Sunday, April 7, 2013

ECO Friendly Glass Storage Solutions for the Home and Travel

I am passionate when it comes to food and the environment.  To have a healthy body you need a healthy planet, one with clean food, clean water, and a clean ECO system.  Everything has a balance!  We need water and food, both plants and animals, for us to survive, but who wants to solely survive?  I want to thrive and that means eating toxic free foods and protecting the environment in every way I can. 

All this month I have been posting on ways you can green up your life.  Simple steps everyday can help protect the planet we love and increase our own health in the process. 

One way I live toxic free is through your type of storage.  A lot of commercial products use plastic for everything and convenience is the main selling point.  How often have you seen the plastic travel shampoos, conditioners, and such?  While they are handy and compliant with travel sizes they make a lot of waste.  So what can you do?  Have your own travel reusable containers like eBottles.  They have a great collection to use for all liquids and solids.  This allows you to travel with products you love, and cuts down on the waste from your travel.  I recommend the glass variety but they have many to choose from, and the goal is to reduce and reuse. 

Here is one of my spa recipes I have shared this month.  A Spa Recipe that you can store at home and easy for you to carry with you, where ever you go.

Easy Natural Body Scrub Recipe                                                   1/2 cup sea salt
1/4 cup of warmed Coconut Oil or Olive Oil. 
Good for all skin types!  You can use this amount easily for your entire body.  I have made larger batches and kept in glass jars and when needed just scoop out the amount needed and heat then.  This also makes for a great gift for Mother's Day coming up! 
eBottles carrys many everyday Glass Storage items that will help in reducing and reusing.
and More

Whether you make your own products, buy in bulk, or like to have items on the go, ebottles has the size and shapes you are looking for.

What are some ways you have used Travel Reusable Containers? 

See Celebateing Woman's Be Worthy of It: Rule 10 to Control Your Appetite on empowering healthy changes!


  1. Thanks for sharing this post! Glass is the way to go!

  2. I love using glass for storage

  3. I try to use glass as much as possible! Thanks for the link to that awesome site!

  4. I would love those! They look cute and the recipe will be put to use soon!!