Thursday, March 1, 2012

B12, Are you deficient?

I attended David Rainoshek webinar on B12 yesterday.  I found it very informative, although a little long.  I am going to give you the main points on his discussion.
About 80 percent of the population suffers from a B12 deficiency.  
Some may include:
  • Low energy or weakness
  • Brain fog or lack of focus
  • poor memory
  • light headness
  • sore tongue and bleeding gums
  • mood changes or depression
  • neurological difficulties (Alzheimer)
  • feeling of numbness or stiffness
  • feeling of restless legs
  • infertility
  • among others
 One thing David mentioned is some of the symptoms of a B12 deficiency can be a mimicker of other problems.  This is why so many suffer from a lack of B12, because they are being treated for other health problems.  He mentions that the blood test usually come back as a false positive for adequate levels.  David Rainoshek recommend using a urine test to see more adequate levels.

One of the reasons so many lack this vitamin is because it is so easy destroyed.  Those with a western diet that use a fair amount of processed foods usually suffer from heartburn and stomach problems.  It is these same stomach problems that destroy the B12.  The hydrochloric acids burns the B12 before it reaches the blood stream, where it needs to arrive before it can be of any use.  Not to mention those that have stressful jobs and homes are losing high amounts of this vitamin. 

B12 is essential for production and regeneration of red blood cells, preventing anemia, prevents eye problems, promotes growth in children, and supporting the nerve cell and signals of the brain.  

Unfortunately the RDA levels for B12 are hard to reach in a normal western diet.  What I found interesting in his points were that Vegans and Vegetarians are in the majority of this lacking B12.  Although, most in the studies that ate meat were showing lower than average amounts of B12 as well.  

So what did David recommend?  You could take B12 injections with your physician, take a supplement that is absorbed into the blood stream under the tongue, or use a new product with patches. 

My thoughts?
I think the injects sounds fast acting but the testing, cost, and office visits will be bothersome.  Not to mention possible infections from bacteria entering from skin upon injections. The capsules are a convenient treatment but he recommended only using "Methcobalament".  This form is the only absorb-able form.  The patches were his favored form of supplementation.  He said you could wear these behind the ear 2 times a week and reach your B12 needs.  

I think everything in moderation.  I have found with increasing natural sources of B12, limiting processed foods, eating some meats from clean sources (no antibiotic or hormones), and stress management B12 will be in balance. 

Food sources include:
  • Milk
  • eggs
  • liver
  • fortified Brewer's yeast
  • raw wheat germ
  • peanuts
  • banans
  • sunflower seeds
  • comfrey leaves
  • kelp
  • concord grapes
  • bee pollen
I know for some a non processed diet is difficult or maybe your life is very stressful and fast paced.  You may want to look for a supplement through patches or lozenges.  Considering how easy this vitamin is destroyed supplementation is a great idea.  David recommend "Vitamin B12 Patches by Healthy Habits".

If you are looking for stress management I love Yoga and Breathing Exercises.   
You can see Deep Breathing, ways not to stress, along with exercise and sleep for ideas on managing stress. 

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