Monday, October 29, 2012

GMO Video "Trust Us"

Here is another great video brought to you from the GMO library!
This is a great example of taking information in to ours own hands rather than just listening to people. I think you will always have specialist, scientist, and experts on both sides of a discussion. Take the time to do the research. 
You have a right to know what is in your food!
Disclaimer:  These are my personal opions, I am not paid for my post.  I wish to bring you fun creative ways to eat Health and live Green.  

Kombucha Wonder Drink Giveaway Gift Guide

I love fermented teas and vegetables!  I truly enjoyed my experience with Kombucha Wonder Drink and always look for them at my natural grocery store. 

Kombucha Wonder Drink has many beneficial qualities besides tasting great. Fermented teas help to aid digestion, increase metabolism, and includes antioxidants.  
Be sure to check out my Review HERE.  

As a Pitch List member we are bring you a huge list of products and companies we love. Kombucha Wonder Drink is going to be giving one lucky reader a gift package of assorted drinks. US only. Winner will be contacted by email and have 24 Hours to respond with winners information, or another winner will be chosen. 
Be sure to check the Linky below and enter for more chances to win some great products in time for Christmas. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway DISCLAIMER: No purchase is necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law. The odds of winning are based on the number of entries received. This promotion is no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook and is Facebook-compliant. Winners will be notified by email from a ‘Pitch List ‘ Blog. Winners will have 36 hours to respond or risk forfeiting their prize. Prize fulfillment is the sole responsibility of the sponsor. This blogs participating may not be held liable for Sponsors who do not fulfill prize shipments.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 26 Halloween Hop Menu for Halloween Feast

How about some ideas for a Halloween Party with some healthy options? 

First thing is to make a menu of your Halloween Feast.  Feel free to use our night ideas.  
Bugs on a log (celery with almond butter and raisins)
Frankenstein Fingers (cheese sticks with slivered almonds at tip)
Veggies and a Mummy Shaped Dip
Spider Bean Dip and Chips
Spooky Spider 

We will be having Monster Eye Balls over worms (Spaghetti and Meatballs)


We will be playing a few games to really rock the night out.  

Here are a few ideas for lunches and more.
Little Pumpkins
 Spooky Spiders ( Whole grain crackers with peanut butter inside and pretzel sticks for legs)
 Mummies (cut Hot dogs in half and wrap with crescent dough.  Bake and use ketchup for eyes)
 Pumpkin Crisp

 Monster Mouths and Edible Eyes (Apple cut in half with Almond slices for teeth, cut carrots and grapes)

Check out the last 18 days of ideas and post!

Disclaimer:  These are my personal opions, I am not paid for my post.  I wish to bring you fun creative ways to eat Health and live Green. 

Fun Printables for a Howling Hallowen

While Halloween can be filled with traditional junk foods, sweets, and treats, I like to look for other creative festive fun.  We don't indulge in candy all month long so I like to make things special and fun for the kids to take their minds off all the candy they have in the pantry.

Because we don't eat much candy and sweets, I like to use fun games, trivia, and activities to get festive and spooky.  I was very excited I found Python Printable Games website of fun games, printable, and activities.  They have stuff for the whole family, kids, teens, and adults.  If you like to have Halloween party's, big or small, than this is the site for you!

I have been making the kids spooky lunches all month, and I like to have a spooky feast on Halloween night.  This is a great idea to fill them up on an early dinner with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and more before the candy dive.   This year I added some fun trivia and games from Python.

I printed out Gross Trivia.  This is 12 questions of cool and icky facts the kids will be squirming and squealing over, while still educational.
Example:  Which of these weird frog facts is true? 
a. a frog was once declared Prince of Prussia
b.  their legs grow back when cut off
c.  they throw up their stomachs when they vomit
d.  some can live more than 100 years
Answer: C!   It was discovered on a space mission that a frog can throw up.  The frog throws up its stomach first, so the stomach is dangling out of its mouth.  The frog then uses its forearms to dig out all the contents and then swallows the stomach back down again.  Interesting right!  Just don't do this one right after eating. 

