Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Have you heard of Wildwood SoapWorks?

I am so excited to tell you about this product!  I was directed to Wildwoods SoapWorks through a friend saying "you have to try these", since I love trying handcrafted soaps.  I specifically requested one of their goat's milk products, because they usually have a creaminess that leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth.  You might be wondering why I am talking about soap when my passion is nutrition.  Well, your skin is your largest organ and everything we put on it gets absorbed into the body.  When you add chemicals and toxins from your body care products you are taking those in through the skin and potentially adding harm to your systems.  Research has shown that toxins are contributing to many health problems.   It makes sense to use natural wholesome ingredients to clean your skin, rather than toxic products.

I loved my experience with the soap so much that I contacted the company to know more about it.  I had a wonderful phone conversation with Sally, the owner and designer of this amazing soap!  She was such a sweet passionate woman who started this business with wanting to make a great "Natural" soap.  The fact that it looks so sleek and appealing just shows how much passion and artistic flare she puts into every bar.  I found out that these handcrafted soaps are "cold processed" so that the blend of plant based ingredient (see below) are not compromised in the heating process.  The Oils are very sensitive and can be destroyed if heated at high temperatures.  These soaps are not just pretty and smell great, they each have their own function!  That being said, after the soaps are mixed they sit for 28 days curing.  My initial thought was, what attention to detail goes into making sure these soaps are truly beneficial for the skin.  Other companies' produce soaps within 24 hours to a weeks time, then shipped out to customers.  Not Wildwood SoapWorks, your bar of soap takes a month to become this work of functional art, now that is Passion!    

Each ingredient in their soaps is "certified" organicI was again impressed with this standard.  So many times I have seen a product labeled organic and then read the back to see one or a couple items being *organic.  The ingredients are simply the cold pressed form of the plant material.  No chemically engineered ingredients with (  ) stating what the ingredient is suppose to be, but in its simple natural state.  There is sadly a lot of marketing untruths in the bath and body lines.  You have to really look at labeling carefully.  I am going to be talking more in depth in the future but basically you can mix fragrance oils and essential oils together and it still be called essential.  Fragrance oils are genetically engineered which are SYNTHETIC chemicals formulated to smell like the real thing.  Wildwood has No additives, dyes, fragrances, or surprises, you know just what you are putting on your skin.  What you feel and smell is the true form made into a specially designed bar for you to nourish and pamper yourself.                    

I received a bar of the "Goats Milk Lavender Lemon".
Description: " So smooth and silky, this organic creation is scented with High Altitude Bulgarian Lavender and Haitian Lemongrass essential oils. Sweet and subtle tones will relax and melt away the cares of the day while the natural replenishing properties of the full cream goat's milk will leave your skin feeling amazing!"

Ingredients: "Saponified organic oils of: extra virgin olive*, coconut*, palm fruit*, high oleic sunflower*, cocoa butter*, castor bean*, and jojoba* ; full cream goat's milk, blue malva flowers, and rosemary oleoresin extract and a proprietary blend of therapeutic grade essential oils.  *certified organic"
When I saw the packaging I was immediately drawn to the appealing designs of these soaps.  The bars have a unique cut on the top, some have dried flowers or a marbling of great color combinations.These colors come from the trues essential oils, no colors or dyes are added in these soaps. 

All Wildwood SoapWorks are
  • Handcrafted
  • Certified Organic
  • Plant-Based
  • Pure Essential Oils
  • Skin moisturizing
  • just pure and simple
 Let's look at Wildwood Soap Bars in true light:
  • "Dollar for dollar they are a better value and better for you!"  I have to say I have bought other soaps and did not compare to the quality of these soaps, hands down!
  • "They are enormous!  A full 5 oz. which is much larger and longer lasting than most of our competitors." I have been using my bar nightly and on my children and it looks like we have barely used it!  Most soaps disintegrate right on the counter after getting wet, and this bar looks like to just pulled it out of the sleeve. 
  • "Not only are the oils certified organic, they use more varieties, and they are of the highest quality available!"
  • "We use only therapeutic grade essential oils for the ultimate aromatherapy experience!"
  • "No petroleum products or animal fats"
  • "We never use sulfates, mineral oxides, micas, dyes, or anything artificial...if it's not good for your skin, it's not in here!"  I love this, because I know these toxins seep into your skin and contribute to health problems.  These are clean and green!
  • "So, come inside... look around... compare our products... and experience skincare as nature intended, water will never be the same!"  I have been using wildwood soapworks for 3 weeks now and I love my new nighttime routine.  I wanted to see how the soap holds up and it has.  It looks brand knew after 3 weeks of daily use.  I wanted to see if it left my skin smooth, it has!  I have been very pleasantly surprised.  It has a creaminess, clean fragrance of essential oils, and my skin feels silky smooth as I go to bed.  I love when my husband says how wonderful I smell, like a clean meadow (Goats Milk Lavender Lemon).  
The designer look of these soaps is something I have never seen before.  I have seen cute marbling and molds, but these are so different!  Check out these bars!

I have truly enjoyed my experience with this new product.  When you find something that cleans, nourishes, and revives your senses.....you stick with it!

