Saturday, April 6, 2013

Crazy Dumplings

Crazy Dumplings, is a new book that is going to be coming out from author Amanda Roberts
She is an American living in China and writing about her love of food and culture.  The book will feature lots of great recipes about the "Dumpling" with a few extras. 

"Dumplings are the most versatile and easy-to-make food on the planet! Learn over 30 dumpling recipes with Crazy Dumplings!"~~Crazy Dumpling

Crazy Dumplings will contain 30 original dumpling recipes by Amanda Roberts.  She will also be included a few recipes submitted by her backers.  I love dumplings, and how you can put almost anything in to them.  I look forward to seeing the book and her recipes to be used as appetizers, main courses, and desserts.

Amanda Roberts is asking for our help. It takes backing to get this project going and she has made gift packages for your contribution.  Depending on your gift, you can receive certain items for your contribution. 
What does the money go for.
Cookbooks are crazy expensive to print due to the color pictures. The goal of $5,000 will cover: 
  • Professional trade paperback printed copies of the book 
  • Professional photography 
  • Food (for testing and retesting recipes)
  • Kitchen supplies 
  • An editor 
  • A book cover 
  • An ISBN 
  • Ebook conversion 
  • Swag for sponsors 
  • Shipping costs for swag and books 
  • Kickstarter and Amazon charges (5-8% of funds raised) 
  • A 5% donation to Kicking it Forward (check out my profile for a list of projects I have already sponsored over the last few months) 
Check out the video for Crazy Dumplings. 

Her Kick Start Campaign is over, but look out for more on this fun book and how you can still contribute. 

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