Another printable we will be doing is the Halloween Scavenger Hunt.  This is a spooky indoor treasure hunt that leads your little princess or monsters to a special treat!  There are ten clues that you will cut out and place in different areas of the house.  The printable gives you ideas where to place your clues.  I have printed these on special card stock because I would like to scrapbook the clues and keep them for next year too.  I am really looking forward to watching the kids work together and run around finding their clues.  I think for the treasure I will be getting the kids a new Halloween Movie to watch after the game!

The kids love to act out and play charades, so I was very excited that Python had a Halloween Charade.   This game has 26 cards to print and use for a load of laughs and giggles as your child acts out a ghost ballroom dancing, a pirate getting on a bus, a cowboy baking a cake, and so much more.  I will be taking plenty of video shots of my little ones acting these out.

I want my kids to have a blast for Halloween and these very affordable fun games were just what I was looking for.   I am a frugal mom, so I love that these are games I can print, make them look nice, and keep for years to come.  I have made a bin of just my Halloween accessories and these printables will be going in the bin so I won't have to print again next year.  Each game is $4.95 and is email to you right away.  I added this to a folder titled Halloween so I can easily find it again next year.  Since I am doing 3 games this Halloween I noticed that on the site it says you can purchase ALL 40 Halloween Games and more for just $19.95.  Wow, for $5 bucks more you can have a stock pile of switching games out for the years to come.
Crafty Pumpkin Decorating Ideas
  Pin The Head On The Monster
  Werewolf Spot The Difference
  Halloween Costume Word Search
  Halloween Coloring Pages
  Halloween Synonyms For Kids
  Chew On This Candy Names Game
  Halloween Scavenger Hunt
  Halloween Memo Match For Kids
  Halloween Crossword For Kids
  Halloween Maze Game
  Escape From The Garden Left-Right
  Naughty Or Nice? Coloring Game
  Gross Facts Trivia
  Monster Mash-Up Charades
  Teen Terrors Mad Libs
  Chocolate Trivia
  Spooky Halloween Word Search
  Costume Party Paper Dolls
  I LEFT It RIGHT There! Left-Right
  Halloween Newlywed Game Questions
  Cubicle Chaos Mad Libs
  Spooky Slumber Party Mad Libs
  Fangs For The Memories Vampire Trivia
  Left In The Dark Left-Right
  The Grim Reaper Word Search
  Pirate Language Game
  Horror Movies Crossword
  Twisted Horror Movie Titles
  Stephen King Books and Movies Trivia
  Scary Synopsis Horror Movie Trivia
  Who's The Bad Guy? Trivia
  Halloween Picture Match Game
  Trick Or Treat Trivia
  Teen Twilight Crossword
  Who Am I? Halloween
  Name That Candy Bar Game
  Gross Cooties Trivia
  Pumpkin Picture Match Puzzle 

I am so excited to be doing these games with the family!  I know they are going to have a blast and this will help them burn off some of the candy while helping to take their minds off the candy.

Python Printable Games has packages for every season and occasion.  Birthdays, Picnics, Christmas, and so much more.  You can see the long list of deals here.  I am already checking out some ideas for Christmas. 

Each single printable is $4.95, but the packages are only $19.95!!  

While you are there be sure to signup for their FREE Fall Printable Games!!  You will find this on the Home Website page!  Enjoy!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

BluApple Review and Giveaway

Bluapple Giveaway

One of the things I like to teach my children is that we never waste food.  There is children, teens, and adults all over the world hungry and starving right now, and we should not waste food.  This said, we as parents need to take steps not waste food on the counters and in the fridge.

