Monday, March 19, 2012

Ever Try Fermented Foods?

This weekend we had family come in to visit and had a wonderful time.  It was packed with new memories, laughs, and new experiences.  Whenever we get together we love to try new organic foods and products.  My sister-n-law, Gina, has always been a positive influence when it comes to doing things natural and simple.  She shared with me a few new products from Fabulous Ferments LTD.   I tried two Raw Sauerkraut with assorted vegetables and a couple Kombucha drinks.

What is Fermentation?  It is the chemical transformation of organic substances into simpler compounds by the action of enzymes, which are produced by microorganisms such as molds, yeasts, or bacteria.  Enzymes help to break down and/or predigest to form smaller compounds and nutrients aiding in digesting.

In the field of enzyme research,  they have seen that people with a large diets of cooked foods, especially meat and grains,  has a increase risk of illness, shorten lifespans, and over stress on the body.  Research also noticed physical effects of enlarged pancreases and shrinking of other glands and organs especially the brain.  Almost all traditional societies have a raw enzyme rich food in their diet.   Some include raw fish, raw diary, muscles, organ meets, cultured, and fermented vegetables.  Even cultures with cooked meats and grains are balanced with fermented vegetables like sauerkraut, pickles carrots, pickled beets, or pickled cucumbers.  See research and study from Dr. Edward Howell.

Humans have been fermenting foods for centuries.  We use this process in making, wine, beer, breads, cheese, yogurt, and other foods.  Most of you have heard or try Sauerkraut at some time.  Most vegetables and raw meets where placed in jars with a brine known as salt water.  The salt would break down and ferment the food making it last longer and easy for digestion.  Today, a lot of people have started using vinegar instead of brine to store their food.  This cuts the "good bacteria" out of the food and no longer an aid in digestive health. 

 A few reasons to eat Fermented foods.
  • aids digestion. This is because the food has been partially broken down and easier for the digestive organs to process. 
  •  are rich in enzymes which help not only to break down foods but also absorbing them.  
  • restore the gut with healthy "good" bacteria, fighting the bad bacteria which cause gas, bloating, constipation, cancer, and more.
  •  increase vitamin and nutrients to the body because they are more easily absorbed. 
I gave you a little history and nutritional benefitsof fermented foods.  I want to share the tasty foods I tried.

The first was the Sea-chi.  This included napa cabbage, daikon radishes, leek, hand harvested kelp, ginger, chili flakes, Celtic sea salt (all organic).  This was a great tasting side that we had with BBQ pulled pork and roasted vegetables.

The second sauerkraut we had was a apple cinnamon cranberry.  Included cabbage, apple, cranberry, cinnamon, nutmeg, and Celtic sea salt (all organic).  This was a sweeter tasting mix of vegetables, fruit, and spices.  I loved it.

I thought both had a wonderful taste and experience.  I never tasted the salt, just the natural flavors of the assorted items.
Sea Chi and the apple cinnamon
Gina, sharing her Kambucha!
Next we tried Kambucha, which is a bottle to the right!  This was a very pleasant tea/drink that was carbonated from fermented mushrooms.  I know what you are thinking, I would never usually drink mushrooms too.  Amazingly you never taste them you only taste the assorted items included. 

First was "Party Time Purple Carrot". This was my favorite.  It had a darker pink/purple coloring and fizz.  Ingredients included: organic raw kambucha tea, cane sugar, purple carrot juice, and lemon juice.
Second was the "Groovy Grape".  Ingredients included: organic raw kambucha tea, cane sugar, and grape juice.  This was a wonderful light purple in color and fizz.  Both tasted great and had a fizz similar to soda.

For Pricing and Orders you can see Fab Ferments!  

Additional links about fermentation.


  1. So very interesting about this fermentation. I will look into this more. Thanks for the review. Checking out Fab Ferments right now.

  2. Interesting article, thank you. It's definitely something I've never given much thought to in the past and I appreciate your insights.

  3. No, but I am curious to after reading your article. Thanks!

    followed you!

  4. My inlaws are from Morocco and they ferment their meat with salt and then dry it in the sun. Not sure if it's quite the same but similar idea!

  5. "Some include raw fish, raw diary, muscles, organ meets, cultured, and fermented vegetables. Even cultures with cooked meats and grains are balanced with fermented vegetables like sauerkraut, pickles carrots, pickled beets, or pickled cucumbers."

    I really want to eat more fermented foods, however, i don't know the health benefits of it. I read in some articles that it is good for the gut. Is this true?

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