Thursday, November 12, 2009

Holistic Health Thursday...Homeopathic remedies.

I wanted to let you know about a little secret of mine. You already know that I try to do all the preventive care that I can at home. I love that when I need a Dr. I can see one right away, but the time lost when you have to take a child to a Dr. appointment is so frustrating. The time taken off from work, the time sitting in the waiting room, and then you usually wait some more in the room. Signs that it is cold and flu season so they are going to be very busy right. So, to go along will our natural food choice diet we also use Homeopathic Medicine.

When you take a medication it stems from a medicinal plant source, but they have changed and patented it for their our meds. These have changed and altered the natural state of the plant source of the medicinal plant. That's why meds are usually harsher for the liver than Homeopathic medicine. With all herbs, and items used for medicinal purposes you should use caution and be educated on the benefits and side effects. The great thing about Homeopathic is that you have to learn what works best for what situation. To learn about what to use for the right times, look at "Homeopathic Medicine at Home" By Maesimund B. Panos, M.D., a wonderful book that really breaks it down for you.

Homeopathic remedies to do at home are most effective when you use the right measurements and the right occasions. It is very easy to understand and do, and SAFE!!!!! That would have to be the most important thing to me.

Since it is the cold season and H1N1 is of everyone's concern. We are all taking Aconite 30. The kids take 2 small little balls under the tongue just once a week. You could take it more often, but since they have strong immune systems, we only need to maintain their resistance to the colds. It is great! They were battling runny noses and dry coughs from things they were bringing home from school. It has been one month and not a runny nose or cough since we started this small step in prevention. If you are interested in learning more for your self, pick up the book mentioned above, very helpful and informative. Its not just colds, but also, stomach problems, fevers, earaches, burns, acne, and many more.

Remember this is what our ancestors have been doing since the dawn of time. Prevention and healing.

You could be doing it too, and it just takes education and understanding.

Have a Blessed and Healthy Day!!

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