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Part of a healthy lifestyle is having a healthy Spirit. (***GIVEAWAY BELOW***)

Part of a healthy lifestyle is having a healthy Spirit.  Cleaning out the garbage in our lives helps to increase a positive outlook on events around us.  One of the reasons I love Lent so much is that daily meditations cleans the spirit and soul.  Research has shown how stress makes us age faster, slows down digestion, and compromises the immune system.  Lent is like being in a desert and turning around to see the miracle of colorful flowers growing all around you.  Taking a few minutes everyday to breath and focus on the positive messages that enrich our lives can be beneficial to the body, mind, and spirit.

I am so excited to bring you some of my favorite Lent and Easter activity and prayer books.  In an earlier post I mentioned that Lent is a time of prayer and sacrifice to bring us closer to God and His passion.  One of my greatest struggles is making sure I make a family daily prayer and reflection during Lent.  We try to use the Magnificat during the first few weeks of Lent, this is a book of daily Mass readings.  We enjoyed this and did our best at making our own daily Acts of Christianity.  Although when I received these booklets from All God's Children Bookstore, I found a treasure!  They made it easier to talk with our children on their level and gave us great ideas for activities for each day!  I have four books that I reviewed and used to see which would be best for my family.  I loved them all, they each have something special that sets them apart.

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"40 Ways for 40 Days" is a family guide that I think is great for younger ages.  Each day has scripture reading and a activity or thought of the day.  Here I am showing a picture of Candling making and how we are the light of the world.  The second picture just below shows a fun activity of making a glory poster showing that God's glory shine forth in our lives.  This booklet I found great for simple daily activities to do with my kids ages 4-10.  Each scripture verse was easy to think throughout the day.


"Welcome Risen Jesus" was my absolute favorite!  In the introduction the book simply states that we celebrate that Jesus has risen.  Before we can celebrate, we have some preparation time to understand his death.  Lent is the time to help us clear out the things that get in the way and separate us from God.  Even children need to clean out this garbage.  Simple things as not sharing, giving forgiveness, acts of charity, and more.  This book focused on the three pillars of lent, fasting, prayer, and almsgiving, for all ages.  Each Sunday starts with the gospel reading and gives you a thought for the day, an act of Christianity, a fast to do for that day, and a prayer. 
For the Fourth Sunday of Lent the Act was "to send a card or make a gift for someone who is sick".
The fast was "to not complain about yourself today.  Accept who you are and the way you are."
The prayer was "I don't understand why things are the way they are, Jesus.  There is so much pain in the world, and I struggle.  Help me to see that you have a plan to bring good from even the worst situation".

I felt this gave me words of wisdom for the 40 days on their level and understanding.  The acts were simple things to do, and I loved that they gave me ideas for this, because I will admit I was running out of these ideas.  The kids loved to have a certain act to accomplish throughout the day whether at school, home, or sports.

"Living Lent at Home" is a great devotional book for all ages as well.  This booklet included daily reflections, activities, and simple prayers.  We all have busy days where we feel we just need to get out the door to school and work.  How much better would that day be by giving a little time to God to give up are thoughts and concerns?  Looking for his guidance in the day.  Each Sunday started with a Gospel reading and deep devotional.  Then each following day through the week delved a little more into that reading.  I also really enjoyed this book because I felt it gave me great direction to speak to the older kids on their level with great activities. 

"Every day of Lent and Easter" is a workbook of coloring pages, puzzles, story's, word games, secret messages, a calender and more.  This book has a activity for everyday.  There was no daily devotional, just great fun activities to enjoy.  I felt this a great companion to any of the booklets above.  My kids had a blast doing the secret messages, coloring puzzles, and wanted to do more than just one at a time. 

My 2nd grader broke the code in one activity and was excited about the message that Jesus loves her just the way she is.   This booklet is fun for all ages! 

Another great bonus is that the booklets can be used every year.  You can enjoy the last few weeks leading up to Easter and keep the books to do again next year.

BUY IT:  You can order these awesome books at All God's Children in Prescott, Az.
Call Mike and Terry Johnsen at (928)717-1554.

"Welcome Risen Jesus" - $1.99
"40 Ways for 40 Days" - $1.95
"Every day of Lent and Easter" - $3.99
"Living Lent at Home" - $6.99

What a great price for a great assortment of books that you can use every Lent and Easter.  Call and get your books to enjoy the rest of Lent and Easter. 

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    1. Thank you for the feature Theresa! I love the fun little Easter goodies and craft ideas. :-)

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  5. I really like the Every Day of Lent and Easter book best - looks like a good time for kids. :)

  6. I like Living Lent at Home
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  7. We hide an easter basket for each child to find!

  8. Our Easter egg hunt is my favorite family tradition =)

  9. My kids are still young, so for the past two years we've been doing Easter egg hunts. So much fun!
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  12. both books seem great--even though we dont celebrate lent exactly like catholics {we're mormon} i think this is a great christian learning resource for my boys! thanks!