Monday, May 21, 2012

Flash Giveaway of 3 Smelly Jellies, today only.

Just because.......
Do you are really need a reason to just give something you like away?  

My friend Debbie at DeDa Studies is helping me spread some love to me readers, just because.  I love neat and original things.  You know the type of stuff that you can't get just any where, but you would drive an hour to hit the festival or craft fair you know that seller will be at.   That is DeDa!

Welcome inside the lives of DeDa Studios .... designers of original Recycled Glass Art and Smelly Jellies! 
They are a Mother and Daughter Team!  
"We knew we wanted to work together doing what we loved so .... we decided that we would join together to start a business.   We are Debbie & Dawn.....De = Debbie    Da = Dawn   "DeDa Studios" was born!  I am De....the author of the blog!  Da is the face of Facebook...we both share the joys of Twitter & Etsy! 
Dawn makes "Smelly Jellies"...they are a GREEN way to scent your home.  I am the "Recycled Glass Art" artist.  I make glass items out of recycled glass & other items.
We live in very small communities in Wisconsin.  The southeast corner of the state  ....Twin Lakes and Camp Lake.  I live in Camp community is so small we have no mail delivery ...we pick up our mail daily at the small local post office.  When you visit our community it is like you have stepped back in time!  
Dawn  spends her time being a MOM! and a good one at that!  I am married and retired from the healthcare industry...over 30 yrs.  In the 70's my only dream was to be a artist!  I am truly living a DREAM! and I love it!
We are dog lovers and both have labs...mine is King (Kingers) a Black Lab and Dawn's is Dozer a Chocolate Lab.
We pride ourselves on being a honest company....providing excellent quality products and great customer service."

4oz Smelly Jellie with Daisy Lid...Perfect for a Unique gift. My Smelly Jellies scent your room the "GREEN" don't have to worry about lighting anything or plugging anything in...Simply remove the seal, put the lid back on, and place in your room of choice...when it starts drying out simply add water from your faucet..They last around 3-6 months..just depends on how dry your house is.

Smelly Jellies are made with a highest quality oil, so it does not need to be big & bulky in a room. Fits perfectly in a car cup holder or any room. I do not dye any of my products everything is natural in color. Scent your home in a way that no one knows where the scent is coming from. They look great in any setting.

Your home and car will smell great and no one will know how!  See more on their Etsy page.

Just because it is Monday, the kids last week of school, or Just Because.  I am doing a flash Giveaway today to give 3 readers a smelly jelly!  It will be the scent of the week!  A big surprise because I could not pick just any, they are all GREAT!
Just fill out the raffle below and winner will be announced tomorrow.  You will be emailed and need to respond within 24 hours, or another winner will be dawn. 

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  1. Connie Bolick LeeMay 21, 2012 at 8:21 AM

    In the Kitchen-Living area.

  2. Every room

  3. I don't usually use these, but my mother does. I will be gifting her with this.
    Danielle S

  4. Either the dog's room or the baby's room. They both could use it.