Monday, January 7, 2013

Breakfast Get Creative, Keep it Fresh, and Make it Enjoyable.

I believe that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  You need to take the time to eat a nourishing and replenishing meal to charge your body for everything you demand of it that day.  Breakfast means "To Break a Fast".  Think about how you have gone between 5-10 hours since your last meal, and your body is digesting and resting during the night while you sleep.   If you skip your breakfast you are depleting your body even more and running on empty.  This is why people tend to need more sugary and caffeinated items to get them moving.  This week we are going to focusing on a more nutritious breakfast. 

First, you should take a look at everything you eat last week.  If you are not keeping a food journal, then you need to start, until a healthful daily diet is natural.   See what you consumed for breakfast, or if you skipped it completely.  How was your energy?  Where you craving certain foods?  How was your mood?  These are all areas that are affected by what you eat or don't eat for breakfast. 

Two of the largest obstacles for breakfast are time and organization.  Are you running late?  Is the fruit already cut up?  Are you taking the time to pack a snack and or lunch?  Are you getting the kids ready for school and to the bus stop, making sure they are all set and forgetting about your needs as well?  If you take the time to do a little planning, then breakfast will be a lot easier in the morning. 

You want to make sure you are not eating the same thing every day, because you want balance and variety, it is the spice of life.  I like to sit down and make a weekly menu of what we will be eating for all meals including snacks.  This helps me to stay organized, takes the stress out of "what to eat", and keeps me from wasting any food.  Try making a calendar with a 3 to 4 day rotation of meals.  You don't want to have an egg every morning and you don't want to have the same fruit every morning.  This variety gives you something to look forward to and keeps you satisfied.  I go a little farther and have a breakfast plate that I like to use because it has all these beautiful colors and brightens my morning. 

You want your breakfast items to be filling and to have a good source of carbohydrates to provide lasting energy.  Whether you are doing heavy lifting or sitting in a desk you need energy.
Breakfast items
  • Whole grain breads, bagels, and cereals.  You want to use an Organic and nonGMO brand for these selections especially.  If you are not sure why I suggest this, please hit the GMO News tab at the top of the blog.  When you are eating breads I suggest limiting the amount of jams, butters, and other condiments as these are empty calorie items.  A little bit can give great taste and enjoyment, but use them in moderation.
  • Fruits.  I love have fruit in the morning because it provides a last energy source that taste great.  Fruits have antioxidants, fats, and are lower in calories than breads and cereals.  Make the mornings easier on you by precutting up fruit and having it ready to serve. 
  • Eggs, boiled, scramble, fried, omelets, and quiches will give you protein along with other needed nutrients.  I usually don't eat eggs more than 3 times a week at a max, just to keep from have too much protein in my diet.  If you are vegan than you know to use legumes as a nice filling source of energy and proteins. 
  • Fresh Juices
  • Smoothies provide an assortment of vitamins and nutrients that are quickly blended and can drink on the way to work or school.
  • Vegetables are usually over looked as a breakfast item.  While I was in Scotland I loved my toasted tomatoes.  Oh man where those good and go wonderfully with a side of toast and fruit. 
  • Add in some Yogurt, kefir, and natural cheeses.  These have protein, calcium, and carbohydrates, and other nutrients. 
Get Creative, Keep it Fresh, and Make it Enjoyable.
Have fun with your breakfast choices, this is your time to start your day off right and making a delicious breakfast and not feeling like you are rushed gives you a more relaxing day.  Breakfast sets the pace.  If your breakfast is rushed or missed you feel that same way all day long.  By using fresh ingredients you are providing your body with live foods.  These are what will heal and repair the body.  If you are eating items that can last for years on a dry shelf they may not have as much life giving nutrients.  Cereals and granolas are energy and provide life, but throw in some fresh fruits with it.  Milks can add in protein easily and you can change this up a bit with almond milks, rice milks, and coconut milks.  Change it up will give you verity and different taste.  Sit and enjoy you breakfast.  Place everything out in front of you, chew your food, and think positively about the day ahead of you.  By waking up a few minutes earlier than normal, planning your outfit, and prearranging your breakfast you can glide into your day and still sit and enjoy your breakfast.  It just takes a little planning and following through. 

Two things to start today, if you are not already doing it. 
Make a menu for this week's breakfast, and make it different each day.
Record what you are eating and how you are feeling. 

Don't stress about lunches and dinner right now, we will get to that.  This week you are just working on making more healthful breakfasts and working on starting your day right.  If you are drinking mugs of coffee you may want to cut back to one or two cups and include more juices.  Be sure to come back for some great recipes this week for breakfast, some to make a head and some easy to make in the mornings. 

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  1. I LOVE my breakfast. We eat oatmeal or farina most days.

  2. Ohhhhhhh I am trying to start eating breakfast and I have started thinking about meal planning! I have it in my head but I need to put it on paper.

    Thanks Kelly you are always an inspiration.


  3. I am absolutely horrible about eating breakfast, but you make it sound fun even!!

  4. I'm really trying to eat a healthier breakfast now. Thanks for the reminder and suggestions!

  5. I skip breakfast way to much. And it is really just because I am not hungry. I will be trying harder to eat something every morning. Even if it is something small.

  6. I try to eat healthier breakfasts. I love bran flakes and any kind of fruit. And expecially orange juice.


  7. I have never been a breakfast eater in the mornings, but I love it for a brunch or supper, and cereal is one of my favorite tv snacks if supper is light or early. Great post and I know I should be better about breakfast.

  8. I am so predictable for breakfast. I am stuck on my oatmeal with a bit of brown sugar and cinnamon. If I am on the road early, I love McDonalds oatmeal. Luckily it is good for me with my addiction for it.

  9. I always eat breakfast on the go, so sit down food never works for me. :/

  10. I always eat breakfast in two seconds flat!! Not good for me!!! I actually just bought some Ovaltine today at the store!!

  11. Thanks for the great suggestions! I have a few different favorites that are healthy and quick.

  12. I have been trying really hard this year to eat healthy organic fruits and veggies - trying to change my eating habits! I am amazed at how great I feel! Lots of energy and I am not hungry! Thanks for your many helpful food tips over the past year!