Thursday, February 28, 2013

Greenwomans Magazine Review for an Eco Woman

I love to garden and find it gives me peace and relaxation.  I mostly grow herbs, for cooking and for preventive reasons.  I like to grow seasonal vegetables, and support my local farmers for other needs. 
What will you find in Greenwoman Magazine?
Fiction* Nonfiction *Poetry *Commentary *Biography *Art *Comics

What I loved about Greenwoman Magazine is the variety of articles.  The Winter/Spring 2013 issue had about 76 pages and loaded with creative articles with humor and serious tales. 
 The art pieces where creative, vibrant, and beautiful. 

One article in this month’s issue really spoke to me, "The Seed, the Radicle, and the Revolution".  The article starts out describing the importance and symbol the seed can be to some. "Seeds have often been referred to metaphorically when discussing resolutions, new movements, new beginnings, social change, and spiritual awakenings.  It only makes sense that the first thing to emerge from the seed during germination is the embryonic root known as the radicle, pronounced "radical".
The article goes on to talk about how it only takes one seed to grow a forest, how the process can be slow but it can fruitful.   As I read the article, I thought about myself as a seed, and how I can start a movement for better health and education.  GMO awareness is very important to me and I felt the article speaking to me to be that seed and let my passions grow into something beautiful.  The author talked about how one thought one feeling can spread and make a "forest" of change.  Clean eating, green living, love for all mankind, are things I know I can accomplish, even if just through me and my children, I can accomplish this.  The article gave me imagery of a seed falling between the slabs of concert on the sidewalk, and I envisioned my passion pushing myself (seed) to open and push itself up towards the sun, overcoming the obstacles and making it into the world.  I am sure the article would speak to each person differently, for me it was a truly inspiring and motivating piece.  The article ended with, "The subversive seed and its radicle roots will be our mascot.  Let's not rot in the soil, but instead sprout and rise up.  Your neighbor will be your seedbed.  That's where the movement starts”.  So I am walking away thinking, I need to start out whether slow and small, start at home.  I encourage you to get this month’s copy. 

Then I read another rather cute article, this piece was comforting and moving.  "Poultry Season", talks about how a woman who started raising chickens for eggs with intentions of food, soon found the feathery hens had become pets, unbeknown to her.  It was cute and refreshing to see the change in someone as they grew with their homestead living.

"A Tale of Two Birds", was a piece written about a home owner and his back yard habitat made for all animal visitors. Over the year they spotted many species of birds, snakes, hummingbirds, butterflies, squirrels, and helpful insects. Then he goes on to write about one summer when a group of magpies moved in.  He writes in detail of these fun little thieves.  Then he talks about one of my favorite birds the hummingbird, I thought I knew everything about them, but he gave me even more information.  The writer has inspired me to make my own backyard more bird friendly. It is a beautiful natural landscape and we get many birds, hummingbirds, bats, coyotes, and bobcats, but I want to put in a little more. I was thinking a water feature and some feeders would be nice to bring these beauties a little closer to me.  Once again, the articles moved me to do something more. 

That's just a taste of some of the articles inspiring, moving, informational, with few surprises along the way.

Throughout the magazine you get a taste of art, beautiful vibrate chickens, a Victorian gardener, and beautiful flowers.  While thumbing through the magazine you got a little something to read, enjoy, think about, and ideas to do at home.  I really enjoy it and looking forward to the next issue.  I can see myself pulling the magazine out and "taking five", relaxing, and reading a few of these pieces over and over again.
As a note of caution, a couple of the pictures in the magazine where less than modest.  While beautiful pieces of work, they might make one uncomfortable. One picture reminded me of Michelangelo's David, but with grape leaves, while the other were like women fairies blended in flowers.  I just wanted to give a heads up.  They are tastefully done and beautiful, but there is a slight bit of nudity. 
In the Issue
  • 5 pieces of Poetry
  • 12 pieces of Art
  • 3 pieces of comics
  • 10 pieces of fiction and nonfiction writing
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1 year subscription is $12.20 (2 a year)
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"Greenwoman Magazine reflects everything that excites and interests me about garden writing. It’s devoted to gardening thought in all its forms--fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, commentary, biography, art, and comics. It’s the only magazine where you will find an in-depth article on the state of world seed ownership juxtaposed with a poem likening hot romance to the Scoville Heat Scale of chili peppers, and an interview with a novelist who not only gardens but uses the garden as a theme in her fiction."~~Sandra Knauf, Editor
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  1. Hi Kelley,
    Thank you so much for the beautiful review of Greenwoman Magazine (I'm the publisher, Sandra Knauf)! I had you on the Blog Tour for the 1st, so didn't see your piece until today. The other writers will be THRILLED that you mentioned their work. I can't wait to tell them.
    Fondly, Sandy

    1. Thank you Sandy. I truly loved reading the stories, poetry, and want to frame some of the pictures. It is a wonderful magazine and warms a Eco woman's heart!

  2. I know this is a "women's" magazine but I have a male friend who is majoring in college in Horticulture. He might like this, too.


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