Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer colds

A summer time cold is irritation, but there are ways to avoid one. So often we are out in the sun absorbing all the great vitamin D. The sun transforms cholesterol into vitamin D and we also use and transfer vitamins needed for the skin.
Vitamin F rejuvenates the skin. If you are out in the sun and end up getting a sunburn, the body will send whatever vitamin F is needed to replenish the skin. That is why you will see people put oils on after a nice shower after a day in the sun. It helps to restore the vitamins and condition the skin to heal. Coconut oil is my preference followed by safflower oil. The reason people feel tired after a long day of sun and fun is that the body is compensating for the changes in vitamins used and needed to restore, a lot is going on there. It would also be a great idea to eat a nice garden salad to replenish the used sodium supply. Sodium and Potassium are the two minerals that need to be restored on a daily basis. So, when you are out playing and glistening from the heat and exertion, you are losing lots of sodium and potassium. After being in the sun all day a wheat allergy may increase the risk of a summer cold. That is why people normally will eat fruits and salads to cool down, rice is great also. But, the wheat will use up the sulphur and cause the sulphur sacks in your throat to swell and create flem. When you are in the sun for extended periods of time, be sure to eat right after to keep from getting any of those silly summer colds.
If the cold comes on, just let it run its course. If you take over the counter meds you will slow down the healing process. Drink plenty of fluids, stick to water, teas, and juices. Avoid mucus causing foods like milk, dairy, and wheat. Allow the body to rest to be able to heal. By doing a little bid of exercising you can also help loosen any mucus that may have formed in the chest. Also, increase your salad and fruit intake. Our family also loves a certain raw egg smoothie that I will describe below the kids refer to it as the "Sunny D" Shake. It is delicious and easy to make. it helps to alleviate the symptoms of the cold and helps to cut down on healing time.

"Sunny D" Shake
1 Tbsp Raw Honey
1 Raw Egg
1 1/2 cups of Orange Juice
1/2 cup of ice

First blend the egg and honey together briefly until frothy. Then add juice and ice, whip until all blended and enjoy. You can also add your favorite berries and/or bananas. We drink this 3 times a day when we have a cold in the house and usually only have to continue for 2 days.

Have a Blessed and Healthy day!!!!

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