Friday, February 22, 2013

Going Green Living Friday, Tip, News, Entertainment, and Volunteering

Going Green Living Friday
Green Tip of the Week 
Go Trash-less for lunches. 
 Green Living Friday, Tip, News, Entertainment, and Volunteering 
It is important to try to reduce and reuse our natural resources.  When it comes to lunches we make a lot of unnecessary waste.  Think about the sandwich bags, paper bags, straws, cups, juice boxes, wraps and it all builds up.  Think about the hundreds of students in your kids school packing or buying lunches.  "The United States generated 13 million tons of plastics waste from containers and packaging, and 7 million tons of nondurable plastic waste (for example plates and cups)"~~Reuseit.
This is the first year that our family has gone to a completely waste free lunch.  With the many green companies helping with green lunch packing, this is easier than ever.
Start today and you can make your mark on green living!
Today happens to be Soup and Stations during Lent.  As a family we head down to socialize with our church community and we all make green attempts.  We bring our own bowls and spoons to reduce waste.  This year we started to bring our washable napkins and cups too, this way our soup dinner experience is completely waste free.  While you might not want to go out and buy everything right away, you can start small and start now.  Maybe make a wish list of purchases to buy every other week.  Also, signup for newsletters to green companies on your wish list so you can be notified of sales and savings events!
Green News
FDA on Frankenfish.
For the first time in history, the FDA has extended its comments period to approve the first commercial production of a genetically engineered animal for human consumption, GMO Salmon otherwise known as "Frankenfish".  The Comments Period is a two month waiting period for them to take the public's opinion in to consideration.  There was been such an out poor of concern that they have extended the comments period another two months. 
There is a lot of concern about the safety for human consumption along with the possible decimation of Alaska's Wild Salmon.  If and when they return to the oceans this could affect the normal, nonGMO population of fish.  I am thankful that the FDA is taking longer to evaluate the concerns of the public. 
If you would like to have a voice in this issue you can head over to the Comments Section here. 
To read more on this topic visit links below.
Solar Sites on closed landfills.
A team of science and engineers are working with the EPA to find closed landfills as future sites for Solar Energy Systems.  "Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the New Jersey Department Environmental Protection’s Office of Sustainability and Green Energy to visit 10 closed municipal landfills located in North, Central, and South Jersey."  This is exciting news for the potential to use this renewable technology. 
To read more on this topic visit links below.
A New Show for us, Sea Rescue.
Sea Recue is a TV show that shows rescued adventures with Sam Champion.  The show highlights adventures in saving sea life and how we can do our part to protect this sensitive and beautiful mystery. 
"Sea Rescue tells the stories of marine animal rescue, rehabilitation and release by the dedicated men and women of SeaWorld’s wildlife rescue teams and partner organizations. With rescue teams on call 24/7, SeaWorld has rescued more than 22,000 whales, dolphins, sea lions, penguins, manatees, sea turtles and birds over the last 40 years, with the ultimate goal of successfully rehabilitating and returning each one to the ocean.  Sea Rescue takes viewers on the team’s incredible and heartwarming adventures through a combination of first‐hand accounts, expert insight and remarkable footage that will inspire, educate and enthrall".
Tucson (Sierra Vista)AZKGUNSat 830a
Services and Volunteering
This week I became a volunteer to Watch the Wild.  I am very excited to take my part in my area.  Since we are always outside, whether running, hiking, or picnicking, this is a way to help protect my environment and give information to those who can most use it. 
"Watch the Wild , a program of Nature Abounds needs your help in observing the "wild" in your community. As a Watch the Wild volunteer, you observe and report what is taking place in your community, from trees and plants to weather and wildlife activity. In as little as ten minutes, your observations help us to understand how our eco-systems are changing and helps us to adapt for the future."
Look for ways you can volunteer and help! 
What did you do to Go Green this week?
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  1. I love trash free lunches! We have done this the past couple of years, and I wish i could say I started it because I wanted to reduce our overall waste and what goes in the landfills, but it actually came from my husband leaving his lunch trash in his car for 2-3 weeks at a time before I caved and cleaned it out. So we went with all reusable items and I couldnt be happier about it

    1. Awesome Jessi! No matter the reason, as log as your trying it helps. Thank you for your contribution!

  2. Love this! We don't use plastic at all in our house. . . well I do still have a few lock and lock bpa free plastics, but even my babies use glass cups and they really don't break them much! We use reusable containers for lunches/snacks/picnics and storing leftovers.

  3. wow, I always learn so much :) we are trying to go trash free for school lunches, I just have to get more organized... my kids reuseit bags mysteriously disappear.

  4. This week to be a little greener....I only purchased items from a resale shop. I was able to find my daughter some great curtains for her new farm house. I also dropped off a bag of clothing that I do not wear anymore. Plus, I have started to focus on grouping together my errands to save on fuel.
    Thanks for the info...I will be checking out Watch the Wild.

  5. I recycled, does that count? Lol... Actually we do use a reusable lunch bag for my kiddo. :-)

  6. We've been making small switches on going Green in our home as well. It's actually fun to challenge our children. Thanks for the tips.

  7. We do sometimes use containers instead of baggies, so at least I'm on the right track! Gotta start somewhere huh?

  8. With having to send my kids' lunch to school every day (not only cause it is healthier but also because of a food allergy) we use things like a sandwich holder for their sandwiches and depending on the side we will use a tupperware container or zip lock bags. It is just so much cheaper to use things like that. ziplock bags are to expensive!

  9. I need to start using less plastic, I have so many of those reusable bags to go grocery shopping only problem is that I forget to take them with me! So we end up with a TON of plastic bags that are just taking up space. Thank you for sharing with us and for bringing awareness to a greener living :D

  10. I took a bunch of batteries, old computer cables and plastic bags to Best Buy to be recycled. It is nice cleaning out my husbands office and not creating as much garbage.

  11. I actually make and use my own feminine pads. I have saved so much money in the past year, and I've kept a lot of junk out of the landfill.

  12. Is it just me or does "genetically engineered fish" not sound very tasty to anyone else, either.


  13. What awesome idea's! I never even stopped to think about the lunch I pack every day for my daughter! Talk about eye opening!

  14. Cool green living tips. Thanks for posting about the volunteering as well. My kids will need something productive to do this summer!