Sunday, January 10, 2010


Have you heard that clip on Sirius Radio or seen the clip on You Tube for "Brando"? For those that have not heard or seen it check it out on You Tube and you will understand where I am going with this post.
This is a funny commercial that I get a kick out of every time, cause it shows how marketing can be misleading at times. The body does need electrolytes, but not as much as some are taking in. Let me briefly explain what electrolytes are and why we need them, and then why we tend to over load ourselves with these.

The three dominant electrolytes in the body are Potassium, Sodium, and Chlorine. There are others as well like magnesium, bicarbonate, phosphate, sulfate, and proteins. These electrolytes are used throughout the body for the blood, lymph, tissue fluid, and cellular fluid. The thing about these elements is that they are used on a daily bases and we get most of these in the food we eat. The fluid surrounding cells in bones, tissues, and blood, all need electrolytes to interact with for proper function. The electrolytes allow nutrients to enter the cells and helps waste to leave the cells. Without the electrolytes this process is hindered causing water to enter and leave until the balance is set straight. Balance is obtained when we have the proper amounts of the nutrients needed and the charged energy of the electrolytes. The cells cannot receive the proper nutrients needed for metabolism and the production of new grow and healing in the body.

Imbalances of electrolytes can be severe. People have died from imbalance resulting from dehydration, diarrhea, vomiting, and more. When electrolytes are missing to help the body cellular balance stay within limits, we need to make sure the body is balanced with these elements. We get potassium, sodium, and chlorine and more from a steady intake of fruits and vegetables, specifically greens. Your potassium and sodium have to be in balance. A diet of processed and “non foods” set to much sodium over potassium and the balance is disturbed creating disease like high cholesterol and heart disease.

When we work out, the body detoxifies releasing these minerals through are skin and waste system. That is why we see so many athletes drinks rich with electrolytes. These drinks replenish lost electrolytes to keep the athletes from dehydration and illness. It is good for the body to replenish these as a temporary supplement, but we still need correct nutrition to maintain and do the necessary conversions of nutrition.

What I am concerned with is over electrolyte intake. Children especially have had toxic levels of these because they are drinking the sport drinks rich with electrolytes when there bodies did not need it. These drinks were intended to be used for strenuous workouts, or when the body was pushed really hard and they lost potassium and sodium too quickly. Your first beverage of choice should be water and also making sure the intake of nutrients is correctly balance. Meaning not too much processed foods and not enough fresh clean foods (fruits and vegetables). Let your electrolyte balance come from your diet and make sure to drink enough clean water, and use less of the electrolyte quick drinks to keep from over dumping the body with these.

Here are some foods to help you get in these nutrients for electrolyte function. These foods carry all three major electrolytes. Blackberry juice, caraway, chicken broth, currants, dandelion, goats cheese, herring, rye bran muffins, salmon, sauerkraut, tomatoes, veal, whey powder, wild cherry juice.

Bring these foods in along with more greens and your balance will be better without the need of "BRANDO".

Have a Blessed and Healthy Day.

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