Thursday, May 30, 2013

Do You Rock Your Inner Mama?

I believe in changing the way the mind works to improve one’s health and wellbeing.  The way we handle stress and emotions has an impact on our health.  One of the biggest struggles I see with parents is staying calm and patient when faced with daily challenges with their kids.  This can be a struggle to balance stress and feelings.  That is why I am excited to share with you "Rock Your Inner Mama." 

It is important to learn to relax and use mindful parenting techniques to help you be the best mama, or father, you can be.  Rock Your Inner Mama will help give new insights to help you face the day more prepared to handle any obstacles or glitches that arise.  No matter what stage you are in parenting sometimes we can feel like we have no idea what we are doing, sometimes we feel we could have handled a situation better, or just completely exhausted all patience.  Some of the visualizations in this CD will help you be more mindful to yourself and your family’s needs.  Rachel Sklar has multiple parent coaching certifications and has a Master’s in Social Work.  She crafted the 9 track CD to help you Rock your Inner Mama with easy to use Mama Mantras.  Her gentle relaxing voice helps to guide you in being the best mom you can rise to be. 

Rock your Inner Mama has 10 principles that help you open your heart to your family and access your inner parent.  There is no perfect way to be a parent; we have no guide book that we are given when we have our little angles, not to mention that each child is so different.  Knowing how to shift into a more positive mom, you can be a more understanding loving addition to your family.  As I listened to the first track I noticed that I already use these positive affirmations with claiming my health and food choices.  Why I had not thought about using the same technique with Parenting, I have no idea.  In the first track she gives you 10 principles, affirmations, that you can chose to use and say to yourself daily.  While many spoke to me one that I absolutely loved and used through this month was "I am flexible, firm, and kind".  This spoke to me in that it is OK to tell my children NO, It’s OK to say YES, and in all situations speak kindly and lovingly.  Being flexible is something I am not always great at and something I am working on.  We keep a tight schedule and I am learning that it’s OK to move things around and not stress over being late to something, changing things up, and just rolling with the day keeping smiling faces and humor. 

I loved the Morning Practices.  Sometimes we are not always ready to jump up and start the day.  During the last month of School, we had so many projects that needed finished, end of year parties, deadlines, test, things needed to be turned in, almost every couple days there was a reason I needed to be at the school for one of the kid’s four classrooms.  As we wake in the morning I get the kids started on their morning routine as I start breakfast and lunches, and a stressful day can get rolling away from you in the morning.  The Morning Practices was a great way to ease into my morning routines.  Rachel's easy and soothing voice helped me take into thought the way I speak and listen to my kids in all things small and big.  The breathing exercises where so wonderful!  I do daily breathing techniques and think they can be an asset to all parents, and I love how she starts every track with simple breathing exercises.  One phrase she mentions that still sticks with me is to "commit yourself to being amazing today".  That means committing yourself to your priorities and your relationship to your child.  My relationship with them is more important than anything I may have planned for that day, any power struggles that come up, or needing to be right.  Since I was focusing on making sure we all had an amazing day, I looked for opportunities to make sure they knew how important they are to me.

This was just two of the nine tracks that give you positive ways to find patience, compassion, and trust in your parenting techniques.  While listening to the CD throughout the month, I noticed things spoke differently to me.  Some days were easy and the CD was just a relaxing tool, while some days I felt like a certain track was speaking right to me.

You can purchase the CD or you can download the MP3 for your device.  I found I really loved it being on my phone because I could just put my earphones in, take some deep breaths and change my mood around.  I have to say that my kids are pretty easy and we do not have many bad days.  No one really does tantrums or act outs since the ages are between 5 and 11 years old, but they do have disagreements, attitudes, and elevated emotions that I have to try and help them work through.  I found that I could be a better mom and help them use some of these same techniques for themselves when dealing with each other.  Whether you have infants, preschoolers, elementary, middle, high school, or collage, every parent can benefit from listening to this CD.  We all want to be the best support and examples for our children helping them make good decisions and lifestyle choices, and staying a coolheaded confident, compassionate and kind parent is a great example for any age.   

I encourage you to pick up a CD or download and start Rocking Your Inner Mama.  You may think you have everything under control, like I did, but there is a lot you can still learn in the CD. 

Purchasing options are at the bottom of the website
You can purchase the CD for $25 ( which includes tax and shipping)
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How do you rock your inner mama now?


  1. This sounds like a great way to get out of bed and start the day on the right foot!

  2. This sounds great, I often find myself so stressed out I have to put myself in time out to calm down.

  3. I agree with Coupons and Friends... I often feel like I need to put myself in a time out to calm down. Think this is great!

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