Thursday, January 22, 2015

Arizona Introduces GMO Labeling Bill

Great News for Arizona but let's be frank, other states have also begun the process of getting a bill like this passed with little success.  This is a great beginning step for us, for all, but it can't stop here.  People need to know what is in their food.  They need to be able to trust if the ingredients included are what they want to consume. 

Genetically Modified Organism has become a better known topic of conversation, but we need to have proper labeling in place.  Knowing about GMOs is not enough.  Labeling will not stop the production of GMOs but it will help consumers to know what is in their food.  It will help consumers make better choices in their purchases.  For those that do not see GMOs as a health risk they will continue to purchase them.  Those that want to steer clear of such ingredients will be able to now from the labeling. 

Help us get this bill passed!  We need to know what is in our food. 

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