Thursday, June 6, 2013

Aurorae Yoga Pledge Candle Review

I have mentioned before how much I love Yoga.  I think it is the perfect whole body workout while helping to reduce stress.  For me, Yoga is an intense workout but still helps in focusing and relaxing the mind, body, and spirit.  I have learned that when I balance my life with healthy eating, physical activity, and calming the mind I can receive better health for my whole body.  I love to use tools that help me relax, take times out of my busy day, and meditate on the positives.

One of the tools I used over the last couple weeks in my new Pledge Lavender Soy Candle Harmony from Aurorae.  This beautiful candle gives off a delightful soft clean scent to use during my Yoga workouts.  I have often thought about using candles while practicing my Yoga but never tried it until now.  Lavender is a very relaxing scent that calms my nerves and lifts up my thoughts.  While doing yoga you do a lot of deep regulated breathing and I have never wanted to clog my yoga area with strong fragrances.  The Pledge candle has a clean, non-toxic, breathing scent that was relaxing and was a great addition to my workouts.  A couple times I found myself pulling the candle out and just sitting back and enjoying my quite time.  One thing I love is that the relaxing scent fills the room and the whole family can enjoy it when I am done.
A couple Features of Pledge Candle
* Made with Soy Wax
* Comes in a beautiful Tin container that is recyclable.
* Makes no black smoke, with a soft clean non -toxic scent.  
* 30-35 hours worth of burning time per a candle.  

At first when people think about Yoga, and have not tried it yet, think its all about stretching 
Whether you are doing a hard Yoga workout, stretching, meditations, prayers, or working on starting your day out slowly you will enjoy this Aromatherapy Candle.
The Yoga Mat and Micro Fiber Yoga Towel also happen to be Aurorae, as you can see I really like their products, Eco friendly and great for Yoga. 

You can order your candle at Amamzon for $24.95.  Right now the candle is discounted to $14.95!!
As you can see above we will be having a Giveaway starting 6/7, be sure to enter!


  1. This is a great deal! Will check whether they have it over here in asia as well!

  2. I love candles, this one sounds great too, since it is more natural than the conventional ones... thanks for the review!

  3. Wow that would really ad to the relaxation factor of yoga! I love that it doesn't give off black smoke! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love candles, I have this one also and love it!

  5. I've never tried yoga yet. But I'm working on getting my health in balance so maybe I should enter this giveaway and get motivated to try!

  6. I love candles so much and I especially enjoy that this one is soy as others bother my asthma. :)