Sunday, June 28, 2009

Who wants to age better

I think we all want to age better or even a bit more gracefully. There are a few countries that come to mind with studying different cultures from the Himalayan, Indian, and Chinese in regard to there longevity and life span. All these countries are known for having a balanced diet of mostly grains, fruit and vegetables. They also have a very active lifestyle in regard to fitness. You can also see their Senior citizens (70-80) out farming, walking, and doing tai chi or qi gong. Boy, I hope I am that fit mentally and physically at that age, heck I hope even at 60! They also practice healing arts in herbs, acupuncture, and physical meditations.

We, as Americans can learn a lot from them. I think America is a nice little melting pot of many different cultures, that we have blended many dishes together forgetting the roots that the dish may have come from. Plus, making it fast and cheap does not help, because we skip steps or ingredients. I personally am learning to cook a few different dishes from a friend that just moved here from India just six months ago. Amazing to learn first hand from someone about their culture. With her country, India, everything she cooks has an order and a reason. Whether its to promote digestion, or to help correct teeth problems there is a food. From the first ingredient to the last there is a reason to why that ingredient goes first and how long before adding the next item. The taste is just an added benefit.

Americans have become fast paced and out of step with a natural path of life. What I mean is we want a magic bullet, or cure all, for everything. From our headaches to a toe ache, there is a drug over the counter or script that can be filled. Now taking a medication is NOT wrong, sometimes they are needed. I myself remember having extremely bad headaches, come to find out I had a cyst the size of a peach pushing up next to my brain. I had to go on heavy steroids in hope to shrink the cyst, and they were able to. So there are times when we need the help of medications, but so often we self medicate unnecessarily, and do not allow the body to work to help it's self.

Knowing what to do naturally for the aliments we have can take the need for most magic bullets, medications, out. I really hardly ever need anything for pain. I try to use a natural approach now to aid the body in what it needs.

For the most part we eat devitalized food and try to control aches and pains with medications. At some time we stop excising, which loses lean muscle mass. As a result we can lose done density and allow the metabolism to slow which will cause weakness and weight gain.

Science is now showing some of the reasons we are aging faster then we should. Ageing happens on a cellular level, starting with free radicals (see past posts). Good nutrition with antioxidants rich vitamins, minerals, and enzymes can make a defence against such aging offenders. The best defence is a great offense, what foods do you have in play every meal. Not just one but every meal.

There are many people that have gotten their hands on this information and are turning back the clock. You can do this as well with eating right, reducing stress, exercise, multivitamins, and increasing your water intake.

Your health is in your hands, turn back the clock and make the change.

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