Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Help Get Sentinel Peak Brewery Kickstarted!

Sentinel Peak Brewing Company trying to get their Brewery Kickstarted and we need your help!
"SPBC nano brewery is about providing a constant variety of exceptional hand-crafted beers in a casual setting with friends."
You can watch their fun KickStarter Video in the upper right hand corner of this blog. 
I have had a few of Jeremy's Beers and I loved them, especially the dark beers!  I personally love the Monsoon Dunkel which was awarded a medal!!  Jeremy Hilderbrand, Matt Gordon, and Taylor Carter are local Tucsonans and Firefighters.  In January we tried a few varieties of the Sentinel Peak at a local gathering, my husband who has a great nose for beer knew these where not your ordinary home brewed beers.  Ever since then we have been very excited to know that the business was getting kick-started.  We have helped make a donation and ask that you do as well.  While you will be helping start a wonderful company you will get items in return for your donation. 
For a $10 pledge you will get "The Eddie LeBec”: SPBC Sticker and “Thank You” on SPBC website.
For $25 pledge you will get "The Robin Colcord" : same as $10 PLUS SPBC bottle opener/keychain.
For a $50 pledge you get “The Coach Ernie Pantuso”: The Same as $25, plus SPBC Growler and your name placed in some special way at SPBC.
For a $100 pledge you get "The Carla Tortelli”: Same as $50, plus SPBC t-shirt.
For a $200 pledge you get "The Woody Boyd”: SPBC Growler, SPBC t-shirt, 4 SPBC Pint Glasses, and your name placed in some special way at SPBC .
There are also pledges going up to $5000 that you can see each thank you item you would receive down the side of the right side here. 
These men are living the dream!  Jeremy uses a verity of grains and spices to make the right blends for each season.  He was on a radio show and explains why he started the business and his passion about making beer and his different combinations.  You can clearly hear the delight the men have while trying the darker beers.  You can hear more about this beer making process and his story on Sentinel Peak with Wake Up Tucson Radio show and the Sentinel Peak crew at the Frank Show.  I love that Sentinel Peak is big into community and making place to relax and enjoy a great beer.

Mission Statement
"To provide a constant variety of exceptional, hand-crafted beers in a casual setting where families, friends, and neighbors experience consistent quality and engage in worthwhile conversation.
Sentinel Peak Brewing Company is a 3 BBL (that’s 90 gallons at a time!) nanobrewery which will offer a rotating selection of craft beers along with a few house favorites. Our inspiration comes from many sources including, but not limited to, travels we’ve had and suggestions from friends. We look forward to sharing our brews with you soon!"~~SPBC
I love the video the guys made for the kick-started, what did you think of it? Tell me below!


  1. Oh, I love a good dark beer. This is awesome!

  2. Hope they can get this going! Sounds like they have some great beer

  3. Love locally brewed beers! Sharing this!

  4. My dad is such a beer snob and loves IPAs. He would definitely be interested in hearing about Sentinel Peak Brewing Company. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks so much for spreading the word, and the support, Kelley! We have 9 days left and are really starting to get down to the end. We have a brew fest on Saturday and a public hearing next week, and then we are done with the Kickstarter! Things keep moving at the site (we are getting bids for a new bar right now). Very exciting times!

    Hope to see you guys soon,
    Sentinel Peak Brewing Company

    1. I am so glad you guys made the Goal! I am also looking forward to coming in and having a beer on opening day!