Friday, August 21, 2009

Which Flower Remedy might you need.

This is based off the Bach Flower Guide Booklet. It will have the name of the flower remedy and the questions under it that the flower would benefit.

1. Agrimony
Do you hide your worries behind a cheerful, smiling face to conceal your pain from other?
Are you distressed by arguments and quarrels, often giving in to avoid conflict?
when you feel life's pressures weighing down on you do you often turn to food, alcohol, drugs, or other outside influences to help you cope?

2. Aspen
Do you have feelings of apprehension or anxiety without knowing why?
Do you feel that something bad may happen but you are not sure why?
Do you wake up with a sense of anxiety of what the day will bring?

3. Beech
Are you often annoyed by the habits and shortcomings of others?
Do you find yourself to be overly critical and intolerant, usually looking for what someone has done wrong and not right?
Do the incompetence and foolishness of others irritate you?

4. Centaury
Do you often neglect your own needs in order to please others?
Is it Difficult to say no to those who impose upon your good nature?
Do you tend to be easily influenced by those stronger in nature than yourself?

5. Cerato
Do you constantly second-guess your own decisions and judgments?
Do you often seek advise and confirmation from other people, mistrusting you own intuition?
Do you change direction often, even when you have asked for advise, because you feel confused and unsure?

6. Cherry Plum
Are you afraid you might loose control of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically?
Do you fear that you may think or do something that you feel is wrong?
Do you think you may hurt yourself or others or become violent and explosive?

7. Chestnut Bud
Do you find yourself making the same mistakes over and over again as choosing the wrong type of partner or staying in a job you dislike?
Do you fail to learn from the mistakes or experiences of others?
Do you wish you would not repeat the same patterns again and again?

8. Chicory
Do you need to be needed or want your loved ones to be close by?
Do you feel unloved and unappreciated by your loved ones?
Are you possessive of those you care for, feeling you know what is best for them?

9. Clematis
Do you often feel spacey and absent minded?
Do you find yourself preoccupied and dreamy, unable to concentrate for any length of time?
Are you drowsy and listless, sleeping more often than necessary?

10. Crab apple
Are you obsessed with cleanliness and feel toxic and contaminated?
Are you embarrassed and ashamed of yourself or feel physically unattractive?
Do you tend to concentrate to much on small physical conditions such as pimples or marks?

11. Elm
Do you feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities?
Do you feel it is to difficult to handle all the many task ahead of you?
Do you become depressed and exhausted when face with your everyday commitments?

12. Gentian
Do you become discouraged and depressed when things go wrong?
Are you easily disheartened when faced with difficult situations?
Does your depressed attitude prevent you from making an effort to accomplish something?

13. Gorse
Do you feel hopeless, as if there is no reason to try to improve things?
Do you lack faith that things could get better in your life and therefore make no effort to improve your circumstances?
Do you believe that nothing can be done to relieve your pain and suffering?

14. Heather
Do you find that others may avoid you because you seem to talk too much?
Do you dislike being alone, always seeking the companionship of others, to have someone to talk to?
Do your conversations usually wind up on your interests or problems?

15. Honeysuckle
Do you find yourself living in the past, nostalgic and homesick for the "way it was"?
Are you unable to change present circumstances because you are always looking back and never forward?
Do you often contemplate past regrets?

16. Holly
Are you suspicious of others, feeling that people ulterior motives?
Do you feel great anger toward other people?
Are you full of jealousy, mistrust, or hate?

17. Hornbeam
Do you often feel too tired to face the day ahead?
Do you feel overwhelmed or bored with your life?
Do you tend to procrastinate and put off some tasked while easily accomplishing those that are more enjoyable?

18. Impatiens
Do you feel a sense of urgency in everything you do, always rushing to get through things?
Are you impatient and irritated with others who seem to do things too slowly for you?
Do you prefer to work alone?

19. Larch
Do you lack self confidence?
Do you feel inferior and often become discouraged?
Are you so sure that you will fail that you do not even attempt things?

20. Mimulus
Do you have fears of identifiable things, ie, illness, death, pain, heights?
Are you shy, overly sensitive and often afraid?
Do you often worry about everyday situations, ie, traffic bills, etc?

21. Mustard
Do you feel depressed without knowing why?
Do you feel moods swing back and forth?
Do you feel gloom, which seems to quickly appear for no apparent reason and then lifts just as quickly?

22. Oak
Are you exhausted but feel then need to struggle on against all odds?
Do you have a strong sense of duty and dependability, carrying on no matter what obstacles stand in your way?
Do you neglect you own needs in order to complete a task?

23. Olive
Do you feel utterly and completely exhausted, both physically and mentally?
Are you totally drained of all energy with no reserves left, finding it difficult to carry on?
Have you just been through a long period of illness, stress, or strain with no relief?

This is only 23 out of 38 Remedies. This is an example to see how a certain flower remedy can focus in on certain aspects and views of life. I have even seen a person select a certain flower for themselves, and then their spouse will pick a different one for them. At times we can not see how we appear to others. I absolutely believe in the Bach remedies, they have helped me and my family too many times to doubt there help.

I invite you to visit the official Bach Flower remedy site, To find the right flower for you. Once there you can got to REMEDY CHOOSER at the top and then type the desired effect you are looking for. If you really like the guide that I was using to help you see if that is the remedy for you please feel free to contact me for more of the other Flowers if you feel these and the website did not help you enough.

Have a Blessed and Healthy Day!!

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