I was very excited to review the BluApple.  I saw this a few months back and thought, what a neat idea.  BluApple absorbs the gasses, ethylene, that produce makes causing the produce to ripped too quickly.  This is a natural process that allows for produce to biodegrade.  The problem is that the ethylene gasses can build up in the refrigerator causing produce to waste faster.
"Official surveys indicate that every year more than 350 billion pounds of edible food is
available for human consumption in the United States. Of that total, nearly 100 billion pounds - including fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, and grain products - are lost to waste by retailers, restaurants, and consumers."~~BluApple
Just one BluApple last for 3 months and can be used on counters, refrigerators, and storage bins.  Not only does it help your fruits and veggies last longer, but the apple last a long time as well.  I believe this to also be a green item.  Instead of throwing the BluApple into the garbage every three months you can change a filter and place back in the refrigerator.
Aureus Products Innovation has taken proven ethylene gas remediation technology found in commercial ethylene control products and created the Bluapple™ - a simple, organic, nontoxic and recyclable device for the home that extends the storage life of produce up to three times longer. The BluApple™ provides a solution to the problem of keeping expensive produce fresh, adapting technology that has been used safely and successfully by the commercial and organic produce industries for decades.~~BluApple
 What happens after three months?   You don't have to throw your apple away, you can change the filters.  I have loved this experience.  I like to buy organic produce because I believe it makes a huge difference for our bodies.  The problem with organic is that it tends to spoil faster than the conventional produce.  This is because conventional produce sometimes with have chemicals and waxes covering to keep from spoiling fast.  I prefer organic and love that the BluApple is a non-toxic way to preserve and extend the life of my produce.

I recently wrote on Ethical Shopping and think that we should all take steps to make good shopping choices, along with ordering the BluApple for your home. 

Here is a picture of my counter basket with Apples and Bananas.  While the bananas have a few browning spots on them, I want to explain that I had got a really large amount in my basket last Saturday.  Usually one week later whatever was not eaten would be completely uneatable.  These will actually be gone before tomorrow night.  The BluApple is not a magic item that stops food from ripening, but helps to absorb the gasses that cause it to spoil quickly.  In other words, it slows it down but does not stop it.  I find the BluApple to be extremely affordable.  You get 2 BluApples to use that last 3 months for $9.95.  Then you can also purchase the 1 year refill pack for only $9.95.   You will have 2 BluApples, and enough refills to last a year and pay under $20.00.  That is a smart buy, non-toxic, and Eco friendly. 

Want to Buy
BluApple Double Pack valued at $9.95 order HERE
BluApple Refill Kit valued at $9.95 order HERE

Want to Win One?
As a Pitch List Blogger we are going to be giving away 2o, that's right 20 BlueApples to our wonderful readers.  This is US only and only one winner per IP address.  Just enter on the Rafflecopter below and Good Luck!

DISCLAIMER: No purchase is necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law. The odds of winning are based on the number of entries received. This promotion is no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook and is Facebook-compliant. Winners will be notified by email from a ‘Pitch List ‘ Blog. Winners will have 36 hours to respond or risk forfeiting their prize. Prize fulfillment is the sole responsibility of the sponsor. This blogs participating may not be held liable for Sponsors who do not fulfill prize shipments.

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Beautifying Athletic Supplement

I have been running off and on for about 3 years now.  When I say off and on I am mostly a Fall/Winter runner.  I just don't enjoy running in the hot temperatures of AZ, unless I run at dawn.  I have been training for a half Marathon that I will be running in December.  I am very excited about this event and I want to give my body everything it needs to stay injury free. 

