Saturday, September 5, 2009

When your busy and on the Run, remember to eat well

So often we are traveling for business or multitasking are daily schedule, hit the gym, drop the kids off to various activities, and running errands. We need to remember to eat right, and not eat fast. We can still maintain a busy schedule with a little preparation and planning to eat foods good for are bodies. You can plan a head to have things already prepared. Here are some neat ideas.

1. You can make soups or stews on Sunday and have it ready for through the first half of the week. Add more water or vegetables broth when you need to, and even some grains like brown rice. You can warm that morning and put in your Thermos and have it still warm for lunch.

2. Make hummus, it will keep in the refrigerate for a week. This you can get creative whether in your favorite Peta pocket or tortilla but be sure to add veggies (bean sprouts, lettuce, avocado, cucumbers, etc.)

3. Be sure to keep the veggies coming through. Have a bag of carrots already ready to grab, celery chopped in sticks, zucchini came be like Julian to add to sandwiches or coined for dipping in favorite dip.

4. Even though you have to get out of the car, don't forget your deli section in the grocery store. You can always stop there and have them load your sandwich just the way you like, and add a cup a yogurt and vitamin water. Everything in and out in 10 minutes and healthy.

Those are just some ideas to get you started. My husband use to travel more than he does now, but he would come home bloated and uncomfortable from eating out as much as he did. Just think the normal business trip in anywhere from 2 to 3 days. Your eating out breakfast, lunch and dinner. How many of those meals are in a greasy fast food or restaurant where they do not give the list of ingredients and oils used to make your meal. If you make it or purchase and assemble your self, you may put more time into it, but you KNOW whats in it.

Also, don't forget to fortify your dishes with wheat germ, nuts, flax seed. You can add these healthy fats to salads, shakes, stews, and more. Healthy fats help to bring down the BAD fats and healthy fats are beneficial for brain function.

As always, have a blessed and healthy day!!!!!

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