Friday, July 31, 2009

Back to school

With school around the corner, I wanted to mention some nutrition advised for the school schedule.

It is vitally important to make sure that you are sending your children to school with a good head start. We make sure they are dressed, teeth brushed, and homework done, but do we make sure they have a complete and healthy breakfast? You want to make sure their day does not start laced with sugar, that can make it difficult to concentrate on task through the day. The average child does not even eat half of the fruits and vegetables needed on a daily schedule. It is important to make sure the breakfast has whole grains for substance, fruit for energy that last through the day, and maybe even yogurt for a great source of calcium.

I prefer to pack my kids lunch even though the Schools lunch schedule says they include a fruit and vegetable. They usually use processed meats, starches (mostly white flour), and the fruits and vegetables are not always fresh but out of a can. When you eat items that have been processed and stored in Aluminum cans then aluminum leaches into the foods, and that heavy metal can cause lots of damage in later years. It is one of the top causes of Alzheimer's. Also, when the fruits or vegetables are processed in aluminum cans they are lacking the enzymes needed for digestion. When the food does not digest correctly, it causes many imbalances and not to mention physical discomforts like cramps, constipation, or gas.

When I pack their lunches I try to have a three day diet. I make sure to be rotating the fruits and vegetables every three days. that way it is not the same thing everyday. Change it up. Be sure to have a vegetable or TWO in there, and a fruit. For the bread use a non enriched whole grain. I stay away from sweets in their lunch. These will cancel the good things you put in there to eat. Unfortunately, we do not see them at lunch and we do not want them to eat the sweets over the good whole foods. I also, like to put in some sides like a granola bar or wheat pretzels since these are a great source of fiber and they are also filling. If your child is in after school sports, be sure to pack a healthy snack to consume before they practice. Cottage cheese is another favorite for the lunch snack or after school time.

It breaks my heart sometimes to see children's lunch boxes with sugary treats and then you wonder why they are emotional or not able to concentrate. It's all about eating for A's and eating for health.

Try to stay away from the sugary cereals, bring more whole fruits and vegetables in to the daily diet. I also love to pack an extra water container because they are also not drinking enough water through the day. It is best to use a reusable watering container instead of the plastic water bottles. These leach the plastic toxins into the water they drink here look at the ads I have to the left if you are looking for great products to reuse and have for lunches.

Have a Healthy and Blessed Day!

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