I was given a chance to review Neocells product Super Collagen.  This is a powder that you drink first thing in the morning before eating.  You could have it later in the day, but it is best recommended to drink on a empty stomach.
 "NeoCell's commitment to making collagen support products with the highest quality ingredients meets the strict criteria of today's health conscious individual. For 25 years, we've helped so many people worldwide live healthy and active lifestyles."~~Neocell
Super Collagen Powder                                                                           
  • Helps to build muscle and burn fat while you sleep.
  • Supports the Bone matrix
  • Adds body and slows down hair loss
  • Improves elasticity and improves circulation
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • See more about the benefits here.
Hyaluronic Acid 
  • Provides the most bio-available form of hyaluronic acid
  • Holds 1,000 times its weight in water for cushioning of joints
  • Assists in cell turnover in the skin
  • Powerful aid in skin hydration and wrinkle reduction
  • Lubricates the surface of the eye, see more here.
Contains NO * Soy * Wheat * Lactose * Starch * Corn * Yeast * Artificial Flavors

It is important to eat right and exercise, but a beneficial supplement is a nice addition.  Even if you are not training for an upcoming event, you can benefit from Neocell.  Say you just want something to give you better skin, vitamins, and minerals, then this is a great supplement for you.  I have noticed a big difference in my nails.  You can notice a lot by your nails.  If they are too hard, too soft, or discolorations these are signs that nutrients are missing.  I have noticed my nails are stronger and longer, meaning my bones are getting stronger too.  While my skin, hair, and nails can notice a visual improvement, I am happy to say that I have stayed injury free.  I have not had any aches and pains that sometimes comes from running, and that is a great feeling.  We never know whats going on inside the body, so we can look to our skin and hair for signs.  If your skin and hair are nourished and looking healthy it a pretty good indication things are going right inside as well. 

I was excited to see a great link for questions and answers of Certified Running Coaches and Triathlon runners.  If you are a runner or athlete, check out this information here. 

The powder is white and you can add to a juice or water.  The best way I enjoyed the drink was with orange juice first thing in the morning while I was making the kids breakfast and lunches.  I don't like to have too big a breakfast before my runs so a light shake or drink works perfect.  

 Buy with coupon!
Super Collagen is available at iherb for $10.95.
NeoCell is giving you a coupon for $5 off!  
Coupon Code is CIP001

 Now who wants to win some?
One lucky reader will be wining the Super Collagen and Hyuluronic Acid so you can start drinking your way to better skin, hair, nails, and JOINTS!  US only.  Giveaway starts now and runs through November 15th! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer:  I was sent the above product for review.  I receive no payment or compensation for my post.  I only like to bring my readers with wonderful products and company's that I believe to be good for them.  These are my opions and mine alone.  Kelley's Passion for Nutrition does not for prize shipment.  Winner will be selected at end date and contacted by email.  Winner has 24 hours to respond to email with shipping information before another winner is chosen. 

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Get Fit with Flex Belt Giveaway!

It's That Time!!!


(1)  Flex Belt®
ARV - $200
  With the holidays fast approaching, some are thing about their tummy and getting a head start on New Year's new you. 
Check out A Lucky Ladybug's Review of the Flex Belt HERE

"The Flex Belt® is the first Ab Belt Toning system cleared by the FDA for Toning, Firming and Strengthening the stomach muscles."  Because you can wear the Flex Belt® during normal activities your muscles work a little harder and are further challenged during these daily activities.  The Flex Belt® has three medical grade gel pads which cover your central abdominal muscles and external obliques.  Signals are sent from the belt to the nerves on the exterior and interiors of your abs which stimulate your muscles to contract building strength, toning and firming the muscles.

Hosted by:

When: 10/24-11/7

Who: Open to US residents in the continental 48 states

Enter for your chance to win this Awesome prize on the Rafflecopter form below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

"Make Our Own Network" solely organized this event.  I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are 100% my own and may differ from your own. Kelley's Passion for Nutrition is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment

October 23rd Good Eatin' Hop

Its that time!!!  Check out some awesome new recipes on this weeks Good Eatin' Hop
Welcome to the Good Eatin' Recipe Hop
hosted by
The 'Pitch List' Bloggers
Every Tuesday you can join us to share great recipes.........
There are no specific themes. 
Add your recipe of choice to the linky.
No Giveaways Please...all giveaways will be removed.
We Love Comments! Please Share!

