Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Six Layer Fruit Salad Recipe

I love easy to throw together salads that are refreshing, healthy, and tasty.  We made this for a family and friends brunch and I loved how pretty it was.  I used my Pampered Chef punch bowl, which really showed off the colors of the antioxidant rich fruits. 

Six Layer Fruit Salad
Watermelon Balls
Red Grapes

Arrange in the order you like, mind is in order from bottom to top.  Once we arrived at the brunch I then mixed the fruit up for a blended scoopful. 

The great thing about summer is enjoying some delicious cooling tasty salads.  We prefer to not mix anything in the fruit, but you could have a side of topping to add over your fruit salad.  I sometimes will mix yogurt with some orange juice to make a citrus addition. 

Looking for a few more Brunch ideas?
See Chilean Salad Recipe and Delicious Easy Quiches , making the perfect Family Brunch. 

What are some favorite fruit topping recipes?

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