Saturday, October 31, 2009

Great Ideas for Halloween


Ok, Parents I know some of you are concerned with the amount of sugar that is consumed during the holidays. We know that sugar lowers the immune system and increases our risks for illnesses. So think about all the candy we indulge in this night. We are all scared and concerned with the H1N1, and we should be. So lets keep our defenses stronger. Here is a few ideas.

1. Be sure to eat a full nutritious meal for dinner. Have plenty of vegetables, and fruit. There are some great ideas in Taste of Home with apple slices and almonds to look like a ghouls teeth, and cheese sticks that look like a vampires fingers. Be creative with natural foods, everything fun does not have to be laced ion sugar.

2. Allow them to collect candy and have fun in the event, but tell them you still have to inspect the candy as always for any hidden dangers. What we do is get the candy home and then after inspection , allow them 5 pieces to indulge in.

3. The next morning do the big exchange. They exchange their bag of candy for a new 5 dollar bill. They can buy something great at the store. It shows them there are rewards for giving it up, and its done and over. Its actually better to consume a larger amount of candy at one time, then spacing it out daily. The body burns up the candy and you feel terrible, but you can get back into a normal diet and help detox. When you give them a little every day, that's everyday that they are lowering the system more and more. You also have major behavioral issues because of that. Also, sugar has a drying effect on the skin. Its getting colder and they are going to be having itchy skin not from the change in temperatures, which will not help, but the sugar.

4. Also think about going to a community event where they give out not just candy and treats but also activities and toys.  It does not have to be just about the treats.

You have tocheck this one out.....Truely health neat snacks for kids on halloween.  Celery claws, beetle juice, eyeball eggs, ghost have to check it out to plan for tonight and make it healthy.

If your wondering what to do with your pumpkin seeds check out.

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