Thursday, August 13, 2009

Here is a nice piece of information about Produce

Did you know that you can tell if a produce is 1. organic, 2. Conventionally grown, or 3. Genetically engineer(GE or GMO). It is very easy to explain. Just look to the PLU code on the sticker.
1. Organic produce will have five numbers and will always follow with a number 9. Example 94011. That is bananas.

2. Conventionally grown produce will be the ones that have been gown with fungicides, chemical fertilizers, and herbicides. These will only have 4 numbers listed on the PLU. Example 4011.

3. GE or GMO's will have 5 numbers as well but they will follow the number 8. Example 84011.
Most genetically engineered produce are designed and altered in a way that they are lacking in enzymes. This way they last longer from harvest to the store. Yes, you have the benefit of your fruit and veggies to look better, but they will be unable to be digested as well, and the body can not absorb what it can not digest. If items are not broken down correctly then you are eating a non-food. It will cause a nutrient debt within the body and is void of the nutrients needed in daily task.

OK, so you have the choice between a Organic item. That has only beneficial mineral, vitamins, and enzymes. Or a Conventional item that is loaded with chemicals that have been linked with causing a multitude of cancers from breast, prostate, and many more. Lastly there is the GMO items that are not able to be digested correctly cause IBM, gas, constipation, bad .absorption,...shall I continue? What would your choice be?

The message of today was to just let you see there is a system to the numbering of the produce department. Now you can know the differences without asking and not knowing what you buying.

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