Sasha Dementor and a Howling Pet Photo Contest

This year we are going all out for the Halloween Trick or Treating.  We love to take Sasha with us while we tour the neighborhood.  This year she is going as a Dementor, from Harry Potter.  We are huge Harry Potter fans.  This is actually a costume that my son used 3 years ago, we never let anything of to waste here.  She makes a perfect fit, and will be completely spooky.  I really recommend trying to reuse and give another life to items.  I got this idea from National Costume Swap Day.  I asked MJ if he would mind passing on a costume to Sasha.  Since Sasha is all dressed up, I decided to participating in the Dog Halloween contest 2012 edition hosted by the Dog Fence Experts.  Now you can get a little creative and enter your lovely pooch in to this years contest too!  I am going to be giving away a $25 Target Gift Card to one lucky reader!  If you don't have a pet, that's OK.  

Be sure to stop by ans check out all the lovely pups dressed for a Howling Night on the Town! 

 How to Participate
1.  Chose a picture of your dog in costume, it can be from any year!  
2. Email me your pets Halloween picture to with ”Halloween Dog Photo Contest” in the email subject.  I will upload your picture to the gallery photos, and your entered!
3. OR....if you have a blog you can post the picture of your dog in their Halloween costume, then come here and write a blog comment that includes your name and your blog direct link to the picture post.

How it Works
A panel of judges will select the winner. That winner and their prize winning entry will be announced on here, November 2 for all to see.
All participants in this, and other blog hosted photo contests will advance to The Big Event Halloween Dog Photo Contest hosted by where one lucky winner and their pooch will win a $500 Target Gift Card.
All participating photos will be featured in a special Halloween Gallery where viewers may comment and vote for their favorite howling hound. Participants may promote their own dog or their favorite dog by sharing links on their Facebook, Twitter or wherever they need to do to get people to vote for their hound. The participant with the most votes by 8pm EST on November 12th, 2012 will be declared the winner!! 
Remember, you can share this with your family and friends too!









Thank you to all the wonderful pets that entered!  All these precious pups are just adorable.  The winner was #4 Bonnie dressed as Bonnie Boo-Bo!!  

Disclaimer: Kelley's Passion for Nutrition is one of many host blogs in the Dog Fence DIY 2012 Halloween Dog Photo Contest. I received a $25 Target card as a hostess gift this participation.

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Rod Stewart Christmas CD Giveaway!

Yes,Christmas has come early!!!
Normally I completely wait to bring out the Christmas music until Thanksgiving Day, but this was too wonderful to pass!  Rod Stewart Christmas CD!  I have to add this one to my Christmas Collection. 
 “Merry Christmas, Baby”
Rod is joined by Cee Lo Green, Michael Buble, 
Mary J.Blige,and Ella Fitzgerald for some of the best Christmas music in town!
New and Old make-up this great selection of 16 tunes...
White Christmas
We Three Kings
Silent Night
Merry Christmas, Baby
Have Yourself a Merry Christmas
What are You Doing New Year's Eve......and More!

Mark your calendar .... you will not want to miss Rod Stewart's live  performance on Home Shopping Network HSN 
on Friday October 26th 
at 8pm est. 
Prior to the HSN Live Concert, 
there will be a special pre-show with stream live on HSN's Facebook page at 7:30pm est. 
Check out the exclusive behind-the-scenes access 
as Rod prepares to take the stage. 
Check out all the info Here.

Reserve your copy of  
“Merry Christmas, Baby” on 
iTunes | Amazon | HSN
Goes on Sale October 30th at your local store

Would you like to Win a copy of 
“Merry Christmas, Baby” by Rod Stewart?
One Lucky Winner will Win 
Merry Christmas, Baby CD 
Giveaway starts Monday, October 22nd at 12:01am est and will 
End on Thursday, October 25th at 11:59pm est.
One winner per household, email address or home address. If you have won this prize on another blog you are ineligible to win again.
Easy Rafflecopter Entries
a Rafflecopter giveaway
 Disclosure: I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. Kelley's passion for Nutrition is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.

