Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Free App Pink Pad

Ladies you are going to love this App!  I have never before had an App like this, where everything is in one convenient place.

I think this app is perfect for all women, young and older.  Whether you are a young girl understanding her cycles and her changes, a woman wanting to conceive, a woman delaying conception, or experiencing menopause, you can use this app. 

App Features: Pink Pad
  • Lets you Track and Estimate when menstrual happens.
  • Tracks and Estimates Flow, which is your heavy, medium, light, and spotting days.
  • Tracks you Intimacy if you are trying to conceive or abstain.
  • Tracks your moods so you can look at past history.  This I personally loved because your moods can subjected to your nutrition.  See Post Here for more information.
  • Symptoms: acne, backache, Anxiety, breast tenderness bloating, cramps, constipation, and more.  This I find also beneficial, because if you are tracking it you can see what foods are offensive to your PMS. 
  • Tracks Fertility
  • Tracks your weight
  • Tracks your Basal Body Temperatures.  For anyone that has tracked temperatures to help you conceive or avoid conception, you know how confusing those charts can be. 
  • Notes to track any additional information you want to impute this ay.  I recommend and use as a food diary.  This allows me to look at what I ate and how it affects my symptoms and moods.
  • You have forums that allows you to talk about specific topic on woman's health.  This you can have public or private.   
  • You can change Themes for your backgrounds, I am on Fall right now. 
It is FREE on iPhone and iPads. 

When you know more about your body and how food affects it in good and bad choices you can make better daily decisions.   

How would this app best help you?
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  1. I will check this out, this is always the first question of all doctors and yet I never know the answer. This can help that.

  2. I swear there is an app for everything these days! Going to check this one out!

  3. This is nice! I need a smart phone so bad. :)


  4. That's really neat! It's so important for young women to be able to have the resources they need at such a vulnerable time.

  5. Awesome app! This will be great for my sister. Thanks!