Friday, May 4, 2012

5 Things to keep in mind to de-stress

This last week has been extremely busy and challenging for me.  While next week is packed to the hilt with events and responsibilities I need to keep myself relaxed.  With this in mind I wanted to share a few I use when times get tough.

  • Find a quite place.  I am a mom of four active and wonderful kids and things get load and chaotic.  I have a ton of end of year events that I need to help with at the school and family obligations.  I love doing all these things but even things we love can cause undue stress on us.  To keep myself in balance I like to find a few minutes in a nice quite place and just breath deep.  No thoughts, No schedule, No noise, No meals, just breathing and relaxing.
  • Make time to exercise.  This may seem like one more thing to schedule in, but it is a must for de-stressing.  This week I have put my exercise on hold and I am feeling the effects of being sluggish, tired, and even a little tense.  Exercise helps us burn pent-up tensions and increases a healthy lifestyle.  This is something we need to always make sure we get in the daily activities.  
  • Get your Yoga On!  Yoga is so much more that a workout.  You get the breathing exercise, concentration, and balance that comes with a great workout.  It helps detoxify the body and mind.
  • Give yourself healthy challenges.  It is important to learn new things in a relaxing manor.  Go for a hike, a new bike ride, try something new in cooking, exercise, reading about a subject that you are interested, and more.  We need to stay out of the stagnant waters of routine and rise to a challenge of improvement and variety. 
  • Be a great example to your family.  They look up to you to be a corner stone of strength.  When we lose the balance of life then they lose a footing to their day as well.  I have had days where the kids or hubby have said, "OK, Mom is losing it".  That is my que to relax, re-prioritize, and let few things go until tomorrow, maybe even next week. :-)
This weekend we have a half marathon to attend and then we will kick back and enjoy Cinco de Mayo fun!  For those in Tucson here are a couple events to look into!  Enjoy your weekend!

Up coming EVENTS Tucson AZ

What:Cinco de mayo Festival!LIVE Mariachi MUSIC  Free kids crafts and more in addition to our farmers and artisans. We have local, pesticide-free and organic fruit and vegetables, hand crafted furniture, quilts, jewelry, handmade soaps and lotions, baked goods and much more. info. HERE
Where:Rincon Valley Farmers & Artisans Market12500 E. Old Spanish Trail

What:Weekend of Cinco de Mayo festivities presented by Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance and Park Place Mall with music, dancing and more.
When:1pm - 3pm: A Son Y Sol Engel Indo Mariachias by Macy's 3pm - 5pm: Street Minstrels - Frank Ross - Latin Folk by Sears
where:Park Place Mall

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