Friday, November 6, 2009

Our Environment

You may wonder why I would be concerned with the environment when my passion is nutrition, but I think it goes hand in hand. We have to be more concerned with our environment because our food, water, and air are our resources that are being effected by our life styles.

Today's cause is to drop the bag. If we all took steps to make a better environment we could make big changes. Our oceans are becoming very toxic with the garbage that is Blow, dumped, and washed into it. There is a area larger than the state of Texas, where it goes for miles down with garbage debris. If we learn to make small steps to clean up our garbage, and use the recycling centers near you, we can make big changes. It starts with you and me, and it starts with educating ourselves. Please visit the web site and make a commitment to DROP the bag. The seafood we eat are becoming toxic for this reason. If we want to have fresh seafood, and not Mercury high farm raised seafood as our only choices, than please read more and not continue to look the other way.

I have 6-7 canvas bags that I use for my shopping needs, for the weekly groceries, and I try two keep 1 or two bags in my car for those quick stops. If you start will be making a difference.

Ocean conservancy


drop the plastic bag

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