Friday, August 24, 2012

Fleet Feet Tucson For Your Running Needs

I started running two years ago, and thought that you just pulled up a few programs on the computer and started running.  I found out a year later that you do need a little direction and support from those that know.

I wondered if I was running correctly.  Have you ever been out on a run and watched the people running by you?  Everyone has a different style and rhyme of running.  I wanted to keep myself from any injuries and thought I needed someone to look at my running stride.  I found out that Fleet Feet in Tucson will look at your running style for free.  When we headed down, both my husband and myself, had our running looked at, shoes fitted, and got tips.  When they look at your stride they have a few videos that are looking at your knees, feet, ankles, and so forth.  They slowed the video down and instructed us on what we where doing and what we can work on.  That made a huge difference for both of us.

After we found the shoes that fit us and where the most comfortable, I headed over to be measured and fitted for a new Sports Bra.  I tried on 6 different ones and found the most comfortable to me.  If I had not had someone to measure and fit me, I would have grabbed the wrong one. I chose the Moving Comfort sports bra.  This has changed my running, because there is no chafing and you have full support.  I love the colors and they have many more to pick from.
At Fleet Feet you will find everything for your running needs.
Socks, water bottles, clothes, headbands, running belts, performance gels/snacks, and more. 

This weekend Fleet Feet is giving 20% off their Moving Comfort Bras!  

"Ladies, did you know that your sports bra wears out? An essential piece of equipment for all activities, a sports bra needs to be replaced every 6-12 months to maintain proper support and fit. Just like shoes, the supportive components of the bra will break down with repeat wear and washing.  Now is the perfect time to replace your old bras, as we are offering 20% off all Moving Comfort sports bras August 25-26.   Don't know your size? Had a hard time finding a comfortable one? Let our expert female staff help you find the right fit with our Bra Fit Process. We'll take your measurements and recommend the right style and level of support for your 

Fleet Feet Store Hours:
Mon-Fri: 10-6
Sat: 10-5
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  1. Amazing store and people that work there!!! Highly recommend them! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Melanie! The staff there are so helpful and easy to talk with. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced runner, they are happy to help.

  3. I never knew, I always hate running because of my bra... or I'm just not in that kind of shape yet... but it's good to know:)