Friday, May 25, 2012

Wildwood Healing Balm Review

Wildwood Soapworks has become my favorite body care company.  The organic oils they use in the products make for a truly nourishing experience.

The healing balm has become a hot used item in my house.  With four kids you are bound to get a few scrapes, cuts, bruises, and more.  We started using the balm a month ago and found it universal in all our everyday injuries and beyond.

Veronica is so much like myself.  If anyone is going to find themselves in a cactus, it will be the two of us.  I am still not sure how she did it, but she got a few of the tiny barbs in her finger.  If you have ever gotten a cactus needle in your skin you know how much it itches and burns even after its been removed.  The waterworks where really flowing and I was ready to be in comforting mom mode for the next few hours.  I was surprised how quickly the healing balm soothed her hand.  Within a short time the redness was gone and she felt immediately soothed removing the itching and burning.  We go on lots of hiking trips and one thing I always carry is a fine toothed comb.  This way you can pull out cactus needles quickly.  Now, I need to make sure the healing balm is with the kit as well.  It worked great. 

Another situation I used the balm for was when Gabby got hit in the eye by a neighbors toy.  I guess toys where flying that day and one got her on the eye real good.  The cut was minor, but I worried about a black eye and swelling.  Because I started carrying the balm in my purse I was able to put the balm on right away and reduce the swelling.   She never got a black eye and the cut healed with no scaring.  Thank you Wildwood Soapworks! We have used the balm for cuts, burns, sore muscles, bug bites, scraped knees, and more.

"Good for what ails you, we have infused certified organic extra virgin olive oil with our exclusive blend of herbs, all of which have soothing, healing qualities. If it hurts, burns, or itches, simply rubbing in this natural formula will help relieve what is bothering you. Our clients have successfully used this blend on cuts, scrapes, burns, cold sores, bug bites, and a myriad of other skin conditions. Small enough to carry anywhere, never leave home without it!

Ingredients: organic extra virgin olive oil*, natural beeswax, organic virgin hemp seed oil*, goldenseal powder, myrrh powder, echinacea powder, calendula, tea tree essential oil, high altitude Bulgarian lavender essential oil, natural vitamin E, and rosemary oleoresin extract.
 *certified organic"
A little bit of history.  Calendula, also known as Pot Marigold, has been used in healing arts since the ancient Egyptians started using it.  I was intrigued to find out that back in the US Civil War they use to make a tincture of Calendula to pack wounds, heal burns, and clean open wounds.  This herb has been long used in healing the skin.  The above Balm ingredients are a perfectly blended combination to sooth and heal.

Wildwood Soapworks Healing Balm is treasure.  The balm smells amazing, and kids will be comforted using it.  Just yesterday, I was washing the car and Michael came out to tell me "Gabby hurt her toe, but not to worry, I put the healing balm on it".  I laughed and said "where did you get it?"  He said "from your purse where you always have it."  I was so pleased to see that the kids on their own will reach for this as the first step in an injury.  I went to check on Gabby's toe and she had stubbed it against her bookshelf.  It looked fine, but she said the balm made it feel better.  Our house has a few injuries every now and then, it is expected with an outdoor lifestyle.  We play sports, always outside, and love nature.  Nature does not always love you back and I am happy to carry this on our adventure days.

As part of my Mother's Day gift to my Mom, she received the Healing and Golden Slumbers Sleep Balm .  She loves to use the Healing balm around her cuticles.  That it has been softening them and helping her nails get stronger.  I had no idea!  I have been  using on injuries, but she used it to strengthen her nails and soften hands.  She is now loves the soaps too! 

The Healing Balm is valued at $6.95.  You can find it on their website along with lip balms, soaps, bath teas, lotions, baby and pet products.
You can find Wildwoods on Facebook.  Where you never know when and you never know why, but they love to give out soap to fans.  Be sure to stop by.
Follow on twitter @Wildwoodsoap.  
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On all orders $10 and over you will receive FREE Shipping at the checkout!  No code required.  
Have I said I love this company??  

I have not been paid for this review, it is mine and mine alone.  I received my first bar of soap for just being a new follower on their Facebook page.  I am not making any sales in this post either.  I just love the product and the mission of this company~~Natural, Organic, and Safe!  The Company is so friendly, be sure to stop by Facebook or twitter and tell Sally that Kelley's Passion sent you!


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