Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dr Leonard Coldwell speaks about why GMO is toxic!

GMO News is very important to me, because I do not think everyone understands the problem.  Most Americans know the consequences of bad food choices.  Now we are trying to eat healthier foods and we have a ton of fad diets.  We have started to read labels, count calories, and ingredients.  Marketing has started to use terms like Natural, Wholesome, and Healthy even though they might not be.  We started to use Organic Certification to KNOW this is really an organic product.  Now we are trying to know "is this product GMO"? 

Why would you want to know if the item is GMO? Because it is a science experiment without all the trials finished until now!  The test trials to say if corn GMO seeds are safe was conducted for 90 days and then deemed safe.  Studies are now coming out with results of rats on feed on the corn having liver damage and cancers.  I am thinking that 90 days might not have been enough time to say that this product is safe.  

Dr. Leonard Coldwell talks about how GMO foods are toxic.  One point he speaks on is that during digestion our bodies can not digest the food, we don't have the fitting enzymes to do so.  When we eat a GMO food, our body see it as a mutation and tries to get rid of it.  We will keep attacking it with enzymes and energy to rid our bodies of it, and sometimes this goes on for hours, days, even weeks.  While the food is on our digestion it creates toxic gasses, rotting away.  He goes on to explain more but for me this is more reasoning for me to stay away form GMO foods.


He then talks about Monsanto and how they are bulling farmers to have to use their GMO seeds.  How they trapped Farmers to using their seeds, making it impossible to not use their seeds, and that one day they may be the only seeds producers taking over the worlds food supply!  I feel for our Farmers and say the bullying has to stop!

Something I thought he said that was very interesting was that with in 3-7 years of eating GMO foods we can possibly develop cancers.  He then mentions how we are in the highest era of cancer and terminal diseases.  If it did not exist 150 years ago, then lets not eat it.  Before the 1900's cancer rate was 7% and now it is close to 57%.  WOW!

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  1. Interesting. May need to follow this a little more. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I never knew about this problem until I started dating a farmer...five years later, I have seen the bullying and blackmail firsthand. It's a sad cycle that needs to be stopped.

  3. I'm getting more interested in this subject. I'm not sure how well doctors before the 1900s were able to label cases as "cancer", but regardless it seems like there has been a huge spike in cancer. Definitely something to look into, thank you for sharing!

  4. I funk GMO's are the cause of many current issues and we will see more emerge in the future! We live in an age of such amazing scientific information and discoveries. Do we really believe there isn't a cure for cancer and all the other fatal deseases? Or are there people/companies that don't want to disclose the "causes" of these diseases? Like sugar, partially hydrogenated oils, GMO's, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, and the list could go on and on! The hes rule of thumb for our family is: keep the ingredients list short! If it's long, we just don't buy it! Prevention is our best medicine!

  5. Wow... it's amazing that things like this are going on in the world and so many people are defenseless.