Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Bach Flower Remedies

For those of you who are not familiar with this company, they are amazing. A man named Edward Bach discovered the unique way of extracting the essence of certain flowers and their effect on our emotions.
Created in 1930 Dr. Bach who was a medical doctor and bacteriologist, formulated 38 Flower Remedies. These help to manage the emotional demands of everyday life and helps to center the negative attitudes and feelings into balance and perspective. When you know which flower is more beneficial to you, can manage those taxing times and moments. It works to free the body's own healing abilities and helps to promote an overall wellness.
The top two remedies we use in our house are the Rescue Remedy and Rescue Sleep. As a very busy mom, student , and running full time business. I love the effect that the Rescue Remedy has one me. I know when I start to feel overwhelmed, it would be a great time to just drop a few droplets under my tongue to bring a sense of calm into my day. I use to have a few drops as normal practice before leaving for Mass, knowing the kids would be taxing through the service. It helps in more ways than just stress.
My three year old daughter has a BIG fear of spiders and I have found when she has a run in with a certain pest, she will be calmed more after a few drops. In that sense it can actually help to reduce the traumatising effects of a memory and feeling of despair and stress. It is a safe homeopathic remedy for the whole family.
The Sleep Remedy, which we call the nightmare spray, help the mind and body relax just enough to be able to fall into a nice calming sleep. I find if the kids have a restless sleep a couple sprays helps the mind to forget the uncomfortable dreams they where just having. It has almost the same effects as a lavender aromatherapy, but more effective. There is nothing it the remedies to be like a drug, how they sometimes leave you tired or over tax the body. These are simply natural, powerful, and effective ways to help the body to heal, mentally and physically.

When to use Rescue Remedy.

Work Related stress
Sudden Bad news
Auto Accidents
Traffic Jams
Dentist Doctor appointments
Presentations to superiors or large groups
Large work loads
School Exams
Or any other stressful occasion, Rescue remedy is you inner calm, ON CALL.

These are just of the products that you can take. There are 38 in all, and all help to center certain feeling, whether fear, anger, inpatients, and MORE.

Tomorrows post will be identifying the right one for you.
Have a Blessed and Healthy day!

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