality.  She gets to hang out with someone she will probably never meet and still wants to eat healthy.  I love it!  In her imagination she could have asked for Hotdogs, sugary sweets, coke, but she knows how important it is to eat healthy.  It is so much a part of her life that it rolls into her imaginary world.

She is wearing a beautiful gown to her Imaginary Movie Premier with Selena Gomez.  I would not be surprised if she wears this as Selena Gomez for Halloween this year.  I just need to get her a black wig and since Costume Discount carries a wide variety, I know where to pick one up.

This dress is $31.99 but currently on Promo for $27.19 with code Spring

Be sure to come back July 9th to enter Costume Madness Giveaway!  You will have 20 blogs giving-away a costume of winner choice up to $35.