A company that gives you a clean, smooth soap with designer look and quality! 

Remember to think of "Mom" when you are reading this review.
I'm sure she would love a little pampering with these amazing products.
 Wildwood SoapWorks also carries......
Lotions and Potions
Balms and Butters
Protects for baby
Teas and Scrubs
Pet Products  and Bath accessories

I want to explain a little more about the benefits of using the essentials oils in your skin care products but that is a post in itself!  Be sure to read more about this in upcoming weeks.  I have not just reviewed a single soap and company.  I truly believe I was brought to Wildwood SoapWorks for a cleaner product for my families skin.  You will be seeing more of this great company! 
That in mind, if you are wanting to experience the quality of the soaps for yourself,  Mom (mother's day), Dad (Father's day), mother to be, or just a great friend, Wildwood SoapWorks is offering a special 20% off your entire order TODAY!  What a great value and way to see these soaps yourself.  When making your order use code wildwood20.
Wildwood SoapWorks will be releasing new products soon as well as great saving that you will only see on their facebook and twitter .  Be sure to Like and Follow, so that you don't miss any upcoming promotions and sales!  Not that you won't want the soaps as priced.  I have spent more on soaps that did not have the quality and benefits, but if you like to save a little extra you will want to use the coupon code wildwood20 good for 4/17 only.  You never know when, you never know why....but they like to thank a lucky follower with an occasional free bar of soap.

The Company Wildwood Soapworks

"Seven years ago I wandered into an open air green market in southern Florida.  A woman was selling beautifully crafted soap that incorporated natural essential oils.  I remember looking at each one in great detail.   Seduced with the likes of real rosemary, lavender, and orange, I purchased three, packed them away and headed for home. These three little bars changed my path.  From then on, I sought out every book and article written about the art of natural soap making and essential oils.  Creating, testing, seeking the finest ingredients available, and the desire to continuously improve are my mantras. I tucked the idea of creating a true all natural bath and body care business away into my dreams.  Well, my dreams have become reality.  Today Wildwood Soapworks is an environmentally conscious, small company located in lovely Kennett Square, Pennsylvania with an obsession to use only the finest ingredients on the planet, no matter what the cost!      Experience skincare as nature intended...Water will never be the same!     ...Sally K. Cates"

I have not been paid for this review, it is mine and mine alone.  I received my bar for just being a new follower on their Facebook page.  I am not making any sales in this post either.  I just love the product and the mission of this company~~Natural, Organic, and Safe!  The Company is so friendly, be sure to stop by Facebook or twitter and tell Sally that Kelley's Passion sent you! 
 I just want her to know how much I appreciate her Passion for clean wonderful products! 


  1. Those look like wonderful soaps. I can tell you love them. Thanks for writing about them! I love the look of them; their presentation is really neat.

    1. Ya know I like a few things, but I just feel in love with the quality and standards of these soaps. They really are a beautiful soap, and the neat thing is that they stay just as beautiful as you use them. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. I'm going to look for Mother's Day gifts on their site right now!

    1. She will love them!!! Once you have one it is the only soaps you will want to use. :-) Be sure to like their Facebook page too! You could be a lucky fan!

  3. Replies
    1. They really are, and they have MORE soap bars coming out in a few months! Their store is growing!

  4. I love even just the look of these! I think I will get my mmommy some. I wonder if my sons skin would be able to benefit he has a severe genetic skin condition that causes it to crack and bleed :O(.

    1. I know I was drawn to their pretty soaps, and the smell........so beautiful!

  5. I love handcrafted soaps. Being organic makes these even better. Thanks for the review, I'll have to go check them out. :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by Linda! I think if you try them, you'll absolutely love them!! :-)

  6. What great ideas of Moms Day! I love handcrafted softs! Thank you so much for letting me know!

    1. Yep, I think any mom would love these soaps! The aromas are delightful and the looks are so pretty. Let me know what ya think! :-)

  7. Yep, I got a bar for my mom for Mother's day, and I got a bar for my children Teachers for Teacher Appreciation! With the Savings I got today I got $10 off my order! Its a great deal today! I will post on my Facebook anytime I see them having sales and promotions.

  8. Ooh it sounds wonderful. I love lavender!

    1. I do to! I am excited about trying some of their other soaps now. They have a brand new Gardeners soap that has a eucalyptus essential oil and pumice for deep cleaning. It sounds great! Thanks for stopping by Erika!

  9. You can use the code Wildwood20 to get 20% off your order till Sunday at midnight!

  10. Wow, the company keeps making things so easy to enjoy their soaps!!!! If you buy 5 you also get 5 dollars off. At least the day I ordered mine, I did! :-)

  11. They are now offering free shipping on all orders $10 or more!!!! Great company!!!!

    1. Yes they are!!!! Sally really does have a wonderful Company! Thank you for stopping by Brittney.

  12. these look divine! i am a patchouli nut!

  13. Wow! Their soap even looks beautiful!!!

  14. Wow, this is just what I have been looking for. Have you found any good wildwood coupons? I am on a really tight budget but these would be perfect for my bridesmaids.