Monday, June 22, 2009

Working for Balance

The body is always trying to stay in balanced. Everything about it works down to a cellular level. It functions and repair that way. Food that was consumed yesterday, was sent through the night to replenish cells, that were lost or damaged. The ones that get stored thorough different organs are ready and waiting to digest and transport new working nutrients for the next meal. There is no real rest time for your body. When we are resting it is replenishing. When we are up and working they are working as well.
You can give your organs a little break to play catch up. When we do a fast, or Juice Fasting..... we still give the body nutrients the organs do not work as hard to process things. The stomach, intestines, and kidneys get to relax and allow the cellular system to aid damaged areas. When you fast it is always wise to still take in vitamins and minerals. If you do not the body works harder pulling things away from other tissues to make up the nutrients needed somewhere else.
Think about it this way. Take your job, you are performing your daily task and keep things in your control and in working order. When a fellow worker is running behind, or not at all, then they make you go and do their job, your work area start to fall apart. Not only are you trying to maintain your work, but also someone else's. Something is going to be damaged or lost. Not to mention the toll this is taking on you, one person performing the work of two burns up more than the two persons would do if the work remained seperate. The body burning nutrients works the same way.
I also want to make sure you know I am talking about organic sodium, which is the only sodium your body uses and absorbs in the form of various fruits and vegetables. Table salt is not the sodium that the body uses, it is called inorganic sodium. It just helps food taste differently. When we have too much table salt in our system is gets stored and logged in areas. Edema could possibly occur until the excess salt is removed from us, which extremely taxes the kidneys.
The food that we eat should be planned with that in mind. We should be thinking....OK, I should have plenty of vegetables to replace the sodium that I burnt up yesterday. From the time you start chewing your food, vitamins, and minerals are already processed from the previous foods are sent to work making enzymes for digestion, not just one but different ones need for specific times. Then they are sent as little workers where the body deems necessary.
It is difficult to understand but the body goes back and forth in an acidic and alkaline nature. Needing to balanced and work to do specific functions. When it can not work in time and function correctly that is when damaged cells start to allow disease. We think because we may feel fine, were healthy. The body will work to correct but when it can not, things start to fail and die. We will not be aware of the damage until it's already too late. Not to say that we can not try and correct the problem, but somethings will suffer a great a defeat and will not be the same.
My brother-in-law, a very fit and healthy person ate right for all we knew. But the body was taxed in a way he never knew until he started feeling a little off and knew something was not all right. He was found to have prostate cancer, which was a huge blow for us all because he was young and was what most would say is a very healthy person. He was mostly on a higher protein diet and I believe was not getting enough organic nutrients when things were working. Not to mention the foods we normally eat have lots of chemicals in them over taxing the body as well. Once he spoke to a cancer specialist they told him to have the surgery and put him on medications. He also started his own research and talked to a few natural physicians. He went to an organic diet and greatly increased his fruits and vegetables. He already had them in his diet but he discovered he needed more. He also started a really great product supplement out there call MonaVie. This is a juice that is LOADED with very beneficial nutrients. In the juice form it is easier for the body to absorb and process. Well, he actually started feeling better even before the surgery day, and thought maybe I can hold off and allow my body time to heal. It might have been able to slow the cancer down, but with great advice and counsel, he still had the surgery. This is an example that you never know that the body has suffered great damage until it is already done. When we have symptoms, those are signs of distress AFTER the body has already tried to heal and change, and to no avail. You have to be HELPING your body to live for tomorrow. By eating right and exercises you keep it in working order. It's in your hands, so what are you going to do?
If you want to see and hear more about MonaVie, it's such a great supplement. Even if you are not sick, you should be having these nutrients on a daily basis. I have been on it in my household and loved the way it made me feel. I did not know I could feel that much better until after I stopped taking it and was like, WOW why do I feel so sluggish, and then realized I had not taken the MonaVie in like three days. It only took three days for my body to show me it was lacking something it needed, and I saw that with a chuckle because I eat very well. So, to see a video and the information got to:
The video is very informative, and there is a place to email any questions, OK.

Well here is the recipe for today.

Juice Smoothie..........Veggie Green, get over the color it Taste great

1/2 cup baby spinach
1/4 cup blueberries
1/4 cup strawberries
1 stalk of celery
1/4 cup of broccoli
1/2 cup of apple juice
1/4 cup of vanilla yogurt

If you are using any frozen fruit you will not need ice, if not throw some in. But then layer your produce in the blender, and mix until smooth. This taste great and is a great way to get in an extra helping of those so often forgot about veggies.

Have a blessed and Healthy day. Feel free to make comments or questions and thanks for visiting me today.

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