Saturday, September 26, 2009

Deep Breathing

It is so important to remember to breath. I know some may say that it is a automatic response for life is to breath. That is true, but we can become so stressed that we for get HOW to breath.

There are a few techniques for breathing.
1. The Auyvedic way to make sure we get rid of any excess CO2 within our lungs. This is a exercise you can do daily, as often as want. What you do is take short, quick, breaths in and then release long breaths out. And then another quick breath and longer breath out. The key is to breath in, but you breath out for as long as you can trying to empty the Carbon dioxide trapped inside. It can be toxic to the body, so remember to add this to you routine.

2. Another way is the DEEP breathing. Most of us know this one. You can take deep breaths in and long deep breaths out. This allows oxygen into the blood and to every part of the body. It is very relaxing and we take time to forget our troubles to focus on the rhythmic action of breathing in and out. You feel so good after this. You should learn to do this when you are stressed, upset, and in the evening when you want to rest.

You will also learn to breath correctly while doing Yoga and/or Tai Chi. It makes you focus on the movements and breath. Very beneficial exercise and breathing. It helps with stress and enhances moods. When you breath you are in a sense Detoxifying your mind and body.

We can all learn to handle are stress better and live longer.

Have a blessed and healthy day.

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