Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nutritional News, GM Rice in Kansas

I recently read that Science is now Engineering and Modifying rice to make a Pharmaceutical.   The problem is they are modifying the rice with "human liver genes". 
With approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Ventria has taken one of the most widely cultivated grain crops in the world today, and essentially turned it into a catalyst for producing new drugs.   Read at Natural News and  The Washington Post.
This project started in 2006 in doors in Maryland.  When the Company, Ventria Bioscience, wanted to move the project outdoors was then refused from the state of Maryland.  Ventria then moved the project to Junction City, Kansas where it is now grown outside on 3200 aces and risking cross contamination with other crops.  While this crop of GM Rice was not grown or approved for human consumption, cross contamination is a concern for many.  Crop contamination is actually pretty common, GM Contamination Registry. 

People are calling this rice "Frankenstein Food".  There is no way to know for sure that this GM rice will not end up in your rice, unless you are buying "Organic" and "Non GMO TESTED" foods.  This is actually sad because think of those that travel or when you want to eat out in a restaurant?  Are they using organic non GMO?  How will you know?  It is upsetting that we have to be this concerned and aware of our food sources. Just another reason to support local Framers and Farmers Markets
"This is not a product that everyone would want to consume," said Jane Rissler from the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) to the Washington Post back in 2007. "It is unwise to produce drugs in plants outdoors." Natural News
While I understand this project was started to help a very real problem for children with sever diarrhea and digestive problems, it is something that needs to be contained.   I don't think the project was ever initially meant to be grown outside and risk the possibility of cross contamination.  Also, now I am reading this protein they are instrumenting might be added to yogurts and more.  If they stop killing the live cultures with additives and sugar, they would not need to add digestive proteins back in. 

What are your thoughts?  Are you concerned or alarmed?  Do you think that crops and food should be left as God and Nature intended? 


  1. That's insane!
    Crops should be left nature grows them. Then again, I think nature should be left as it grows in general as well, but we see how well that's working out.

    What are we doing to this poor planet? :(

  2. It is crazy that people can just grow whatever they want, wherever they want! You raise good questions because inside the home you can control what you eat, but what about traveling or the occasional eat out? I believe it is good to stay informed and make the best decisions that you can! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is awful and ridiculous. Why can't people leave well enough alone? Really? Quit messing with my food! On the other hand, companies like these are really helping the local food movement because people like me are afraid to eat things when I don't know what's been done to them.

  4. This is very alarming! I'm a believer that the crops should be left alone.

  5. I agree! This is definitely very worrisome!

  6. that'a pathetic! Like everything else they modify. Scary!

  7. I had no idea! Thanks for sharing