Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I mentioned more about the Master Cleanse.

I have so enjoyed the Cleanse. It has given me the energy that I needed to start working out again, and its helped to detox the junk we eat from time to time. I must say even though I am a huge advocate of Organic fruits and vegetables, I am not always able to eat from the organic produce, we are limited there. So its very beneficial to do a cleanse to clean out toxin in the blood, colon, and tissues. When we cleanse you not only reset your metabolism, but your energy and emotions as well. There we days that I said to my husband, "wow, I just feel really happy, and I don't know why." Then I read that that's one of the things you notice when you detox.
If you have a bad diet, the normal American Diet, then you would want to do this cleanse every 3 months. It's recommend for at least every 6 months.
Here is the link that you can read more about it, but start soon. You would be doing your colon a favor.


There you can read about others that have done it, and what more to expect. Check it out.

Check out this clip to hear more about it and what it can do for you.


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