Get Fit Flex Belt Giveaway Annoucement

When: 10/24-11/7
Hosted by:
Who: Open to US residents in the continental 48 states!!!  
So mark you calendars and come back for this event! 

Neato Robotics Giveaway Annoucement

I love my NEATO!  With a dog and two cats, there can be an endless amount of hair and dust.

I am participating in the FREE Neato Robotics giveaway event hosted by Real Mom Reviews. One super lucky reader will win a Neato XV-21 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner
 You will want to come back for this event which will be October 24-November 21st!  

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Tummy Tuck Giveaway, ends Nov 4th

It's that time!  10 lucky reads will be winning a Tummy Tuck Kit for themselves.  
Check out my Tummy Tuck Review here.
This event is being brought to you as a Pitch List Member.  
US ONLY, and only one winner per IP address. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 No purchase is necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law. The odds of winning are based on the number of entries received. This promotion is no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook and is Facebook-compliant. Winners will be notified by email from a ‘Pitch List ‘ Blog. Winners will have 72 hours to respond or risk forfeiting their prize. Prize fulfillment is the sole responsibility of the sponsor. The blogs participating may not be held liable for Sponsors who do not fulfill prize shipments.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 19 Halloween Hop Spooky Foods for Lunch or Snacks

I love to make lunches, dinners, and snacks spooky during the Halloween Season. 
Here are a few ideas.
Ghostly Bananas
Cut a medium banana in half.
Use nuts, dried fruit, chocolate chips, ext to make the faces.
Adding nuts to your child's snack will add fiber and protein. 

Octopus Hotdogs
 Today the kids are having Vegan Dog cut as an Octopus in there lunch.  I added the Halloween toothpicks I ordered last week, and added the new lunch Halloween Jokes to each lunch.  
The trick for cutting your octopus is to cut is sideways half way up the hotdog.  Then you cut three thin cuts that make up your four legs on both side.  

National Costume Swap Day
October 13th was National Costume Swap day!  If you have not bought your costumes for the kids yet, think about getting together with friends to swap costumes.  Read more about this idea here.  Veronica Swap Costumes this year and is going as Frankenstein bride, we just need to brush out the wig a little.

A Cheep Festive Centerpiece
During our visit to the Corn Maze at Apple Annie's we picked up some of the dried corn and make a fall center piece for the table.  I love it.

Movie and Show links

Kids love to look forward to something different and new.  A little bit of prep work and organizing can help make the season festive and still very healthy.

Check out the last 18 days of ideas and post!

Disclaimer:  These are my personal opions, I am not paid for my post.  I wish to bring you fun creative ways to eat Health and live Green. 

Knot Genie Review

Every single morning we have a debate over hair.  Who gets to brush it.  My kids have sensitive head, just like me.  I remember crying when I was little when my mom would brush out my hair.  I take great lengths to use natural de-tanglers and different brushes, trying to find something to make it easier on everyone.

The Knot Genie sent me their brush to try on my kiddos and I was surprised how much they loved it.  I am glad that they like the brush, but I have to constantly go looking for it now.  Part of our morning routine is after breakfast they head to brush teeth and hair.  I usually start making lunches for everyone and then try to clean up the kitchen.  Before the Knot Genie, I would have to track everyone down and carry the brush to make sure they did their hair.  At this time Gabby usually runs and hides, because she has the most sensitive hair.  Now, Gabby brushes her own hair and loves the Knot Genie!  No more tears and running, I just need to have them remember where to put it back for the next time.

With less time needing to track everyone done to do hair, I can spend more time on making cut creative healthy lunches for them.  

This is Veronica's hair on any normal morning.  It's very tangled and a hot mess. 

The Know Genie glides very easy over the hair without any pulling and breaking.  I never hear my kids complain anymore.  They enjoy the Genie so much they are better at brushing their own hair.  

