Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Minerals and gardening

Ok, you saw yesterday's post about minerals and how we should replenish them. Today I wanted to direct you to a site that talks about a little farm in Scotland that uses natural minerals to replenish the soil for their crops. The minerals found in produce get their nutrients from the earth they were grown in. It shows the importance of adding minerals for proper growth and production. There are minerals we lose daily with the lifestyles we have and need to add back to have balance for a healthy life. Check out the pictures of some of these plants and see how they grow better with correct nutrients in the ground and then think about your body. Do you want it to be of less color, growth, and development? Or should we strive for vibrant, healthy, and strong. You want the food you eat to be high in minerals and you want your body to benefit from those nutrients.
Remineralize the earth

This is also a great time to talk about making your own little garden. What better way to know what has been added in and on to your produce than to grow it yourself. If you have children they would enjoy a themed garden. It does not have to be big, just start with a 2x2, or 5x5 area. You could have a herb garden for cooking, a pizza garden, and so much more. There are so many benefits to having a garden. You get to be outside enjoying fresh air, exercise, making food for the table and it is very therapeutic. Even though it is winter, now is the time you can start to prep your area. Things to start working on are: How big of an area? What is going in it? What chores should each member of the house will have? My daughter loved that she had her own garden that she seeded, watered, and harvested. It brings so much joy knowing you grew it and that it is void of chemicals. A great book to have is the "Four Season Harvest". It talks about how to schedule plants to harvest all year long. That way your garden does not just sit through the winter but will producing foods and enjoyment all year long.

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