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VaCCeptable Injuries by Markus Heinze Book Review

I know this subject will be controversial at times and I hope you read this review with an open mind.  This book talks about a father's research that started when his daughter received an injury from vaccinations resulting in Type-1 Diabetes.  His research has led to finding many injuries of children from Cancer, Autism, ADD, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies. 

The book is 145 pages long and I was able to read it very quickly, for one I could not put it down.  I had already been following this subject making my own inquiries as to whether Vaccinations were safe or not.  I am hearing more and more stories of these injuries and toxins in the shots before ever picking up Markus book.  For the last 10 years we have not received any Flu shots because I did not believe they really protected me from the Flu.  Every year there are many strains of the Flu roaming the planet, and the shot of the year is just the strain they estimate to be the most problematic.  Even though we always opt-out of the Flu shot, every one of my children has received every vaccination to date.  I never knew there were other options, especially since my children would not be allowed at school if they were not up to date.  I almost feel bullied in having to have these done, knowing that they contain bacteria, heavy metals, and other substances that are unknown to me.  I give them to my children because the government says I have to and that they protect my children from future harm. 
Over the last few years I have been seeing many that DO NOT vaccinate their children, and they have never experience anything other than normal colds and regular illness.  Some of these children are well into their teens, and as healthy as mine.  I started wondering about this as I receive pink letters in my children back packs of illnesses found in their classroom, illness like chick pox, strep throat, pinkeye, foot and mouth disease, Flu, and more coming home.  While I am thankful to the school for keeping me aware, I think roughly 98% of all children in the public schools are vaccinated and still getting these illness.  I have also been following the rise in children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Autism, and Childhood diabetes, it's alarming and as I read Markus book I am wondering if there really is a link.  No one questions vaccines unless they have a horrific experience and that experience is seldom shared with the masses. 

In Markus Book "Vacceptable Injuries" he shared his story of why he started his own research.  He shares what we actually know about vaccines and the Unknown of vaccines.  He shares horrifies research of HOW they tested the "safety" of vaccines.  Let me explain a little here about the safety testing.  He recommends, and questions, "Why" they never tested the vaccines against placebos.  The vaccines are tested against "other" vaccines showing little differences.  Well, that's like testing if a whopper is unhealthy against a Big Mac.  They're both unhealthy right?  He then goes into explaining that they knowing put vaccines to use when some result in deaths.  Some of this has been explained that the numbers are too few and it protects the masses.  He refers to as like playing Russian roulette as to whether your children will be one affected by the toxins and metals.  The book is loaded with quotes, studies, and information that may or may not change your mind, but it at least opens a second side of the story. He shows graphs that since the 1900's we were already on downward slope of less outbreaks of diseases.  Yes there were a few outbreaks here and there, but the question as to whether vaccines actually protect from those diseases is in question.  He discusses the credibility, the effectiveness, and the bandwagon of society. 
 My Opinion
I am still on the fence as to whether we will continue to vaccinate or not.  I am not taking Markus word on everything in the book, not because I believe it in error, but as a parent I have to research all the facts.  I have only ever been told that they are safe, seeing with my own eyes children and adults affected has opened my eyes and made me question this system.  Markus' book may not change your opinion on whether to vaccinate, but you owe it to yourself, children, grandchildren, friends, and family to read and ask some questions.  He has given me many links to follow up on and dive into this further.  His book has done its job and helping me ask questions, and to stop blindly believing that someone else knows what's best for me and my family.  I might still vaccinate, but I have some time to do more research and before making that decision.  I am leaning towards no more, but I owe it to myself and my children to look at this further before making any decision.  I hope you pick up this book and ask a few questions as well. 

A few quotes from the book
"Numerous medical articles suggest that vaccine adjuvants (adjuvant is an ingredient intended to aid in the effectiveness of the vaccine , substances such as aluminum and mercury)can cause autoimmune disorders........aluminum in vaccines causes cell death."
"The researchers found that for every live vaccine given, there's one high risk event to be expected for every 168 twelve  month old vaccinated, and one high-risk event for every 170 eighteen month old children vaccinated.  Doctors expect to see 20 seizures for every 100,000 children vaccinated.  Slowly it became evident to me that vaccinating our children is like a shot in the dark, like playing the lottery using our child's lives."
"About 30, 000 reports are received by VAERS each year:10-25% involve hospitalization, permanent disability, or are considered life-threatening; about 2% involve death.  At the same time it is estimated that ONLY 1-10% of all doctors report a severe health problem that occurs after a drug or vaccine is given to a patient."
"according to the US Food and Drug Administration, safety assessments for vaccines have often not included appropriate toxicity studies because vaccines have not been viewed as inherently toxic."  In other words: the same government agency that  assures you that vaccines are safe has not studied and researched all the ingredients in those vaccines."
"the pharmaceutical company producing this vaccine and the FDA knew that many children would die from the vaccine. (When 36,165 children received this vaccine, 25 died.  Statistically, this implied that if 361, 165 children received this vaccine, it would kill 250 children.)" 
 "There are no cases of wild polio (naturally caused polio) left in the United States.  Instead we now see elevated numbers of vaccine-induced polio."
I could go on, but these are ones that spoke to me personally and had highlighted.  Each of these quotes contain links to support in the book. 

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  1. I really appreciate how you reviewed this book - you gave it an honest and fair assessment, free of emotionalism. Very well done, and thank you for sharing!

  2. Very good review! Love your opinion as well.

  3. I have always been a parent who follows all vaccination rules - except for flu. Sometimes we get it for all the family and some years we don't. I'm not sure how I feel yet about them. Thanks for your honest look at the struggle many parents deal with. We'll not really know how safe they are for another 20 or 30 years will we?

  4. My kids have been vaccinated as well, but we opt out of the flu shot too. I would love to learn more about vaccines! Thanks for the review!

  5. Very controversial for sure, and we need more information to make better decisions. Not the first time we were mislead by the government. I am still urgently upset about the dairy cow/milk issues with hormones, antibiotics and other nastiness but the government and dairy council are buddies so children's health is not important. (Grrrr) I am NOT a conspiracy theorist but we may absolutely find out that vaccines are not as safe as we thought.

  6. I know families on both sides for this one. I love your review and that you are being a good parent and doing your research before trusting just one publication (not saying the book is wrong or right). As a parent I have to hear all sides to make my decision as to what is best for my children. Thank you for sharing this, parents can never have to many resources.

  7. Awesome review, and very important information for all parents. My husband and I do the debate over the flu shot every year, and that last few years have opted out. Less "shots" or med's we can take we feel the better.

  8. This is such a great review! I love your opinion on this and that your doing your own research. As a parent that doesn't vaccinate as I was vaccine injured myself I have to say that my opinion is not that people shouldn't vaccine but rather that they shouldn't simply be sheeple who do not question what they are putting into their children that can then never be taken back out. Too often parents like Markus don't do the research until it is too late. It is so sad that some people think the damage done by vaccinations are acceptable. They aren't. I think though maybe it is easy to judge when one is not the one hurt or not holding a child damaged by them or worse. Vaccines have killed people, babies, and that just is not acceptable. The science is flawed and if nothing else, we need to demand better testing to keep our kids safe!

  9. Wow. This was an eye opening review for sure! And you are right- everyone is so quick to jump on the band wagon with out completely researching your are doing the right thing by having all the facts before jumping to conclusions. I will also be looking more into this.

  10. Great Review. The book was very helpful for me as well.

  11. Very good review...this is such a important topic. I just read a article where Italy has ruled that the MMR Vaccine causes Autism.

  12. I've never been able to vaccinate...they always make me sick.