Monday, May 14, 2012

Envirosax Giveaway

I am 14+ days into my May Challenge to Drop the Plastic bags!  You can read my original post at 

With the help of ConservingNow, I have not taken one single plastic bag this month.  There have been times, that if I had not been carrying my Envirosax Bags, I would have been in a tight spot.  It was so handy to be at the register and say "Oh ya, I use reusable bags only please", then pop them right out of my purse.  The Envirosax bags wrap up so easily they take up hardly no room at all in my purse.

There were times when I had my bags out and ready and the cashier would still put them in a plastic.  :-)  I would then place them in my bag and ask them to use for the next person without bags.  They were always very nice and I found that at some store you receive a discount for needing no plastic bags.  I thought that was very cool. 

We spent the weekend in Prescott for my husbands "Whiskey Row Half-Marathon".  We always support each member of our house activities even when we have to get up at 4am to get to a race, a football game, gymnastic, and MORE.  So today was Daddy's race day.  This was a weekend you don't think about, "do I have my reusable bag", but with my easy to carry 5-1 Envirosax bags I was prepared.  The race was going to take at least 2 hours and I wanted to be prepared.  After seeing Dad off, we walked down to the grocery store and picked up yogurt, bagels, and fruit.  We then went back to the square to have a fun picnic breakfast and color.  You can see in the bottom of the coloring photo my Envirosax bag.  I love the convenience of these bags! 

I really put these bags to the test.
  • I used them for produce basket pickup.  
  • Regular grocery shopping.
  • Carrying food and gifts for the teacher appreciation luncheon.                    
  • The assembly of out School Spring fling basket.  Boy where those bags put to the test and came out on top!
  • Tons of errands around town.  I was never wishing I had grabbed a bag before I left and the car was not junked up with a bag full of bags in the back.  (Huge plus right there)
  • Summer shopping for the family for clothes, shoes, and other items.              
  • I was pleasantly reminded every time I left my car to grab my bag with my FREE static cling.  If you have not signed up to get yours you can go here.
  • I picked up meat for our family dinner and I had no problem throwing that bag in the washer to make sure it was clean after use. 
I carried a lot of crafting supplies for our craft basket.

 Find out how you can help in your community and teach your children with Conserving Now.

I am using the Envirosax After Dark 5-in-1 Pouch for $34.99.  You can order yours and see what other designs they have at ConservingNow 5-1 Pouch. 
You can also order the 3-1 Pouches for $20.99

WIN a Single Envirosax Bag of your choice! US entries Only please
One thing I loved, was everywhere I use my bags cashier, teachers, and friends where saying how lovely the designs where.  I love the pattern I picked out, After Dark, and I am happy to say one lucky reader will pick out one of there own single Envirosax bag (Value $7.99).   

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  1. I absolutely LOVE my Envirosax bags. They're perfect for groceries because you can't bring them home and toss them in the washing machine -- no cross contamination worries there! I always have a couple in my purse.

  2. Oh, and I'd like Bag 3 of the Animal Planet series to use for grocery shopping : )

  3. Gasp, I love the sesame street, my boys would have fun helping out then!!:)

  4. I so love these! I have the Animal Planet 5 bag set for grocery shopping. I also keep a bicycle bag and a NYC bag in my purse. And I got the Planet Earth bags (2 of them) for my husband's car when they had their Earth Day sale. I have often given these as gifts to family members as well - I just can't say enough about them!

    I'd love to win one of the kid bags to try - they have some really cute ones like Elmo.

  5. I like the Envirosax Cherry Lane Series and would use for groceries

  6. I would choose the Origami Bag 2! I would use these for retail shopping because I use canvas bags for grocery shopping!

  7. I like the Minisax. Great for putting a few snacks in when we go to the playground or to put my DVD's in when I pick them up or return them to the library.

  8. I love the After Dark series! :)

  9. I would choose Envirosax - Slingsax Bag 3 I would use it to carry groceries and to carry supplies to and from church. I like that it keeps my hands free

  10. I like the Envirosax Sesame Street 2 Series

  11. I would get a Envirosax Marina Series

  12. I think my daughter would love the Sesame Street one!

  13. I like the Envirosax bags!! They are super cute! I would use them for grocery shopping