Saturday, December 19, 2009

More about the benefits of Flax Seed

It has been stated that Flax seed plays a great role in fighting a broad range of cancers and lowering "bad" cholesterol. It is also being studied for the benefits of treating Arthritis, omega 3's, and preventing symptoms of menopause and osteoporosis because of its phytoestrogens.

Since heart disease and cholesterol is such a problem here in America, I wanted to say that just adding a tablespoon of whole flax seed a day can help to lower the bodies bad cholesterol. Not to mention helping with great skin, hair, and any arthritis. You can add this great little seed in everywhere. In shakes, cereals, baked breads, stews, soups, rice, etc. It takes a little imagination and your there. At my local health food store you can buy a large 5 lb bag of organic Flax seed for only $10.49. Wow, to me that is pretty cheap and you add variety in your life.

So pick up a bag of whole flax seed at you local health food store and start reaping the benefits.

Check here for lots of different recipes with Flax Seed.

Have a healthy and Blessed day

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