Veronica when we where all done.  Because her hair tangles so easily I like to braid her hair or put up in pony tales. 
Here is a coupon for $4 Off your Know Genie purchase!
US Family Coupons

$4 Off Coupon go HERE

Disclosure: I am not paid for my reviews, post.  These are my personal thoughts and opions that I share to help others know about companies, lifestyle, and products I am passionate about.  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our Day at Freeman Farms, One of Arizona's Greener Farms

We decided to head up North to the Prescott/ Chino Valley area for some cooler temperatures.  It is always a wonderful drive up with beautiful sites along the way.

We decided to make a full weekend out of our trip.  I wanted to go camping at Lynx Lake and also check out Freeman Farms and their Pumpkin Festival.  When we rolled in to town we unloaded the car, set up camp, and then headed over to the Farm.  We could have easily spent the whole day out at the farm, but we arrived a little after lunch. 

When we arrived we noticed that one of the Freeman Family shows was going on over at the horse pavilion.  We got their in time to see a the Rodeo Princess, Chrystal Star and her horse Moonshine,  which the girls were going crazy about.  They all got there picture with the Rodeo Princess and horse.  One thing about Freeman Farms is that they love there horses.  These gorgeous friends can be seen all throughout the farm allowing kids and adults to pet and learn.  I walked away today knowing a lot more about horses and greener farming!

We then headed over to the corn maze, because the kids wanted to do that right away.   We walked through and the kids each took turns deciding on what way to head.  Mazes are a ton of fun for the kids.  I felt this maze was perfect for having fun and not overwhelming children.  The kids especially loved our living scarecrow greeting us as we entered and left the maze! 

The girls had a blast in the kids corner.  They rode on tracker trikes, took pictures in a pumpkin carriage, and Micheal turned into a scarecrow.  

This area was right next to the pumpkin patch.  I found out that Arizona's travel up to freeman farms for their assortment of heirloom and cooking pumpkins.  They grow their own pumpkin and are a family farm.

When walking back toward the other trains, marry-go-round and other kid fun events, we walked along Freeman Farms Agriculture Walk.  We learned more about their watering system and how they are conserving this special resource in their farming.  I will talk more on this below. 

I was a little bummed that I did not pay as close attention to the show times.  We were having so much fun that we missed the last west show.  This is a delightful reenactments of times in the old west.  The volunteers were true to time fashion and put on a great show!  This is one thing I will always love about Prescott and Chino Valley is its history.  Picture on the Right is from Freeman Farms Facebook page, be sure to check out other pictures there since I missed the show, and got there for the end.  The gentleman on the left was very sweet told us a little about the show we missed and gave the kids some candy. 

We then jumped on the Hay ride.  This was especially enriching.  Our cowboy guide told us more about the farm and the means they go to for conservation, while the kids enjoyed their lollipops given to them.  As we rode along we noticed the difference in sprinkler irrigation and the new irrigation that Norman Freeman, owner of the farm, help bring to Arizona farming.  It is quite impressive, since water in Arizona is always a concern.  With the new underground watering technique the field produces more, uses less water, and cuts down on weeds, allowing less need for herbicides.  I asked what kind of pesticides are used and it is a Eco oil, not commercial toxic pesticides. 

