Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dr. Oz Calls Organic Shoppers Snooty!

Are you an Organic Shopper?  Are you a nonGMO supporter?  Do you look at labels and try to avoid chemicals, pesticides, and other additive?  Well Guess what?  You are a snob, elitist, and snooty, at least that is what Dr. Oz is call you and I. 
I have to say that I was highly disappointed a few months back when I felt that Dr. Oz had the chance to really make a difference in the GMO awareness and he totally flunked it.  He took the neutral zone instead of giving the results of studies and calling out on the lies that Monsanto has been saying, in regard to GMO's.  Now to see him make a piece in "Time" Magazine's December 3rd issue is so upsetting. 
When friends and family have talked about health and wellness, about 50% of the time I hear, "Dr. Oz said this...", taking his thoughts and opinions as great advice.  Even I really enjoyed his shows and articles in the past.  I am happy to say he will not be getting my support any longer.  He is a DR yes and has on countless times helped change lives for the better, but this has gone down a dark road of no return. 

To call people "snooty" and "elitist" because we care about not adding chemicals and junk to our foods is just wrong.  I am not a wealthy person, by no means, and I make sacrifices to buy the food that I do, but that is because there is nothing more important to me than my children and their health. 

Also, what will this do to the Farmers and Companies that take work hard to bring us Organic and nonGMO foods?  I love to support the companies that are making strides to provide us cleaner more natural foods.  Dr. Oz is saying they are "not democratic", that only 1% of the country cares about this and we are elitist.  Sorry I think a heck of a lot more care and make great strides to go the Organic route. 

I like what the Health Ranger says here quoting Dr. Oz...
"Organic food is great, it's just not very democratic," Dr. Oz declares, as if choosing organic is somehow an affront to America. "You don't need to eat like the 1% to eat healthily," he says. In other words, keep sucking down more GMOs, pesticides, herbicides and chemicals, and you'll be a good little American food slave. Buying organic is anti-American, you're being told." ~~Natural News

Dr. Oz, there is a huge difference and I know many people who changed their illness and diseases by going to an organic and nonGMO diet, cancer survivors, auto immune diseases, allergies, ADHD, ADD, autism, I can go on. 

Just like the Health Ranger has said, I too believe he has betrayed his readers and supporters.  What a shame!  I am sure I will be hearing more people saying that DR Oz says GMO's are safe, no need for organic, and the like.  Well I invite you to my GMO News section and see the videos that will explain why a nonGMO diet is so important. 

I invite you to read Dr. Oz viciously attacks organic foods and farmers markets, pushes feedlot beef, urges clueless consumers to eat more pesticides and GMO (opinion)

Also read Twenty-one questions for Dr. Oz: Organics-bashing TV doc given opportunity to respond to criticism (opinion)

Disclaimer:  This information is here for readers to hear all sides of the spectrum.  There are two sides to a story and I only wish to provide my readers with information to help them make their own decisions.  Food is a Freedom.  We have a right to know all the information and be allowed to make decisions that best fit our families.  


  1. I hadn't heard that dr. oz said those things. I am not one to watch him that often. But I am about watching what we eat.

    I am lucky that within a 10 minutes radius of my house, i can hit at least a dozen different orchards and farms. so all summer/fall I get fresh fruits and veggies. Plus I am able to garden myself and i do can and freeze a LOT of our extra.

    I think it's importnant to always offer both sides of the story.

  2. I can honestly say I know very Little about Dr. Oz to me he seems to be just another fad, but what do I know..Haha I guess some people worship him and I can see them believing whatever he has to say. Me I love the farmers markets and my garden and will continue to buy and eat from them.

  3. That's so funny, but I can see why some people say that. I try and shop organic when I can though. I like it better.

  4. Wow, I'm actually surprised he said that! It's been a few months now that my husband and I have really been reading labels and staying away from artificial flavors, colors, etc.

  5. I do not watch Dr. Oz, I hear about him and watch the crazes he starts like when you can not get Kale because he says it is the wonder food, then I can not buy it without a special order because it is no where to be found. I enjoying learning about food and try to eat healthy. I am currently trying to grow my own garden that way I can control what goes on it and teach my kids about food.

  6. I generally like Dr. Oz. I missed this discussion - he seems like the type who generally likes natural and homeopathic remedies.


  7. I typically enjoy what Dr. Oz has to say but this is silly. Epic fail, doc!

  8. I don't think being health conscious is snooty at all! I just wish I had the time and funds to be a little moreso!

  9. I guess it really proves the point that even though you hear something on tv or the internet doesn't make it right.

  10. I am not a Dr. OZ fan bc he is quick to down anyone that doesn't think like him or even down things he has no knowledge of.....