Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolutions That Work

Happy New Year!! 
I am so excited about 2013, because this year is going to be all about a New You!
We are going to make it simple to make gradual changes in our health, fitness, and natural living.
I think America needs a little help in getting back to our roots, eating for health, and living simply.  Now I am not asking us to go back to Little House on the Prairie, or that we need to be as drastic as the show Revolution, but we need to make some changes and it starts with you.
The problem with New Year's Resolutions is that we getting all excited, make HUGE changes, and look at it as a short term thing.  Whether you want to improve health, get more fitness, or lose the weight, you have to look at this as a lifelong change.  If you are planning on doing this like a diet, than I am sorry but it will not last. 
Before you throw out all your junk food, processed foods, and buy up everything you can find in the produce section, I ask you to look at your normal schedule now.  You may already now your daily diet is lacking in vegetables and nutritious foods, but when you make changes you have to know where you are starting from.  I have noticed when people go all in and hit the "health kick" they do amazing for the first week or two, and then go on an all-out binge or just throw in the towel completely.  Want we want to do is make gradual changes so you will change just a few things a week and when you look back in a few months you don't even remember the change.  This makes it easier on you and your household.  Usually, I don't ever tell my family when we have changed something, I just do it gradual and they never even knew.   
Nutrition is a process. 
You will not be able to just change everything overnight.  It is actually going to be difficult in the beginning, with reading labels and making menus.  I am not discouraging you, but I do want you to be aware that it is a challenge for most.  In about five months you will be surprised how much has changed and how most decisions become an afterthought of good choices.  When things are changed gradual, always moving forward, you no longer have to struggle like you might have in the beginning.
Here are a few things to understand and know where to start.   
  • Know that you have to make a conscious decision to make the change.  We usually think it will be too much work and we say "I can't do this; it’s too much to change".  Stop that thinking and erase it from your memory.
  • When we identify the objects that are in our life and weigh them against the benefits, we take the objects out of the equation or they lose their weight of a negative influence.  After all we are looking to change our nutrition for the benefit of better health and life.  So what could possibly be so much more important than our children and family members’ health and wellness? 
  • Do not be hard on yourself that you do not know where to start and what all the labels mean.  That is why it is a gradual change to learn and to heal the body in a gradual more beneficial way.
Some of the Negative self-talk you might be saying right now.  
  • My child is a picky eater
  • Nutrition is too expensive
  • My schedule is too busy
  • It’s too confusing
  • It’s just too hard......YOU CAN DO THIS.  Some of these obstacles that are keeping you from changing are real but here are a few things to take into consideration. 
Know that others before you, including myself, have successfully brought health in to their lives.  We are not reinventing the wheel here; we are making things simpler and taking the gimmicks out of it.  Know that as you building the foundation of health for your family, your child is receiving a better future and an inheritance that money can't buy.  Taking the steps now will also help teach your child healthy choices to take with them into their adulthood.  Know that this is your decision and no one can stop you from having a better life and better healthier home.
This week: Journal everything and make your goals.
If you have a smart phone I recommend the app "Lose it", this is what I use to log my exercises and food.  When we see what we are eating every day it helps give us perspective into where we need to make changes.  The great thing about the app is that it also gives you calorie count.  This will help you see why the Value Meals are not really a value.  Why some snacks are not as satisfying as you think when you can blow 30 minutes of exercise on one handful of chips.
NO apps No problem.  I recommend picking up a journal or notebook that is easy to carry with you everywhere.  You want convenience and something to big and bulky will become an obstacle, make it easy on yourself.  What you will be writing down each day is everything you put to your lips: drinks, water, food, snacks, mints, candy, everything.  You will want to write next to that entry whether you brought from home, fast-food, vending machine, convenience store and such.  If you are purchasing your food out, I recommend writing the price next to that entry.  This was a huge eye opener for a few of my clients.  When they really saw how much they were spending on daily purchases that compared it to groceries and found that healthy eating was more affordable and saved them money. 
I recommend a gradual move into fitness.  You don't have to go out and get a membership at the Gym, start with walking around your neighborhood, a community park, or a simple at home workout video.  You don't have to go full force just start moving and you will want to log this as well.  What you did, for how long, and how far.  Fitness should be fun and a stress reliever.  In the beginning you can be very creative.  Last night as we brought in the New Year, we rented Just Dance for the Wii.  I am a fit woman and I loved the workout I got while laughing and dancing.  We like to take family bike rides, hike, swim, and so forth.  The idea is just start moving.  Most people find that when they mark their calendars and actually schedule it they make that appointment, so you can try that as well.
Make your Goals for the Year. 
This is your visual motivation.  When making your goals, word them in a positive manor and make them obtainable.  Sometimes we make goals that are beyond are limit say, I am going to lose 50 lbs. in 3 months, while you might be able to do that we are going to focus on healthy weight changes that come off and stay off.  The idea is to make changes that have you eating foods that support a healthy weight and the weight is no longer a concern.  Here is an example of a friends goals for this year. 
To lose 30 LBS, to be GMO free in at least 75% of all foods, and to run a Half Marathon.  I told her that these were wonderful goals, they are obtainable, and they are positive. 
Come back for post that will be supporting these changes.
What is Nutrition and What are Non-Foods.
Getting Organized
What are you doing to get moving with ideas for Fun Family Fitness?
Next Week~ Changes in Breakfast Only. 
What are your Goals or Thoughts about a New You 2013?
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  1. Goals for 2013!
    Okay...here goes!
    1. Lose 40 pounds
    2. Lower my Cholesterol to be below 200.......currently 228
    3. Add Yoga into my life.
    4. Have at least 52 new experiences for 2013
    I will be posting about my New Me Journey on my blog...http://www.deda-studios.com/2013/01/my-healthy-journey-2013.html

  2. My goal is to get healthier... eating right, exercise (MUCH exercise) and enjoying life :)

  3. Great reminder to start small! My first step has been to add more water to my daily routine. I am now in the habit of drinking lemon in water every day, now I'm ready to take the next step!

  4. Negative self talk has definitely been a problem in my past. I have worked on that a lot over the years, though. :)


  5. love this! I am trying to be more healthy and watch my weight this year. I made dinner tonight and my husband was like "can you eat that?" I said of course I can, in moderation! I am one who burns out on diets fast! LOL. I'll have to bookmark this so I keep it in my head I am not dieting!

  6. Angela ChristopherJanuary 2, 2013 at 4:31 AM

    Nice! I want to get more pictures of me with my kids this year. I'm always behind the camera. I sure wouldn't mind losing that 50 lbs from my 2012 resolution...or quit smoking from my 2011 resolution! :)

  7. I love your look on "resolutions" often people set unrealistic goals and do not follow through. You make it seem simpe! My goals this year- Create new recipes, get closer to my family and God, and continue improving my health!

  8. Great ideas! Will definitely be following :) Just started the Couch to 5k program, it's definitely a gradual process, which is good :)

  9. I'm in a continuation of the search for proper nutrition've gotten from this site very useful information thank you