Wednesday, July 22, 2009

P90X what is it

P90x has been the best workout I have ever done. My husband bought it a few months back and I was very sceptical if it would work. I had already had my fourth baby and wanted to lose some of the extra baby weight. Good nutrition is vital in loosing weight but I know I need some toning and exercises.
So I went along with the 12 week challenge that they ask you to make. The package comes with 13 DVDs that has everything from Kenpo to yoga, my husband's favorite (I am laughing). Yoga Is really my favorite but I truly love all the DVDs. It come with a Fitness Guide that instructs you where to start and how to measure so you can see and feel the improvements.
It also comes with a nutritional guide to help you get the most out of the toning and weight loss. It has great recipes and I love the amount of veggies and fruits they have you eat.
You are probably wondering where I am with the program. I am on week 7 of 12 and have lost 21 lbs. I am still working to finish the program and hope to still lose an additional 10 lbs.
All workouts are great and Tony Horton is great to see everyday. The workout can be according to what you are looking for. There is the classic, Doubles, and lean. I am currently working on lean. The workouts are Chest & Back, Plyometrics, Shoulders & Arms, Yoga, Legs and Back, Kenpo, Stretch, Core, Cardio, Chest Shoulders & Triceps, Back and Biceps, Ab Ripper.
A little info about Ab Ripper its only 15 minutes, you will love it or hate it, but that one little workout has major results.
You can see the DVD set in the advertisements on the left, you can go view it in amazon.
If you are looking to loose weight or to get cut and toned, you want this workout.

Have a Blessed and Healthy Day!!!

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  1. Awesome blog.. and I was even up at 5am and ran into the infomercial. Oy yeah i rdered it!!1 Will let ya know my progress as I start to use it!