"Norm's love of agriculture evolved into a business opportunity when he applied his technical skill to large scale farming in the 1970's and convinced commercial farms to abandon wasteful and inefficient flood irrigation systems and install computerized underground drip irrigation systems ... long before "green" technology became popular.  Norm revolutionized the farming industry in the Southwest by helping farms increase production on a fraction of the water.
 Added benefits of drip irrigation are decreased weed production (since the water is directed to the root of the plant) - thereby reducing the need for dangerous chemicals, fewer bugs - again due to decreased weed production (less need for chemicals), and ability to effectively irrigate on windy or hot, sunny days.  Of course, Norm's technology has broadened since the 1970's- and now his commercial customers can manage not only irrigation, but every aspect of their crops, on their widescreen TV from the comfort of their couch!"~~Freeman Farms.  Please read more about the farm and owners here.
The field on the left use the old method of sprinkler watering.  As mentioned above this is not as beneficial and you can clearly see the dry and dead areas that missed watering, mostly from winds.  The field on the right uses the underground watering which was a brighter more lush green, had no spots, and was thriving. 
Our Cowboy guide mentioned this is especially good for the ground vegetables.  Pumpkins did not get rot areas fro standing or sitting in water.  The water is absorbed at the roots and keeps weeds down.  The whole problem with GMO crops started with the need to use Roundup ready seeds to decrease weeds.  Freeman Farms found a way to grow, use less resources, and keep the fields non toxic.  Thank you Freeman's!
After our hay ride we only waited a few minutes for the train ride.  The kids LOVED this.  The conductor told us there was no limit to the amount of times they wanted to ride, they just had to get back in line.  The girls took the blue cart, Michael took the green, and I took the yellow.  I loved the Picture on the right with them perfectly lined up.  The conductor took us on a great view of some more fields and a couple fun turns!  At one time the front was follows the back in a perfect circle! Below is me relaxing in my boots.  I was in the Chino Valley, were the west is still wild!
While you are at the Farm don't forget to stop by the petting zoo!  They have goats, geese, cows, a donkey, and more.  I loved this one cow, that was not a petting part of the zoo, but absolutely unique and beautiful.  The way Freeman loves their animals I am sure he/she had a name. 
Also, be sure to get the kids face painted too!  They had the best face painters I have ever seen.  These lady's do this all the time and are very good!  I asked a family visiting if I could take their picture.  I told the kids since we were camping with no bathrooms, they had to pass on this, but I would have loved to see how they looked if it was any other weekend. 

The kids can take a stroll on the pony rides too!
The girls loved to pretend drive the tractors!  You can sits and take pictures from a couple different old tractors located throughout the farm. 

Lynne Freeman does an exceptional job at educating and bring the love of horses to kids and adults.  She trains the horses herself, and gave a wonderful demonstration of it during one of the show.  Here is a picture of her with a beautiful Friesian horse named Annabelle.  
"While working in Tucson as one of the areas first female firefighters and paramedics, Lynne attended the University of Arizona and obtained a degree in Law.  Ultimately, she was drawn back to her love of animals and began breeding and training rare American Saddlebred and Friesian horses."~~Freeman Farms.
She talked to us about how the Mother horse is the disciplinary in the herd.  The male usually is on the outside and protects the herd, but the mom teaches the colts everything.  There was a great deal of information that the kids talked about all the rest of the week.  At the end she brought Annabelle up so the kids can ask questions and pet her.

 After the show Lynne talked to me about her dreams for the farm.  They are a true definition of Family Farms.  Going to great lengths to make farming fun and educational.  While embarrassing Eco Farming, they preserve the Old Time experience that is practically only seen in movies now a days.  Every year they ad a little bit more to make this is a fun safe place for families.  The marry-go-round is an antique and they are adding a few more antique rides to come in the future.  Even if you have visited the farm before you don't want to miss the Festival each year. 

Gather the family for a full day of fun at Freeman Farms in Chino Valley!  Find your way through the family fun corn maze, ride our farm themed Merry-Go-Round, meet the petting zoo animals, enjoy a hay ride, kids ride the train, pony rides available, face painting, great concessions, FOUR performance venues- see beautiful horses, watch trained dogs, learn to Polka dance, laugh at the skits in our Western Town, many great photo opportunities ... and, don't forget to pick the perfect pumpkin!  U-Pick pumpkins available while they last ... pre-cut pumpkins always available.  Many boutique varieties- great for baking!

As you can tell we had a great and know that this will be a visit every year now!  I want to thank the Freemans, Norm and Lynne.  We had such a wonderful day out and I will be coming back again!  I appreciate the lengths you go to to conserve and support family farms.  We will see you again next year!

Freemans Farms 
1096 E. Road 3 South
Chino Valley, AZ 86323
hours: 9-5
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