Monday, November 23, 2009

Get creative and Sneaky about adding more Veggies

Thanksgiving is time that we spend with family, friends, and FOOD. I say that because we do not typically have any social occasion without some form of food or drink. You may be traveling or have family coming to you, so turkey day is just one day of many that you are preparing and consuming food. I had a friend say. "I am going home and I am so worried because I know the rich and delicious foods that will be there, and most will be bad for me." Most Americans do not know the damage that is done by eating foods today. We do not eat the correct amounts of fruits and veggies, and we cut corners making things from a BOX or CANS. What you can do is educate your loved ones on the importance of a Balanced diet.

Under 10 % of American children and teens are getting a sufficient amount of fruits and veggies.

These beneficial items in our diet are important for child growth and maintaining a healthy weight. Even preventing diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, ADHD, and more. The key is to sneak it in and make it fun.

Here are some creative ideas to try
1. Bugs on a log...Celery, peanut butter, and raisins.
2. Fruit Kabobs...assorted fruit on a stick to go.
3. Vegetable flowers and dip

You can get really creative and just add as many good things for them to enjoy. It just takes having some fun.

Check out the recipes and Ideas

They have great creative foods, just remember to be light on the sweets. I often get tempted to over indulge in those.

Have a healthy day.


  1. This has nothing to do with turkey but here I go.... I have a friend who is crazy about sunscreen and when my babies don't have it on she freaks! I just feel that putting chemicals on there skin is bad, I put hats on them and don't let them run around during the bad hours of the day.. (when possible). Have any words of wisdom that can explain my instinct or I'm I just crazy for not slabbing sunscren on my kids!?!

  2. Lani, your right! Putting all those chemicals on the skin can be more harmful. It's good to get the Vitamin D from the Sun. If you know you will be in the sun ALL day. Take precautions. Have hats for the kids, take shad time, you can use fun ways of saying its time to get in the shade, like you said during the time the sun is highest in the sky. You also want to make sure to have plenty of water.
    Now, a great preventive sunscreen to ware. The night before you are in the sun the whole day. Take coconut oil and rub from face to toes. This is a sunscreen with NO chemicals. Not only will you nourish the skin, but protect it. You WOULD not put on the day of. The oils will not have been absorbed and can cause you to be BURNT in stead of protected. I started to use coconut oil this past summer. The kids never knew it was something different, cause it spelled like sun lotion, lol. Enjoy the sun and be responsible, and you can so it without lathering all the chemicals on, that do not guarantee no burn, they rum and wash off, and leave the toxins behind. The coconut oil stays we because it gives the skin cells what it needs to stay protected. They have been using this is hot tropical places for over 150 years, its old school, health, and safe.