Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Roper Lake may be closing

An article was posted in the EAC courier January 10, 2010. For those that may have missed it, it basically said that they are making budget cuts and if the Lake does not make enough revenue it will be closed. This affects those of us here locally, but others parks may be experiencing similar fates.

If we do not start to use it more we may lose it, and that would hurt everyone. Here are a few ideas that help to possibly keep the park open and help you as well. Now that we have just started this year some of you may be thinking about improving your health and fitness. The park holds many ways you could do just that. The lake and nature trails make a beautiful way to get fresh air along with getting in the sunlight to absorb necessary vitamin D, combats stress, and seasonal affective disorder.

What is seasonal affective disorder also known as SAD?

During these winter months we tend to get stuck inside and we start to have the winter blues like depression, over sleeping, craving carbohydrates, and slowed movements. Natural sunshine exposure appears to be the most beneficial way to keep this disorder at bay. There are beneficial supplements that can be taken, but let's get the additional benefits from getting outside as well. Here are some ways to get out, get fit, and combat the winter blues.

• walking by yourself, kids, spouse....make it a family event
• jogging
• kayaking
• fishing
• picnicking
• feed the ducks
• play games

Get creative and use more resources available to you. You can take a nice family or couples get away with the cabins they have, birthday parties, or a weekend get together. We are going to miss this resource when it is gone, let’s keep it open and get healthy while doing it.

If you would like to comment on additional ways to use and love your local state park please share. 

Have a blessed and healthy day.

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